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संस्कृत सूची|शास्त्रः|आयुर्वेदः|योगरत्नाकरः|
॥ अथ जृम्भालक्षणम् ॥

॥ अथ जृम्भालक्षणम् ॥

’ योगरत्नाकर ’ हा आयुर्वेदावरील मूळ प्राचीन ग्रंथ आहे.

॥ अथ जृम्भालक्षणम् ॥
॥ अथ जृम्भालक्षणम्‍ ॥
पीत्वैकमनिलोच्छ्वासमुद्रमेद्विवृतानन: । यं मुञ्चति सनेत्राश्रु स जृम्भ इति संज्ञित: ॥१॥

॥ अथ क्लम: ॥
योऽनायासश्रमो देहे प्रवृद्ध: श्वासवर्जित: क्लम: स इति विज्ञेय इन्द्रियार्थमबोधक: ॥१॥

॥ अथ क्षवथु: ॥
प्राणोदानौ समौ स्यातां मूर्ध्रि स्त्रोत:पथे स्थितौ । नस्त: प्रवर्तते शब्द: क्षवथुं तं विनिर्दिशेत्‍ ॥१॥

॥ अथालस्यम्‍ ॥
सुखस्पर्शाप्रसड्गित्वं दु:खद्वेषेऽप्यलोलता  । शक्तस्य चाप्यनुत्साह: कर्मस्वालस्यमुच्यते ॥१॥

॥ अथोत्क्लेश: ॥
उत्क्लिश्यात्रं न निर्गच्छेत्प्रसेकष्ठीवनेरितम्‍ । हृदयं पीड्यते चास्य तमुक्लेशं विनिर्दिशेत्‍ ॥१॥

॥ अथ ग्लानेर्लक्षणम्‍ ॥
वर्क्रे मधुरता तन्द्रा हृदयोद्वेष्टनं भ्रम: । न चान्यदभिकाड्क्षेत ग्लानिं तस्य विनिर्दिशेत्‍ ॥१॥
॥ अथ गौरवम्‍ ॥
आर्द्रचर्मानद्धं च यो गात्रं मन्यते नर: । तथा गुरु शिरोऽत्यर्थं गौरवं तद्विनिर्दिशेत्‍ ॥१॥

॥ अथ गौरवम्‍ ॥
आर्द्रचर्मावनद्धं च यो गात्रं मन्यते नर: । तथा गुरु शिरोऽत्यर्थ गौरवं  तद्विनिर्दिशेत्‍ ॥१॥

Translation - भाषांतर

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  • An ancient Saint. During the reign of the King Kṣemadarśin in the country of Kosala, his subjects were put to great sufferings under the misrule and corruption of his courtiers. At that time, Kālakavṛkṣīya who was a friend of Kṣemadarśin and a reputed sage, came to Kosala with a caged crow. The sage went about the country claiming to know Kākavidyā” (Vāyasī vidyā) by which a crow could be made to tell past events. Actually, the sage was going round the country in order to gather first-hand information about the corrupt practices of the King's men. After acquiring knowledge of the exact state of affairs in the country, Kālakavṛkṣīya reached the palace. Under the cloak of the crow's words he exposed some of the improprieties of the King's Minister. Naturally, the Minister was furious and by his secret instructions his servants shot the crow to death that same night. On the next day, the sage himself went to the King and convinced him of the Minister's guilt. The King accepted the sage's suggestions and brought about a thorough overhaul of the administration by punishing or dismissing the culprits. [M.B. Śānti Parva, Chapter 82]. In [Mahābhārata, Śānti Parva, Chapter 106] we find that this sage once advised Drupada to make a treaty with King Kṣemadarśin. Kālakavṛkṣīya was a sage who flourished in Indra's assembly. [M.B. Sabhā Parva, Chapter 7]. 

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