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संस्कृत सूची|संस्कृत साहित्य|स्तोत्र भारती कण्ठहारः|
श्रीश्रृंगगिरिपीठाधिष्ठित श्रीनरहरिसच्चिदानन्दभारतीगुरुस्तोत्रम्

श्रीश्रृंगगिरिपीठाधिष्ठित श्रीनरहरिसच्चिदानन्दभारतीगुरुस्तोत्रम्

स्वामि श्री भारतीकृष्णतीर्थ यांनी जी देवदेवतांवी स्तुती केली आहे, अशी क्वचितच् इतरांनी कोणी केली असेल.

श्रीश्रृंगगिरिपीठाधिष्ठित श्रीनरहरिसच्चिदानन्दभारतीगुरुस्तोत्रम् [ मात्रिकं दण्डकम् ]
कनकमहामणिकलित - किरीटावेणाङ्कास्यौ
दिनकरकनकच्छविनिजकायौ शोणाब्ज -
पदौ दत्तानम्रजनाभीष्टौ ॥
वीनप्रभुहररूपौ हरिसुतबाणाभेद्यौ
भारतिरत्ने कलये नरहरिसच्चित्सुखशिव -
नूतननरहरि - भारत्यौ ॥१॥

Translation - भाषांतर

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  • There was once a brahmin ascetic called Dhanañjaya in the gotra of Vasiṣṭha. This hermit had hundred wives and got hundred sons, one by each of his wives. The son born of his wife Śābhāka (Śalāka) was named Karuṇa. The father divided his assets equally among his sons and yet they quarrelled with each other. Once Karuṇamuni went to the shores of Bhavanāśinī along with a few other munis to worship Narasiṁha. There a brahmin had brought a lovely lime as an offering to the deity. Karuṇa took the lime from him and smelt it. At this the brahmin got angry and cursed him. “Sinner, may you live as a fly for a hundred years. Then Mahātmā Dadhīca will give you back your original form.” Karuṇa instantly became a fly and he pleaded to his wife thus “Beloved, I have become a fly. Please do protect me.” Karuṇa started flying hither and thither and his cruel brothers made the fly fall in oil and killed it. Śucismitā, wife of Karuṇa, started weeping laying the dead fly in her lap. Arundhatīdevī passing that way saw her and consoled her thus: ‘Śucismitā, stop lamenting. I shall bring it to life this instant by sacred ashes.’ So saying the Devī took some ashes from the fire-pit and reciting the powerful Mṛtyuñjaya mantra sprinkled it on the dead body of the fly. Śucismitā fanned the fly. The potency of the ashes brought the fly back to life. After a hundred years one of his relatives killed it again. Śucismitā grief-stricken, took the dead fly to the Maharṣi, Dadhīca. The sage told her thus: “It was bhasma (sacred ashes) that gave life three times to Jamadagni, Kaśyapa, the devas and myself. I will, therefore, give life to thy husband by bhasma itself.” Dadhīca took some ashes and meditating on Maheśvara recited a mantra and sprinkled it on the dead fly and brought it back to life. By the touch of Dadhīca, the fly, husband of Śucismitā, became Karuṇa again and both of them went back to their hermitage. [Chapter 101, Padma Purāṇa]. 

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