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संस्कृत सूची|संस्कृत साहित्य|स्तोत्र भारती कण्ठहारः|


स्वामि श्री भारतीकृष्णतीर्थ यांनी जी देवदेवतांवी स्तुती केली आहे, अशी क्वचितच् इतरांनी कोणी केली असेल.

श्रीराहुकेतुस्तव: [ हंसमाला ]
दैत्यजात्युद्भवौ खेटमध्यस्थितौ ।
भानुचन्द्राहितौ राहुकेतू भजे ॥१॥
कृष्णकृत्ताकृती पन्नगस्त्राकृती ।
शीर्षपुच्छाकृती राहुकेतू भजे ॥२॥
सिंहिकासम्भवौ विप्रचित्यात्मजौ ।
मानशूरौ सदा राहुकेतू भजे ॥३॥
वैषविद्येश्वरौ तिर्यगावर्तिनौ ।
दत्तनम्रेप्सितौ राहुकेतू भजे ॥४॥

Translation - भाषांतर

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  • A king praised in the Ṛgveda. With a view to obtain a son, he worshipped the Sun and the Sun himself took birth as his son. The son grew up and became king. Once there arose a fight between this king and hermit Etaśa, in which fight Indra saved the hermit. [Ṛgveda, Maṇḍala 1, Anuvāka 11, Sūkta 61]. 

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