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Thank you for your interest in TransLiteral Foundations.   TransLiteral Foundations is a registered Non-Profit Trust in India which operates this website as a completely social-benefit-only initiative. We do not ask for donations, charity pledges and offer it to anyone and everyone absolutely free.  Our websites have considerable content that might interest a wide Marathi/Hindi/Indian Audience.   If you like what we do, just share or like us on Facebook. 


trans·lit·er·ate (trăns-lĭt'ə-rāt', trănz-) tr.v., -at·ed, -at·ing, -ates.
To represent (letters or words) in the corresponding characters of another alphabet. [TRANS– + Latin littera, lītera, letter + –ATE1.]


trans·lit'er·a'tion (-ə-rā'shən) n.

Transliteration is not easy and definitely a very slow process... 

  • The literature has enough variations available in printed texts to confuse everyone. There are several copies floating on internet to add to the confusion. Several times, we need engage scholars to guide to correct version. Sometimes, we found it is easier to provide more than one variation. 
  • We establish a deep understanding with the oldest and largest libraries in India to get the original versions of these texts. 
  • We feel privileged to have some generous patrons who availed us with their personal/ inherited libraries. Believe us, some of these are much older than public libraries. 
  • To keep the consistent experience, our technology requires our associates to transliterate all content/texts in our own format which is used to display on our website, copy/paste simply does not work. 
  • The text is carefully reviewed by our proof readers in at least two cycles. 
  • The corrected text is uploaded in appropriate places on our websites. 
  • Once published, visitors are our main proof readers. Their comments are taken very seriously and evaluated for appropriate corrections for texts.

About us then!!

Our websites were started with only one objective in mind to enable our visitors with rich religious, literary content in their very own language. Internet has the most powerful reach to deliver the ideas, so we chose it. It used to be very difficult to display the Indic languages on a website. It required knowledge of roman scriptures of Indic languages like iTrans, special fonts, large images etc. We are committed to display text in its own format at every visit to our website without any “Font Problem” links, and so we use all Unicode. 
  • TransLiteral Foundations is created to take steps towards objectives and importance of channeling knowledge to those who seek.
  • Quickly, we realized, this is a mammoth-size work and not possible to provide a consistent service by relying on crowd sourcing/funding. There are so many people who are devoted to the similar work, like us, and it is most admirable and always been inspirational for us. But trust us, we have seen other side too, which includes following but not limited to
    • Self-proclaimed "Devotees", especially when they want to show off
    • Ever "Amateurs", who have nothing to do in afternoons. 
    • Just awoke "Retirees", who ignored society for majority of their life. 
    • Bored "Individuals", who try to fill void in their life when kids are off to college
    • Happy "Enthusiasts", who fade away in few days
    • Famous "Freelancers", but ask for untraceable donations to support the cause.
    • Some "Volunteers", who work for their name not for cause, just other name for all of above.
  • We believe in cause, not the name, so committed to work and removed personal aspect out of it. 
  • We believe the quality of work is related to ease of access so we decided to avoid pdf/iTrans/fonts/images etc.
  • Everything converged into a common goal, which started as small website but was turned into a massive public service initiative.
  • TransLiteral Foundations is entirely funded via private charity.
  • TransLiteral Foundations' sole mission is to channel ancient knowledge as a service free of cost to anyone who seek it.
  • TransLiteral Foundations believes in reaching out to those all who need it. In our eyes, the work unreachable to its appreciators/patrons (like you) is deemed worthless.
  • Over time, TransLiteral Foundations ended up investing into technology that is made for this very purpose which is optimized for internet users and emerging mobile users. Our platform integrates seamlessly with several social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google + with using RSS, Mobility, Web etc. Continuously adopting to changing technology landscape, after 10 years, we are not even close to achieve the vision we started with.
  • During this small tenure in this space, TransLiteral Foundations has created strong relationships with several scholars, several public libraries and private book collections, where we have access to enormous plethora of texts available for transliteration. Recent additions to our service include "Unified Dictionary", "Question and Answers" and “Hindu Genealogy” projects.
  • Considering all public domain work is transliterated/ typed manually, TransLiteral Foundations prefers stewardship rather than ownership of the content. TransLiteral Foundations do not own any copyrights over the public domain content. TransLiteral Foundations simply formats the transliterated content for better readability and transmission over internet. Everyone is free to enjoy the content from our websites as they choose (Refer Terms of Service for details). TransLiteral Foundations does not assume authenticity and consistency of any content that has been taken from our publication or relayed via any medium outside our website.
  • Since the beginning, TransLiteral Foundations employs a good size team of typists and proof readers to maintain quality. The initiative provides employment to those who are communication challenged (those with speech and hearing disabilities) while achieving a service that has reached patrons around the world. Our employees enjoy a secure employment with benefits like health insurance while they transliterate and proof-read the texts from references.
  • TransLiteral Foundations' transliteration practices include referring to resources from libraries as well as from internet. To achieve content excellence and consistency, our technology requires transliteration/typing of the content in our own format. TransLiteral Foundations' best practices require the content must transliterated/manually typed and proof-read before it can be published. 
  • Our transliteration professionals are required to read the content from referred sources like books or internet and transliterate/type as displayed in the reference. Our proof-reading professionals, must proof-read before publishing. They are good typists and proof readers but definitely NOT experts on the topic in hand but they are required to transliterate text exactly displayed in the referred source.
  • TransLiteral Foundations does not provide translations, opinions, commentaries or our views on any content.
  • TransLiteral Foundations provides only licensed or public domain content on our website. Sometimes the errors happen while screening the content, and they are purely unintentional. Anyone owning intellectual property rights over certain content are strongly urged to contact TransLiteral Foundations immediately at Contact us, we are committed to honor their requests based on details provided.


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Last Updated : May 01, 2022

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