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स्वामि श्री भारतीकृष्णतीर्थ यांनी जी देवदेवतांवी स्तुती केली आहे, अशी क्वचितच् इतरांनी कोणी केली असेल.

श्रीलक्ष्म्यनन्तसरसीरुहनाभस्तव: [ स्वागता ]
भक्तनिर्जरतरू भवनाशौ भृङ्गजित्वरकचौ वरदाङ्घ्रि ।
नीरजाभचरणौ कलये श्री - लक्ष्म्यनन्तसरसीरुहनाभौ ॥१॥
पीपीतवर्णवसनावृतनैज - स्वर्णवर्णजलदच्छविकायौ ।
काम्यसर्वफलदौ कलये श्री - लक्ष्म्यनन्तसरसीरुहनाभौ ॥२॥
रम्यवर्ष्मधिषणौ सुरनम्यौ कृत्तसाध्वसचयौ करुणाब्धी ।
कृष्णनागचिकुरौ कलये श्री - लक्ष्म्यनन्तसरसीरुहनाभौ ॥३॥
मेनकादिविनुतौ धनदार्च्यौ शौनकादिकलितौ वनजाक्षौ ।
जन्ममृत्युशमनौ कलये श्री - लक्ष्म्यनन्तसरसीरुहनाभौ ॥४॥
नम्रपापहरणौ विनताभू - वाहनौ कलिमलापहपादौ ।
एणचिह्नवदनौ कलये श्री - लक्ष्म्यनन्तसरसीरुहनाभौ ॥५॥
इष्टशासकनती भवसर्प - दष्टशिष्टजनकृत्तकृतान्तौ ।
अष्टसिद्धिवरदौ कलये श्री - लक्ष्म्यनन्तसरसीरुहनाभौ ॥६॥

Translation - भाषांतर

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  • One of the seven sons born to Manu by his wife Śatarūpā. It is stated in [Matsya Purāṇa, Chapter 4], that the Brahmin was born from the face, Kṣatriya from the hand, Vaiśya from the calf of the leg and Śūdra from the foot, of Vāmadeva, who was an incarnation of Śiva. This Vāmadeva who had five faces and a trident in his hand, fought with Candra, when Tārā the wife of Bṛhaspati was carried away by Candra. [Matsya Purāṇa, 4-13]. 

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