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Don't follow traditions blindly or don't assume a superstition either.
Don't be intentionally ignorant. Ask us!! Make Informed Religious Decisions!!
संस्कृत सूची|संस्कृत साहित्य|स्तोत्र भारती कण्ठहारः|
श्रीकुजघस्रे श्रीकुजगुहरेणुकाम्बास्तुति:

श्रीकुजघस्रे श्रीकुजगुहरेणुकाम्बास्तुति:

स्वामि श्री भारतीकृष्णतीर्थ यांनी जी देवदेवतांवी स्तुती केली आहे, अशी क्वचितच् इतरांनी कोणी केली असेल.

श्रीकुजघस्रे श्रीकुजगुहरेणुकाम्बास्तुति: [ नन्दनम् ]
धरणिकृशानुचिज्ज्वलनजा: सरोजजाद्यादृता -
स्तडिदमृतांशुभानुरुचय: सुराङ्गनालीडिता: ।
कुजहुहरेणुकाम्ब सततं पदानतं पात माम् ॥१॥

Translation - भाषांतर

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  • v i  To look full, ready to burst. To become conspicuous. To come out clear and determinate. 
  • v t  To kill or destroy. To clean or clear. 

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Don't follow traditions blindly or ignore them. Don't assume a superstition either. Don't be intentionally ignorant. Ask us!!
Hindu customs are all about Symbolism. Let us tell you the thought behind those traditions.
Make Informed Religious decisions.

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