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PRADYOTA II(प्रद्योत)

  • The first king of the dynasty of Pradyota. He was the son of a king called Śunaka. Pradyota is referred to as Śunakaputra in Vāyu Purāṇa. Kṣemaka alias Śunaka father of Pradyota was killed by Mlecchas (a barbarous tribe). To avenge the death of his father Pradyota under the advice of Nārada decided to conduct a Mleccha Yajña and for that purpose dug a Yajñakuṇḍa seventeen miles long and seventeen miles wide. The Yajña started and in that Yajṅa different kinds of Mlecchas were burnt to death. From then onwards Pradyumna got the name ‘Mlecchahantā’ (killer of Mlecchas). [Bhaviṣya Purāṇa]. 

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श्रावण महिन्यांत महादेवाच्या पिंडीवर दुधाचा अभिषेक कां करावा? त्याचे पुण्य काय?
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