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मराठी मुख्य सूची|मराठी साहित्य|भारुडे|
आम्ही परात्पर देशी

भारुड - आम्ही परात्पर देशी

भारुड - आम्ही परात्पर देशी

भारुड - आम्ही परात्पर देशी

आम्ही परात्पर देशी ।
कोणी नोळखती आम्हासी ।
टाकून आलो संतापाशी ॥१॥
बाळसंतोष बाबा ॥धृ. ॥
जीर्ण स्वरूपाचा शेला ।
विषय भोगीता विटला ।
तो मज द्याव दाते वहिला ॥२॥
ऎकत्वाचे बिरडे जोडी ।
त्रिगुणासी कसणी फेडी ।
जुनी कांसणी रोकडी ॥३॥
पूर्णत्वाची पुरणपोळी ।
स्नेहावरील तेलवरी ।
प्रबोध लाडू तयावरी ॥४॥
एका जनार्दनी मागतादान ।
जिताची जाण जीवपण ।
शेखी दिले शिवपण ॥५॥
Translation - भाषांतर

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  • A class of Manes. It is mentioned in [Agni Purāṇa, Chapter 20] that some classes of manes such as Agniṣvāttas, Barhiṣads, Anagnis, and Sāgnis are said to have derived from Brahmā. Brahmā created two different sets of Pitṛs, Agniṣvāttas and Barhiṣads. [Chapter 10, Aṁśam 1, Viṣṇu Purāṇa]. These Barhiṣads who are members of the Yamasabhā (council of the God of Death) perform the māntric rites for the dead. The name brings into its fold the world of the seven sacred sages also. [Chapter 208, Śānti Parva, M.B.]. It was through these Barhiṣads that Brahmā taught Sātvatadharma to a brahmin who became wellknown later as Jyeṣṭha. [Chapter 34, Śloka 45, Śānti Parva, M.B.]. Manusmṛti states that the Barhiṣads are the sons of the Maharṣi Atri and the Pitṛs of all the Daityas, Dānavas, Yakṣas, Gandharvas, Uragas, Rākṣasas, Suvarṇas and Kinnaras. Daityadānavayakṣāṇāṁ Gandharvoragarākṣasām Suvarṇakinnarāṇāṁca Smṛtā Barhiṣado'trijāḥ [Manusmṛti, Śloka 196, Chapter 3]. 

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Don't follow traditions blindly or ignore them. Don't assume a superstition either. Don't be intentionally ignorant. Ask us!!
Hindu customs are all about Symbolism. Let us tell you the thought behind those traditions.
Make Informed Religious decisions.

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