Bhamini Vilas - Page 29

Bhamini Vilas - Page 29

प्रास्ताविकविलासः ।

न यत्र स्थेमानं दृध्ुरतिभयभ्रान्तनयना
गलद्दानोद्रेकभ्रमदलिकदम्बाः करटिनः ।
लुठन्मुक्ताभारे भवति परलोकं गतवतो
हरेरद्य द्वारे शिवशिव शिवानां कलकलः ॥ ३१ ॥
दुधानः प्रेमाणं तरुषु समभावेन विपुलां
न मालाकारोऽसावकृत करुणां बालबकुले ।
अयं तु द्वागुद्यत्कुसुमनिकराणां परिमलै-
्दिगन्तानातेने मधुपकुलझङ्कारभरितान ॥ ३२ ॥
मूलं स्थूलमतीव बन्धनदृढं शाखाः शरतं मांसला
वासो दुर्गमहीधरे तरुपते कुत्रास्ति भीतिस्तव ।
एक किंतु मनागयं जनयति स्वान्ते ममाधिज्वरं
ज्वालालीवलयीभवन्नकरुणो दावानलो घस्मर ॥ ३३ ॥
were all present in the desert, you were sent out by the
Creator from somewhere, O Cloud, to drench it with
31 In ( the door of) the lion's ca ve where (even)
elephants, with clusters of bees hovering over the copi-
ous flow of rut, could not stand confidently (lit. could
not muster confidence ), their eyes perplexed with great
fright,-in that cave in which heaps of pearls lie scatter-
ed about, to-day, alas, the growls of she-jackals are
heard now that the lion is dead !
32 ( Although ) the gardener, cherishing equal
affection for all trees, did not show any great concern
(lit. pity ) for the tender Bakula-plant, yet it (the
Bakula ) soon rendered the ends of the quarters resound-
ing with the hums of swarms of bees, by means of the
fragrance of the banches of fresh flowers.
33 Thy roots are very large, and firmly protected
by the stone-platform; thy branches-there's a hundred

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