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संस्कृत सूची|शास्त्रः|ज्योतिष शास्त्रः|वराहमिहीरस्य बृहत्संहिताः|
अध्याय ६२

बृहत्संहिताः - अध्याय ६२

’बृहत्संहिता’ ग्रंथात वास्तुविद्या, भवन निर्माण कला, वायुमंडळाची रचना, वृक्ष आयुर्वेद इ. विषय अंतर्भूत आहेत.


कुक्कुटः त्वृजुतनूरुहागुलिः ताम्रवक्त्रनखचूलिकः सितः । रौति सुस्वरमुषात्यये च यो वृद्धिदः स नृपराष्ट्रवाजिनाम् ॥१॥

यवग्रीवो यो वा बदरसदृशो वापि विहगो बृहन्मूर्धा वर्णैः भवति बहुभिश्च रुचिरः । स शस्तः सग्रामे मधुमधुपवर्णश्च जयकृद् न शस्तो योऽतोऽन्यः कृशतनुरवः खञ्जचरणः ॥२॥

कुक्कुटी च मृदुचारुभाषिणी स्निग्धमूर्तिरुचिराननेषणा । सा ददाति सुचिर महीक्षिता श्रीयशोविजयवीर्यसपदः ॥३॥

Translation - भाषांतर

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  • A famous teacher-priest. Once there was a discussion between Nahuṣa and Bodhya on Philosophy. The summary of what Bodhya said is as follows:-- Before I advise others, I do it myself first. I am the teacher of none. I take the world as my teacher. I learned the lessons of harmlessness from snakes, disappointment from Piṅgala the harlot, self-sacrifice from animals, concentration from the archer, and loneliness from a maid who is a spinster. [M.B., Śānti Parva, 171, 56, 61]. This hermit came to the King Yayāti and taught him philosophy and ethics. The whole of the [Chapter 171 of Mahābhārata, Śānti Parva], comprises the exhortations of this hermit, which are known by the famous name Bodhya-Gītā (Song of Bodhya). 

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