बृहदश्व said :-

1. While the chariot was moving on, the king भाङ्गासुरि, the conqueror of the towns of the enemies, saw his upper garment drop down.
2. When the garment had fallen down, then the high-souled king instantly said to Nala that he would take it up.
3. `` O you one, possessing great intellect, do restrain these horses of great speed while वार्ष्णेय would bring back to me my upper garment."
4. Thereupon Nala spoke to him in reply, `` Your garment had dropped down far away; we have passed eight miles away from that palce. It is impossible therefore, to get it back.
5. O king the king भाङगासुरि, being thus addressed by Nala, came near the tree called Vidhartaka, loaded with fruits, in the forest.
6. Beholding the tree, the king instantly said to Bahuka, `` O charioteer, do observe the great power I possess in calculation.
7. All men do not know all things; there in no one who knows every thing; complete knowledge cannot be found centred in one individual alone.
8. O Bahuka the leaves and the fruits, that have fallen down from this tree, are more than the leaves and the fruits that are on the tree, by one hundred and one.
9. Thereupon the king stopped the chariot, and spoke to the king,`O king, the destroyer of the anemies, you are saying with boast to me what I can not percieve myself.
10. O king I shall! perceive this with my own eyes by cutting down this Vibhitaka tree; I do not know whether what you say would be really so or not.
11. O ruler of men, I shall count the fruits of this tree while you are looking on; let वार्ष्णेय pull up the reins of the horses for a moment."
12. The king spoke to the charioteer that it was not the time to delay; but Bahaka spoke to him with great efforts.
13. “ please wait for a moment, or if you are in a hurry, then go with वार्ष्णेय as your charioteer; the road is safe and smooth."
14. O son of Kuru, the king ऋतुपर्ण consoled बाहुक spoke to him thus:- “ O बाहुक, there is no other charioteer like you in this world.
15. O one skilled in managing horses, I wish to go to the country of the Vidharbhas with your help; I submit myself to you in this world.
16. O Bahuka, I shall fulfil whatever desire you may express to me if you take me today to the country of vidharbha and show me sun-rise there."
17. Thereupon Bahuka answered him saying, `` Having counted the Vibhitaka tree, I shall go to the country of the Vidhabhas. Do this request of mine."
18. The king unwilling said to him, ``count." Nala, thereupon, immedietly got down the chariot and cut down the tree.
19. Having counted the fruits, and found out the truth of what the king had said, he, struck with wonder, spoke to the king thus:-
20. O king, this is really wonderfull; I have percieved your skill (in calculation); O king I wish to know that art to the king thus:-
21. Then the king said to him, “ I am very eager to go speedily; know me to be clever in playing at dice and in calcuation."
22. Bahuka, then said, to him, “ O the best amongst men, teach me that art, and recieve from me my knowledge about the management of horses."
23. '' So be it ," said the king ऋतुपर्ण to बाहुक on account of the great importance of the work and the great desire to acquire the knowledge of horses.
24. As asked by you, take from me the great skill at dice. O Bahuka, let my knowledge of horses  remain with you as a deposit.
25. As Nala acquired the knowledge of the art of playing at dice, Kali came out of his body, vomitting all the while from his mouth the most deadly poison of Karkotaka.
26. Then Kali, with his soul freed from the poison, assumed his own form; then Nala, the lord of the Nishadhas, being enraged, desired to curse him.
27. Kali, trembling with fear and with his folded hands, spoke to him," O king, restrain your anger and I shall grant you great fame.
28. The mother of इन्द्रसेन cursed me in enger long ago when she was abandoned by you; since then I have been greatly afflicted.
29. O the best king , O unconquerable one, burning day and night by the poison of the king of snakes. I lived in you most misearably.
30-31. I submit myself to you; listen to my words; those people in the world, who will most attentively praise you (or repeat your story ) will never have any fear from me, provided you will not curse me, who am overcome by fear and am seeking your protection."
32. The king Nala, thus spoken restrained his anger; and Kali, being terified, immediately entered the tree Vibhitaka: kali, while speaking with the king of the Nishadhas, was not seen by any more.
33. Then the mightly king of the Nishadhas , the killer of the enemies warriors, freed from all trouble, mounted on the chariot and with his swift, horses, started.
34. Nala, with his delighted heart, urged the excellent horses that were flying up into the sky like birds.
35. Thus the glorious king started in the direction of the country of the Vidharbhas: when Nala had gone a long way, Kali also went home.
36. O king the king Nala, being left off by Kali, was freed from all calamities except that he did not regain his original form.


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