बृहदश्व said :-

1. O Bharata, having heard the words of the swan, दमयन्ती since then became uneasy on account of Nala.
2. So दमयन्ती became filled with great anxiety and heaving deep sighs, became pale and lean.
3. She always gazed upwards, absorbed in meditation looked wild in appearance; with her mind possessed by love, she became pale.
4. she found no pleasure in sleep, or while sitting or eating; she never slept by day or at night but lamented again and again saying, ``Alas!Alas! ''
5. O king the female friends of दमयन्ती told that condition of दमयन्ती to the ruler of Vidarbha.
6. The king Bhima, hearing everything from the female friends, began to think seriously with ragard tohis daughter.
7. The king, seeing that his daughter had attained youth, thought in his mind that it was his duty to perform Damayanti's Swayamavara.
8. O lord, that king invited all the rulers of the earth saying, ``O warriors, let your Honours anjoy the स्वयंवर ceremony.
9. Having learnt of Damayanti's swayamvara, all the kings in obedience to the invitation of Bhima, came to him.
10. The earth was filled with the sound of elaphants, horses and chariots, and with armies , decked sin beautiful garlands and ornaments.
11. That warrior Bhima received those highsouled kings with suitable hospitality; and the kings, thus honoured, took up their obodes there.
12. At this very moment the illustrious two diving sages while wandering, went from the earth to the region of Indra.
13. Narada and Paravta, greatly wise and austere, entered the palace of Indra, being respectfully received.
14. The lord Indra, having offered them proper  worship, sinquires after their everlasting welfare, and health reagarding everything.

Narada said:-
15. O god, we enjoy peace in all matters; and O Indra, the kings also do the same in the whole world.

बृहदश्व said :-

16-18. Having heard the speech of Narada, the slayer of of Bala and Vritra asked, ``Where are those warlike kshatriyas, and why do I not see them, coming to me as they are my favourite guests? They are the virtuous rulers of the earth, ever prepared to give up their life in the battle. When time comes, they meet death by weapons but never turn their faces away from the battle-field; and to them belongs this world forever, bestowing upon them all the objects of pleasure as it does to me.''
19. Narada, thus addressed by sakra, replied, ``O Indra, listen , why the kings are not seen today.
20. The king of the Vidarbhas has a daughter named दमयन्ती who is well-known and who surpasses all the women sof the earth in beauty.
21. O sakra, her Swayamvara will soon take place; and the kings and the princes from all sides are going there.
22. O slayer of Bala and Vritra, the kings, soliciting her, the jewel so the earth, desire to have her most eagerly.''
23. While this was being told, the guardians of the quarters, together with Agni, the most excellent of the gods, approached the Lord of gods.
24. They then heard the speech of Narada; and being greatly delighted by hearing it, they said that they too would go there.
25. O Lord, then they all, sitting in their vehicles and accompanied by their attendants, went to the country of  the Vidharbhas where all the kings, had gone.
26. O son of Kunti, the noble-minded king Nala, who was greatly devoted  to दमयन्ती, also started hearing of the assembly of the kings.
27. Then the gods on the way saw, Nala, walking on the earth; he resembled the god of love himself in beauty.
28. Having seen him as bright as the sun, the gaurdians of the quarters, were struck with wonder at his excellent  beauty, abandoning their idea (of geting दमयन्ती).
29. Having stopped their cars, the gods alighted from the heaven and spoke thus to the king of the Nishadhas:-
30. ``O Nala, the excellent king of the Nishadhas and the best amongst men, you are true to your promise; help us; be our messener.''


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