बृहदश्व said :-

1. When वार्ष्णेय had gone away, Nala of holy fame, who was absorbed in gambling, was deprived of his kingdom and the wealth he possessed by पुष्कर.
2. O king, पुष्कर, then, said with a smile to Nala, who was deprived of his kingdom, ``let us begin our play with dice again; but what wealth have you got to stake?
3. दमयन्ती alone is left to you; everthing else has been won by me; well, stake दमयन्ती if you think it right."
4. The heart of Nala of holy fame, who was thus spoken by पुष्कर, as it were burst with grief and he spoke nothing to him.
5. Then the illustrious Nala, full of affiction, looking at पुष्कर, took off all the ornaments from his body.
6. Then the king, unclothed but wearing only one garment, increasing the grief of his friends, went out leaving his vast
7. दमयन्ती too wearing only one piece of cloth, followed him who was going away; the king of the Nishadhas lived with her for three nights outside the town.
8. O king पुष्कर got it proclaimed in the town that whoever would treat Nala well, would be killed by him.
9. O युधिष्ठिर, by this command of पुष्कर and by his hatred towards, Nala, the citizens paid no hospitable regards to him.
10. Thus the king, deserving respect but not respected, stayed for three nights in the vicinity of the town, living upon water only.
11. The king, being troubled by hunger, started in order to collect fruits and roots; and दमयन्ती followed him.
12. After many days have elapsed, Nala, afflicted with hunger, saw some birds with wings like gold (in colour).
13. Then the powerful lord of the Nishadhas thought in his mind-``This wiil be my food today and my wealth also.''
14. So he covered them all with the cloth which he had worn; but all of them, taking his cloth, flew up into the sky.
15. While flying up, the birds, having seen Nala, seated on the ground naked and with his face towards the ground, spoke these words to Nala.
16. ``O foolish one, we are those dice, come here with a desire to take away your garmentl; we would feel no pleasure, had you gone with your garment on."
17. O king, then Nala of pure fame, seeing the dice gone away and himself naked, spoke thus to दमयन्ती.”
18. ``O blameless one, by whose anger I have been deprived of my fourtune, and being distressed and afflicted with hunger, I do not obtain my maintaenance.
19. On whose account the people of the Nishadhas did not respect me, those dice have assumed the form of birds and have taken away my garment.
20. I am fallen in great difficulty; I am greatly afflicted and deprived of my sense; I am your husband, listen to my words which will be beneficial to you.
21. These are the various roads leading to the southern region, passing by अवन्ती and crossing the ऋक्षवत् mountain.
22. This is  the great mountain named विन्ध्य; then there is the river पयोष्णी flowing towards the sea; then there are the hermitages of the great sages abounding in fruits roots.
23. This road leads to Vidharbha and that one to the country of the Koshalas; beyond them there is in the south the southern country.''
24. O Bharata, the king Nala, who was afflicted with pain, spoke these words with a collected mind to दमयन्ती again and again.
25. Then that दमयन्ती afficted with pain and with words, chocked with tears, spoke to the king of the Nishadhas in a piteous manner.
26. `` O king, thinking of your intention again and again, my heart tremebles and my limbs are sinking down.
27.  Having abndoned you, deprived of kingdom, wealth and garment and afflicted with hunger and thirst how can I go in this lonely forest?
28. O sovereign ruler, in this dreadful forest I shall remove your fatigue when you are tired and afflicted with hunger and absorbed in thinking of your former happiness.
29. In all sorts of misery, there is no medicine like a wife; this is the opinion of the physicians; I tell you the truth.''

Nala said :-

30. ``O दमयन्ती of slender waist, it is as you say. To a man afflicted with pain there is no friend like a wife which serves as a remedy.
31. O timid one, I do not intend to abandon you. why are you afraid? O blameless one, I shall abandon myself but not you."

दमयन्ती said :-

32. `` O great king, if you do not intend to abandon me, then why do you point out to me the road leading to the country of the Vidharbhas?
33. O King, I know, you will not forsake me; but O Lord of the earth, with your mind distracted (by Kali) you may abandon me.
34. O the best amongst men, you are mentioning me the road repeatedly; and hence O one like God, you are augmenting my sorrow.
35. If this be your wish that I should go to my relation, then let us go both together to Vidharbha if you like.
36. O bestower of honour, the king of the Vidharbhas will respect you; O king thus worship by him, you will live happily in our house."


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