बृहदश्व said :-

1. Having thus entered into an agreement with द्वापर, Kali came to the place where the king of the Nishadhas was.
2. He, always wishing to obtain a weak point in Nala, resided in the country of the Nishadhas for a long time; and in the twelvth year he found one in him.
3. The king of the Nishadhas, after having made water, rinsed his mouth and performed the Sandhya adoration, without having wahsed his feet; thereupon Kali entered his body.
4. He, having enterend the body of Nala, went to पुष्कर and said to him, ``come, play at dice with Nala.
5. You, with my help, shall conquer Nala at the game of dice; and having conquered Nala and his kingdom, you obtain the country of the Nishadhas.''
6. Then पुष्कर, thus spoken by Kali, went to Nala; Kali also went to पुष्कर, having become the principal die among the dice.
7. पुष्कर, the destroyer of the warriors of the enemies, having approached the warrior Nala, asked him repeatedly to play at dice together.''
8. Thereupon that high-souled king did not reject the challenge; even though दमयन्ती was looking on, he thought that it was time to play with dice.
9. No one amongst his friends was able to ward off from gambling the king, the subduer of the enemies and who was maddened by the game of dice.
10. Then O Bharata, all the citizens together with the ministers came to see the king and also to dissuade him.
11. Then teh charioteer approached दमयन्ती and said her, ``O queen, here stand at the door the citizens for some business.
12. Please inform the king of the Nishadhas that all the subjects have come, intolerant of the vicious game of the king who is well-versed in virtue and in acquiring wealth."
13. Then the daughter of Bhima, filled with grief and with her mind affected by sorrow, spoke to the king of the NIshadhas with words choked with tears.
14. ``O king, all the citizens, filled with loyalty to the king and accompanied by the ministers, are waiting at the door with a desire to see you.''
15. But the king, possessed by Kali, did not answer anything to her of beautiful looks and who was lamenting in that way.
16. Then all those ministers and the citizens. afficted with pain and shame, went to their homes, saying that he is ruined (नष्टोऽयम्)  
17. O युधिष्ठीर, the gambling of पुष्कर and Nala continued for several months and the king of holy fame was conquered.


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