बृहदश्व said :-

1. Then the king ऋतुपर्ण of true courage arrived in the evening at the city of the Vidharbhas; people informed of his arrival to the king Bhima.
2. At the request of Bhima, that king entered the city of Kundina, resounding all the quarters and byequarters with the rattling sound of the chariot.
3. There the horses of Nala heard the sound of the chariot; and having herard it, they got delighted as before when they were in the presence of Nala.
4. Damayanti also heard the rattle of Nala's chariot which resembled the sound of the rumbling clouds in the rainy season.
5. The daughter of the king Bhima and his horses as well as considered the clattering sound like that which they heard before when Nala urged his own horses.
6. The peacocks at the top of the palace, the elephants in the stables. and the horses heard the rattling sound of the chariot of that king.
7. O king, hearing the sound of the chariot, the elaphants and the peacocks, with their faces raised up began to cry aloud; they had become very glad as if it was the sound of clouds.

दमयन्ती said:-

8. As the rattling sound of the chariot, filling as it were the whole earth, gives delight to my heart, it must be the king Nala (who is coming.)
9. If today I do not see Nala, a warrior possessing inumerable virtues and whose face resembles the Moon, I shall certainly die.
10. If I do not enter today within the arms of this warrior and enjoy the pleasurable touch of his embrace, I shall surely not exist.
11. If the king of the Nishadhas does not approach me with his voice as deep as the sound of a cloud, I shall today enter the fire as brilliant as gold.
12. I do not remember any untruthin him nor do I remember any harm done by him to others nor do I remember that high-souled king to have spoken stupid words even in his free talk.
13. Remembering his virtues day and night, my mind, devoted towards him, is torn into pieces with grief, as it is separated from the beloved person.

बृहदश्व said :-

14. O descendant of the Bharat race, thus bewailing, that lady, as if senseless, mounted the uppersurface of the palace with a desire to see Nala of holy fame.
15. Then she saw from the central portion of the palace the king ऋतुपर्ण seated in the chariot together with वार्ष्णेय and बाहुक.
16.Then वार्ष्णेय and बाहुक got down from that excellent chariot and having untied the horses, kept the chariot aside.
17. The king ऋतुपर्ण, having alighted from the chariot, approached the king Bhima of terrible valour.
18. The king Bhima received him with great respect; he sad come there all of a sudden and the king (Bhima) did not know the scheme of a woman.
19. The intelligent king ऋतुपर्ण was worshipped by that king; O descendant of the Bharat race, he ( ऋतुपर्ण) then was asked by the king, on what business he was pleased to come there.
21. Thereupon the king of the Koshala thought in his mind and then said to him. “ I have come here to pay my homage to you."
22. The king Bhima, also struck with wonder thought in his mind that he (ऋतुपर्ण) had attributed his arrival to a slight cause. He said, “Be what it may. I shall know it in the end."
23. Thinking thus the, king Bhima did not send him immediately but he welcomed him and said to him repeatedly,“ do take rest; you have been greatly fatigued."
24. The king, thus welcomed by that pleased king, was highly satisfied in his mind and with a glad heart, went to the appointed apartment, accopanied by the royal servant.
25. O king, when the king ऋतुपर्ण had gone with वार्ष्णेय, Bahuka took the chariot and went to the stables.
26. He then unyoked the horses and served them according to the rules; and having comforted the horses, he sat on the seat of the chariot.
27-28. But दमयन्ती, the daughter of the king of the Vidharbhas, afflicted with sorrow, saw the king भाङगासुरि, वार्ष्णय, the son of a charioteer, and Bahuka of that sort, and began to think, “ of whose chariot was this rattling sound? The sound was like that of Nala's chariot but I do not see the king of the Nishadhas.
29. Surely this art must have been learnt by वार्ष्णेय; and it is for this reason that the rattling sound of the chariot was as loud as that of Nala.
30. Or may it be that the king ऋतुपर्ण is equal to Nala, Hence this rattling sound of the chariot appears like that of the Nishadhas.
31. O ruler of the earth, having thus meditated, that blessed दमयन्ती sent a female messanger in search of the king of the Nishadhas.


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