बृहदश्व said :-

1. दमयन्ती saw the king of holy fame with his mind deeply absorbed in gambling and who had become mad.
2. Then, O king, she, being overcome by fear and grief, began to think of this serious matter regarding the king.
3-4. When she, who was afraid of the evil that befell him (Nala) and who wished to do good him, perceived taht Nala was deprived of everthing, she spoke thus to her nurse and female attendant  बृहत्सेना good fame, well-disposed, devoted, ever-ready to do good to all and of good speech.
5. ``O बृहत्सेना, go and summon all the ministers in the name of the King Nala, and inform them what wealth is lost and what wealth still remains."
6. O king, बृहत्सेना, thus ordered, spoke the words of the queen to the ministers.
7. Then all the ministers, having known the order of the king Nala, uttered, ``That is our misfortune'' and went to Nala.
8. Then all the subjects went there second time; the daughter of Bhima informed sof this to the king but the king paid no attention to do it.
9. Perceiving that her husband spoke not a word to her, Damayanti got ashamed and entered her apartement.
10. Having repeatedly heard of the dice falling unfavaourable to Nala of pura fame and having learnt that Nala deprived of everything, she spoke to her nurse again.
11. ``O बृहत्सेना, go again to वार्ष्णेय in the name of Nala; and, O blessed one, bring the charrioteer as a serious affair is at hand.''
12. Hearing those words of दमयन्ती, बृहत्सेना caused वार्ष्णेय to be brought by faithful servants.
13. Then the daughter of Bhima, who was blameless and who knew the proper time and place, consoled वार्ष्णेय by sweet words and spoke to him just befitting the accasion.
14. ``You know well that the king used to treat you well; now that he is in distress, you should help him,.
15. The more the king is defeated by पुष्कर at the dice, the greater is his passion for the game.
16. Just as the dice fall favaourable to पुष्कर, they appear unfavourable to Nala.
17. The king of the Nishadhas does not listen to the advice of his friends and relations nor does he accpet my device.
18. surely, I think, it is not the fault of that noble king, of the Nishadhas that he, maddened by the game, does not listen to my words.
19. O charrioteer, I submit myself  to you; act according to my words; having yoked the favourite horses of Nala, as swift as the glance of mind, and placing the pair (the son and the daughter) in the car, you go to कुण्डिनपुर.
20. Having left my children, the car and those horses with my realtives, you stay there or go wherever you please.''
21. वार्ष्णेय, the charioteer of Nala, told these words of दमयन्ती in detail to the chief ministers of Nala. s
22. O king, they all devided in the same way and he, with their permission, placed the childern in the chariot and went to विदर्भ.
23,24. Having left the horses, that excellent car, the daughter इन्द्रसेना and the son इन्द्रसेन there and having taken leave of the king Bhima, the charioteer, being afflicted with pain and lamenting for Nala, went to the city of Ayodhya.
25. He, greatly afflicted , approached the king ऋतुपर्ण and accepted service of that king as a charioteer.


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