बृहदश्व said :-

1. O Bharata, Nala promised to them saying, ``I shall do.'' and approaching them with his hands folded, he asked.
2. ``Who are you? And who is he by whom I am desired to be his messenger? What service should I render to you? Tell me everthing properly.''
3. Indra, being thus addressed by the king of the Nishadhas, said in reply, ``know us to be gods, come here for the sake of दमयन्ती.
4. O king, I am Indra; this is Agni; this is Varuna and this is Yama, the destroyer of human bodies.
5. You inform दमयन्ती that we, the guardians of the quarters, Indra and others, have come here with a desire to see (the swayamvara).
6. The gods, sakra, Agni, Varuna, and Yama, wish to obtain you; so choose one of them for your husband.
7. Nala, thus spoken by Indra, spoke with his hands folded, ``you should not send me who have come with the same purpose.''
8. How will a man, who has similarly resolved (to get दमयन्ती), dare to speak to a woman on behalf of others? please, therefore, O Gods, pardon me.
9. `` Indra, thus spoken by Nala, spoke again, O king of the Nishadhas, having first promised us, saying that you would do, why do you not accodingly? go and do not dealy.''

बृहदश्व said :-

10. The king of the Nishadhas, thus spoken by the gods, said again, ``How can I enter the palaces that are well-guarded?''
11. sakra spoke to him again, ``you will be able to enter.'' ``So be it, said Nala and repaired to the palace of दमयन्ती.”
12. There he saw the daughter of king of the Vidharbhas, surrounded by her feamle friends, brilliant sin beauty and body,and of beautiful complexion.
13. She was extremely delicate. had sa slender waist and beautiful eyes. she, as it were, threw into the back-ground the lustre of the moon by her own splendour.
14. Having seen her of beautiful smiles, love of Nala increased; but being desirous sof carrying out the truth, he chaked his love.
15. Beholding that king, those beautiful ladies sprang from their seats in great confusion, being greatly possessed by his splendour.
16. They, filled with wonder and greatly pleased, extolled Nala; but they sopke nothing to him ,only worshipped him in their minds.
17. O! what beauty, what lustre and what courage this high-souled one possesses! who is he? Is he a god or a Yaksha
or a Gandharva?
18. Those beautiful women, overcome by his lustre and filled with bashfulness, were not able to speak even a word to him.
19. दमयन्ती. filled with amazement spoke, with a smile to that warrior Nala who was also smiling at her.
20. ``who are you? O you, possessing faultless limbs and increasing my love, O sinless warrior, I wish to know how you came here like a god.
21. Why have you come here? And how is it that you were not perceived by any one? My palace is well-guarded; and severe are the commands of the king. ''
22. Thus, spoken by the daughter of the king of Vidharbhas, Nala replied to her, `` O handsome lady, know me to be Nala and I have come here as the messenger of gods.
23. The gods, Sakra, Agni, Varuna and Yama, desire to obtain you; therefore, O beautiful one. choose one of them as your husband.
24. It is only by their favour that I entered the palace unoberserved; no one perceived nor obstructed me while entering it.
25. O good lady, I have been sent by the illustrious gods for this purpose; o lucky one, having heard this, resolve to do what you please.''


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