बृहदश्व said :-

1. Having heard all that, दमयन्ती was greatly afflicted with pain and suspecting him to be Nala, spoke thus to keshini:-
2. “ Keshini, go again and mark carefully the conduct of Bahuka; and keeping yourself by his side without speaking a word, notice carefully his behaviour.
3. O Keshini, if he would ask for fire or water. you should not be in haste to give it to him; you should cause an obstacle(in his way.)
4. You should inform me of whatever signs. human or superhuman, you will find in Bahuka or anything else that you will see in him.
5. Keshini, thus spoken by दमयन्ती, went away and having seen the signs and the conduct of the man, skilled in the knowledge of horses, came back.
6. She told everything as it happened to दमयन्ती, mentioning to her the signs, human or divine, which she perceived in Bahuka.

Keshini said :-

7. O दमयन्ती, I have never heard or seen before any person of that type possessing such a pure character.
8. whenever he comes to a door of low stature, he never bends low; at his touch, the door becomes wide and long.
9. Various sorts of food as well as flesh of many animals were sent by the king for ऋतुपर्ण.
10. Many vessels also were sent for washing (the flesh); those pots, whenever they were looked at by him, became filled with water.
11. Having washed the vessels, Bahuka procceded (to cook food ) and he took a handful of grass and held it to the sun.
12. The fire suddenly blazed forth; beholding that wonder, I was struck with wonder and have returned.
13. Another, more wonderful, I saw in him; O blessed woman, although he touched fire, he was not burnt.
14. I saw in him another thing which is exceedingly wonderful; he took some flowers in his hand and crushed them slowly.
15. Although the flowers were prested by him by his hands, yet they became more fragrant and beautiful.

बृहदश्व said :-

16. Having heard of these wonderfull acts of Nala of holy fame, दमयन्ती thought that Nala was obtained, having known him by his acts.
17. Suspecting him who had assumed the form of Bhahuka, to be her husband Nala, दमयन्ती, weeping, spoke again to Keshini in a sweet speech.
18. O good lady, go again and bring here from the kitchen some flesh cooked by Bahuka, who is not on his senses.
19. O the descendant of the Kuru race, having seen Bahuka absorbed (in thinking ), Keshini took some meat and gave it to दमयन्ती.
20. She had often tasted before the meat prepared by Nala; so she tasted it and thought the charioteer to be Nala; himself and being overwhelmed with severe grief, she began to cry.
21. O Bharata, being ovecome by great grief, she washed her face; and sent her two children with Keshini.
22. Thereupon Bahuka, recognising इन्द्रसेना together with her brother, ran quickly, and embracing them, placed them upon his lap.
23. Having obtained his two children, who were like the children of gods, he was greatly filled with grief and wept bitterly in a mild tone.
24. Having shown his feelings more than once, the king of the Nishadhas left the children all of a sudden and spoke to Keshini thus:-
25. O good lady, these twins resemble my two children. Hence seeing them all a sudden, I shed tears.
26. If you will come to me often and aften, people might think it ill; we are foreigners; so O good lady, go at your ease.


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