Sudeva said :-

1. There is a virtuous king of the Vidharbhas named Bhima, possessing great lustre; and this blessed lady is his daughter, known as दमयन्ती.
2. There is also a king of the Nishadhas, Nala by name, the son of वीरसेन; this auspicious lady is the wife of that virtuous and intelligent monarch.
3. That ruler of the earth was defeated in gambling ny his brother and then being deprived of his kingdom, he went away with Damayanti but no one knows where he has gone.
4. We are wandering over the earth for the sake of दमयन्ती, whom I found in the palace of your son.
5. This woman of unchanged youth has a beautiful mode, from her very birth, in the midst of her eyebrows, resembling a lotus; this mode was seen by me but now it has disappeared.
6. That mark of prosperity, created by the God creator, is soiled with dust like the moon convered with cloud.
7. This queen was known by me by her form as well as the mark as the fire, that i concealed, is ascertained by its heat.

बृहदश्व said :-

8. O monarch, Sunanada having heard the words of Sudeva, cleaned the dust which had convered the mole.
9. That mole of दमयन्ती, with the dust cleaned off, shone like the moon appearing in the sky when the clouds are dispersed.
10. O Bharata, seeing that mark सुनन्दा as well as the queen-mother began to weep; and the embracing her, stood for some time.
11. Having shed tears, the queen-mother spoke in a low voice, ``you are the daughter of my sister, which is indicated to me by this your mark.
12. O beautiful one, myself and your mother are the daughters of that noble king, named Sudaman, the ruler of the Dasharnas.
13. She was given in marriage to the king Bhima and I was given to Virabahu. I saw your birth at our father's palace in the city of the Dasharnas.
14. O virtuous lady, as your fathers, house is to you, so my house is to you; O दमयन्ती, whatsever wealth I have is yours."
15. O manarch, thereupon, दमयन्ती, having saluted the sister of her mother with a delightful heart, said to her thus:-
16. I lived happily with you even though I was not recognised; and I myself was protected by you.
17. Undoubtedly I shall have a happier abode; but O mother, you should please give me permission togo as I am living in exile for a long time.
18. My children, son and daughter, were taken there and are now living there, overwhelmed with sorrow and separated from their father and mother.
19. If you wish to do me good, order at once a vehicle as I am very eager to go to the country of the Vidharbhas.
20-21. Thereupon, O king, saying`` Be it so" the sister of Damayanti's mother the queen-mother, being highly delighted, sent away with the permission of her son, दमयन्ती in a vehicle carried by men, and guarded by a large army; O the foremost of the descendants of Bharata, the lady was provided with food, drink and dresses.
22. Then the lady immediately went to the country of the Vidharbhas and all the relatives, being delighted at her arrival, greeted her.
23-24.  O king, beholding her relations; two children mother, father and all her companions enjoying peace and welfare,that glorious queen दमयन्ती offered worship to the gods and the Barhamans in the best way.
25. The king, delighted at the sight of his daughter, presented to Sudeva thousand cows, plenty of wealth and a village.
26. O king, that virtuous lady spent the whole night at her father's palace and after having taken rest' she spoke these words:- s
27. `` O mother, I tell you truthm if you wish me to live, then try to bring the best amongst men (Nala) here."
28. Thus addressed by दमयन्ती,  the queen, greatly afflicted with pain, and bathed in tears, spoke nothing to her in reply.
29. Then all the inmates of the harem, seeing her in that state, uttered exclamations of ``oh, alas! and also wept bitterly.
30. Then the queen spoke to the king Bhima, `` your daughter दमयन्ती is lamenting for her husband.
31. O king, having cast away her shame, दमयन्ती herself said that the servants should try to find out Nala of holy fame.
32. The king, thus urged by the queen, sent out obedient Brahamanas in all directions and ordered them to find out Nala.
33. Then by the order of the king of the Vidharbhas, all the Brhamanas approached दमयन्ती and told her that they were startings.
34. Then the daughter of Bhima told them to repeat in all countries and before the crowds of people these words:-
35. O you rogue, O beloved one, having torn off half of my cloth, where have you gone away, leaving your dear and devoted wife, who was asleep, in the forest?
36. As ordered by you, that lady, being burnt with grief  and covered with half the piece of cloth, is expecting you.
37. O king, O warrior, give her an answer and show favour to her who is weeping continuosly on account of sorrow.
38. The wife is always to be maintained and protected by the husband. How is it that both these duties are neglected by you even though you are righteous?
39. If any one would answer you while speaking thus, that man should be known by you in every way as to who is and where he lives.
40. O best Brahamans you should convey to me the words of that man, who having heard your words, would answer you.
41. You should act in such a careful manner that no one should know that you are speaking at my command; and be careful that you come back to me immediately.
42. You should know whether he is rich or poor or desires for wealth; you should know also his desires."
43. O king, the Brahamanas, thus spoken, departed in all directions to search for Nala fallen in great calamity.
44. O king, those Brahamanas wandered in the cities, kingdoms, villages, hamlets and the hermitages in search of Nala.
45. o ruler of the earth, all the Brahamanas repeated the words, wherever they went, which दमयन्ती had told them.


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