बृहदश्व said :-

1. Oh son of Kunti, the king of the Nishadhas, having dwelt there for a month, took leave of Bhima and went to the country of the Vidharbhas with a small retinue.
2-3. That noble king who was greatly enraged, entered the country with great speed, in a single white choriot. with sixteen elephants. fifty horses, and six hundred foot soldiers, trembling the whole earth thereby.
4. Nala, the son of Virasen, approaching पुष्कर said, “ Let us play at dice again; I have obtained much wealth.
5. O पुष्कर, let दमयन्ती whatever I possess be my stake; and let your kingdom be your stake.
6. Let us play at dice again; this is my firm resoulution; may you be happy; let us stake with our lives.
7. It is the greatest virtue to counter-stake other's property, either kingdom or wealth, having already won them.
8. O king, if you do not desire the play at dice, let us play the game with weapons; O king, let both of us have peace by fighting a duel.
9. The elderly persons have laid down that the ancestral kingdom should be obtained any how or by any means.
10. O Pushkara, fix your mind upon one of the two; either upon playing at dice or bend the bow in fight.
11. पुष्कर, thus addressed by Naishadha and being quite sure of his success, spoke with a smile to the king:-
12. O Naishadha, glad am I that you have earned money for counter-staking and that the bad fortune of Damayanti is gone to an end.
13. Indeed, the daughter of Bhima, adorned with ornaments, will wait ou me with all the wealth won by me as the heavenly damsels wait upon Indra in heaven.
14. O Naishadha, I remember you and expect you always; I feel no pleasure to play at dice with those that are not my friends.
15. Having won (over) that beautiful and faultless Damayanti today, I shall feel blessed as she over resides in my heart.
16. Having heard those words of his, who was talking nonsense, the king Nala got enraged and wished to cut off his head with his sword.
17. Then Nala, with his eyes red with anger, spoke to him with a smile, “ Let us play; why do you speak now? you will never utter that I have been defeated."
18. Then began the gambling between Nala and Pushkara in which he was defeated by the warrior Nala at one throw.
19. Having defeated पुष्कर, the king spoke smilingly, “ This kingdom is now completely mine, with the throns (in the form of enemies) destroyed.
20. O wretched king, you cannot even cast a glance at Vaidarbhi; O fool, you, with your family, have now become her slave.
21. It was not you who formely defeated me; It was all done by Kali, O fool, you did not know it.
22. I shall never lay the fault, committed by others, upon you; so live happily; I grant you your life.
23. In the same way, I give you your own portion of the kingdom, O warrior, undoubtedly I bear the same love towards you as before.
24. O Pushkara, my affection towards you will never decrese; you are my brother; live for a hundred years."
25. Having consoled his brother thus , Nala of true courage embraced him again and again and sent him to his city.
26. O king, being thus consoled by Naishadha , Pushkar, with his hands folded, saluted Nala of holy fame and spoke to him thus:-
27. “ O king, as you have granted me my life and an abode may your reputation remain for ever and may you live for ten thousand years happily."
28. Thus honured by the king, Pushkar lived there for one month in joy and went back to his city accompanied by his relations.
29. Having sent away Pushkara, possessed of wealth and free from anxiety, the glorious king entered the city richly decorated.
30. Citizens as well as the villagers, with their hair bristling with joy, and all the people,headed by their minister, spoke to him with their hands folded:-
31. O king, we are really glad today in the city and the village for having obtained you to wait upon like the gods after they had obtained their lord Indra for worship.
32. When great feastivals began in the city which was full of joy, the king, with a large army, brought back Damayanti.
33. Her father, Bhima, the killer of enemies ' warriors, possessing great power and noble soul, sent Damayanti.
34. When Vaidharbhia arrived with her children, the king Nala lived in great happiness like the lord of gods(Indra) in Nandan garden.
35. Then that famous king, having obtained his kingdom and become famous amongst the kings in जम्बूद्वीप, began to rule the earth once more.


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