बृहदश्व said :-

1. she (Damayanti), having saluted the gods, spoke to Nala with a smile, ``myself and whatever wealth I possess, belong to you, O lord make love with confidence.
2. O king, the speech of the swans burns me, O warrior, it is for you that I have caused the kings assemble here.
3. O bestower of honour, if you will reject me who adore you, I shall have recourse to poison, fire, water or a rope for your sake.
4. Nala, thus addressed by the daughter of the king of the Vidharbhas, spoke to her in reply, ``the guardians of the quarters being present here, why do you choose a man?
5. I am not equal to the dust of the feet of those high-souled gods who are not creators of the words; so let your mind be fixed on them.
6. A mortal being, displeasing(doing something disagreeable to) the gods, meets with death; therefore, O one of fault-less limbs, protect me and choose the gods.
7. Having obtained the gods(for your husband ), you enjoy garments free from dust, beautiful garlands of different colours and excellent ornaments.
8. Amongst the gods, what lady will not accept as her husband, the god fire, who having shortened the whole world, swallows it?
9. What lady will not choose as her husband him, by the terror of whose punishment all the assembled living beings follow the virtuous path?
10. what woman will not prefer as her husband to other gods, the great god Indra, who is pious, noble and the destroyer of Daityas and Danavas?
11. If amidst the guardians of the quarters, you entertain love for Varuna, choose him, (as your husband) with a fearless mind, just listen to the advice of a friend.''
12. Thus spoken by the lord of the Nishadhas, दमयन्ती said to him with her eyes filled with tears arising from grief.
13. ``O lord of the earth, having saluted all the gods, I choose you as my husband; I am telling  you the truth.''
14. Then the king answered her who was trembling standing with her hands folded, ``O blessed one, I have come on a mission (from the gods); how can I look to my own interest?
15. Having promised especially the gods and put in efforts for the cause of others, how can I look to my own interest?
16. if self-interest can be observed along with this virtuous principle, I shall certainly look to mine own; you too, O blessed one, act accordingly."
17. There-upon दमयन्ती of sweet smile, uttering words which were choked with tears, spoke to the king in a gentle tone.
18. `` O Lord of the people, I have found out a remedy free from harm whereby, O king u will incur no blame upon yourself.
19. O best amongst men, yourself and the gods, headed by Indra, can come together when my Swayamvar takes place.
20. Then, O king in the presence of the guardians of the quarters, I shall choose you. There-by. O best king, there will be no blame on your part.''
21. O Ruler of the earth! the king Nala, thus spoken by the daughter of the king of the Vidharbhas, returned to the place where the gods had assembled.
22. Then the great gods, the guardians of the quarters, saw him, coming; having seen him, they inquired him about the whole account.
23. `` O king, the sinless lord of the earth, have you seen दमयन्ती of pure smiles? Tell us everything she spoke.

Nala said :-

24. At your bidding, I entered the palace of दमयन्ती, consisting of large apartments and guarded by old men with cudgels in their hands.
25. While entering it, no man saw me through your power except that daughter of the king.s
26. I perceived her female friends and they too saw me; O the foremost among the gods, beholding me; they were all struck with wonder.
27. O the best among gods, while you were being described by me, that beautiful-faced lady fixed her mind to choose me.
28. That girl spoke to me, `` O excellent king, let the gods come together with you where my Swayamvara will take place.
29. O king of the Nishadhas, in their presence I shall choose you. There-by, O mighty-armed one, there will be no blame on your part.''
30. O the best among gods, this is all. I have related  to you everything that happend there. For the rest you yourselves are an authority.


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