बृहदश्व said :-

1. Having seen the mental agony of the intellectual Nala of holy fame, Keshini came back quickly and told  everything to दमयन्ती.
2. Thereupon दमयन्ती sent again Keshini to her mother as she, ovecome with grief, was very eager to see Nala.
3. “ Suspenting Bahuka to be Nala, I have examined him sevaral times; there is only a doubt aout his form which I wish to know myself.
4. O mother arrnage this for me with or without the knowledge of my father; let him be admitted (to my mansion) or allow me to go to him."
5. The queen thus spoken by the daughter of the king of the Vidharbhas, spoke to Bhima the intention of his daughter which the king allowed.
6. O excellent Bharat, दमयन्ती, permitted by her father and mother, caused Nala to enter her own apartment.
7. Having seen दमयन्ती, unexpectedly, the king Nala, afflicted with grief and calamity, became filled with tears.
8. Then that beautiful-complexioned दमयन्ती, beholding Nala in that wretched condition, was filled with bitter grief.
9. O great king, दमयन्ती, wearing a red garment and matted hair and soiled with dust, spoke to Bahuka thus:-
10. O Bahuka, did you ever see any person, who virtuous as he was, asleep?
11. Who else but king Nala of holy fame would go having forsaken in the forest his innocent and dear wife, overtaken by fatigue?
12. What offence have I committed to that king from my youth that he went away having abandoned in the forest me who was overpowered by sleep?
13. Having rejected the very gods, I close him as my husband; how did he then abandon me, devoted to him, affectionate and the mother of (his) children?
14. Having taken my hand, he in the presence of all gods and before fire, promised that he would truly maintain me. Where is that  promise gone?"
15. O subduer of enemies, while दमयन्ती was speaking all this, tears of grief began to flow from her eyes.
16. Having seen her afflicted with grief, Nala also shed tears from his eyes, which were black like those of an antelope and which were red at the extremity, and spoke thus to her:-
17. “ O timid one, that I lost my kingdom was not my own act ; it was done by Kali on whose account I abandoned you.
18. O timid one, how is it possible that a lady, having forsaken her dear and devoted husband, will ever choose another husband like you.
19. At the command of the king, the messengers are wandering over the whole earth saying that the daughter of Bhima would choose a second husband."
20. Hearing the lamentation of Nala, दमयन्ती, terrified trembling with fears and with her hands folded, spoke thus to Nala:-
21. “ O blessed ruler of the Nishadhas, you should not suspect any fault in me; having discarded the gods, I have chosen you.
22. The Brahmanas went in all ten directions to find you out singing my words composed in verses.
23. O king, then a learned Brahamana, named पर्णाद, found you in the palace of ऋतुपर्ण in the kingdom of Koshala.
24. After hearing his words and your own answer to them, I devised this plan to bring you back.
25. O Lord of the earth, the chief of the kings there is no other person except you in this world, who is able to travel with horses hundred yojanas in a single day.
26. O king, touching these your feet I swear that even in thought I have never committed any sin.
27. Let this wind, that witnessess everthing and that moves over the whole world, take away my life, if i have committed any sin.
28. Let the sun, that travels over the sky, take away my life, if i have committed any sin.
29. Let the moon, that lives in the heart of all creatures as a witness take away my life, if i have committed any sin.
30. Let the three gods, who support the three worlds, relate the whole account truly; or let them abandon me."
31. Then the Wind-god, thus spoken by her, said from the sky, “ O Nala, I tell you the truth that she had not committed any sin.
32. O king दमयन्ती has well guarded the store of her virtuous; we bear witness to that as we are her protects for the last three years.
33. This matchless remedy was planned by her for your sake; for there is no other person expect you who can travel hundred yojanas in a single day.
34. O king the daughter of Bhima has been obtained by you; have been also obtained by her; you should not entertain any doubt in this matter; be united with your wife."
35. While the wind was speaking thus, there fell down a shower of flowers; the divine drums were sounded and the auspicious wind began to blow.
36. O Bharata seeing that wonderful thing the king Nala, the subduer of enemies cast away all his doubts about दमयन्ती.
37. Then the ruler of the earth put on that pure garment; and remembering the king of snakes,assumed his original form.
38. Having seen her husband in his original form, the blameless daughter of Bhima embraced the virtuous Nala and cried aloud.
39. The king Nala also, lustrous as before, embraced the daughter for Bhima and his two children, and felt greatly delighted.
40. Then that beautiful-faced lady, having large eyes, placed his head upon her bosom and being overwhelmed with grief, began to sigh heavily.
41. That excellent king, having embraced that lady of sweet smiles, with her limbs covered with dustood silent there for a long time, being drowned in grief.
42. O king, the mother of Vaidharbhi narrated with joy to Bhima the whole account of Nala and Damayanti as it happened.
43. Then spoke the king, “ Tomorrow I shall see Nala together with Damayanti, after he had purified himself; let him happily today."
44. O king, then both of them passed the night in joy, relating to each other the past wandering in the forest.
45. Vaidharbhi and Nala, lived happily in the palace of the king Bhima, wishing happiness for one another.
46. Then in the fourth year, king Nala was united with his wife and with all his desires fulfilled, he obtained the highest delight.
47. Damayanti, too, was extremely delighted at having obtained her husband as the fields, with corn half produced, appear at having received showers of rain.


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