बृहदश्व said :-

1. Then that lady of beautiful limbs, having heard the words of the leader of the caravan, went away with the group of travellers, being herself eager to find out her husband.
2-3. Then after a lapse of many days, the merchants saw in that vast and fearful forest a beautiful lake, charming in every way, fragrant with lotuses, containing abundant grass and fuel and various sorts of fruits and flowers, and inhabited by various birds.
4. The water of the lake was pure and tasteful, charming and cool; and so the travellers with their horses tired , made up their mind to stop there.
5. The caravan, with the consent of the leader, entered into the forest; but at the end of the day took their quarters there.
6. Then at midnight, when everything was calm and silent, the weary travellers fell asleep when there came a herd of elephants, soiled by the exhudation of their ichor, to a mountain torrent to drink water.
7. Having seen the domesticated elephants, the wild elephants who were under the influence of rut, rushed upon them furiously with a desire of killing them.
8. The force of those elephants, as they rushed forward, became intolerable, like the fall of summits broken from the tops of mountains on the ground.
9. As the good caravan was fast asleep, obstructing their way to the lotus-lake, the elephants, all of a sudden, crushed, it,laying (sleeping on the ground.
10. Then the merchants, uttering the cry of ``Ah, alas!'' who were seeking shelter and who were blinded by sleep, rushed towards the bushes.
11. A large number of camels and horses was killed; so also a large group of men, walking on their feet, killed one another. as they were running here and there in fear.
12. Several merchants, uttering loud cries, fell down on the ground, several began to climb up the trees and some fell down on uneven ground.
13. O king thus those prosperous merchants, being attacked accidently by a large number of elephants, suffered a great loss.
14. The next day, the people that survived the slaughter started from that  country, lamenting the destruction of their brothers, fathers, sons and friends.]
15. The daughter of the king of the Vidharbhas began to lament again, saying, ``What a sinful act did I commit? The group of men, whom sI found in this solitary forest, was destroyed dby the heard of elephants through my misfortune.
16. I have heard from old men that none meets with death before his time, that is why I afflicted with pain, was not crushed to death by the herd of elephants.
17. In the case sof men, nothing exists which is not caused by destiny. Even in my childhood I committed no sinful act.
18. I think, the deities, the guardians of the quarters, that had assembled on the occasion of my Swayamavara, were rejected by me for the sake of Nala;  and through their influence I am suffering separation.
19. O the execellent amongst men, that beautiful lady, afflicted with grief, lamented in  this way and went away, looking pale like the autumnal streak of the Moon.
20. While going, that maiden soon arrived in the evening at the big city of the truth- speaking Subhau, the king of the chedis.
21. Then the citizens saw her going, distressed, emaciated, poor, with her hair loosened and soiled and appering like a mad woman.
22. Having seen her entering the city of the Chedis, the boys of the city followed her through curiosity.
23. The mother of the king beheld from the palace her surrounded by men; thereupon she asked her nurse to go and bring her to her.
24. ``The girl, distressed and seeking protecion, is being troubled by men; I think her beauty is such that it would illuminate the whole palace.'"
25. Then, o king that nurse, having dispressed the whole crowd, took her to the palace and being struck with wonder, asked दमयन्ती.
26. ``Even though you are afflicted with sorrow, how is it that you bear a beautiful form? You shine like lightning in the clouds. Tell me, who are you to whom do you belong?
27. Surely your beauty is not human, though devoid of ornaments. O you, possessing beauty like that of gods, although you are helpless, yet you are not afraid of men."
28. Hearing her words, the daughter of the king ?Bhima spoke to her thus:- '' Know me to be a human being-a woman devoted to my husband.
29. I am a maid-servant of a high, caste, living wherever I like, subsisting on fruits and roots; and being alone, I stay when evening draws near.
30. My husband, who possess innumerable virtues, is ever devoted to me; I am also attached to that warrior, following him him on the road like a shadow.
31. Once it so happened that he became engaged in gambling in which he was defeated and she came alone to the wood.
32. Beholding my warrior husband, wearing one piece of cloth afflicted with grief and appearing like one mad, I followed him into forest to console him.
33. Once that warrior, overcome by hunger and who was absent-minded, for some reason, or other, lost that too in the forest.
34. Following him who naked, devoid of senses and looking like a mad person, I wearing one piece of cloth, could not sleep for several nights.
35. Then after some days have passed, once I fell asleep; he tore off half of my garment and forsook me there though  I was innocent.
36. So I am seeking my husband, burning with grief day and night; but I do not find my husband, the lord of my heart, whose appearance is like gods.
37. The queen-mother, herself being grieved spoke to the daughter of the king Bhima, with her eyes filled with tears, who was distressed and was lamenting bitterly.
38. `` O blessed lady, O good one, stay here with me; I feel great affection for you; my men will seek your husband."
39. Or while wandering here and there, he himself will come here; O good lady, you live here and you shall get your husband."
40. Having heard the words of the queen-mother, दमयन्ती spoke in reply, ``O queen, mother of warriors,! Under an agreement (on this agreement ) I would stay with you.
41. I shall not eat the remnant of food, nor I shall wash the feet of any one; I shall never speak with other men.
42. If any person will solicit me, that person should be punished; I shall see Brahmins only to find out my husband.
43. If you would arrange all this I shall undounbtedly live with you; otherwise I do not find in my heart to live here.
44. The queen-mother, with a delighted mind, said to her,'' I shall do all this; your vow is very good."
45. O monarch, the daughter of the king, Bhima was thus spoken by the queen-mother; O Bharata, then she spoke to her own daughter Sunanada.
46. `` O Sunanada, know this maiden as divene; as she is of the same age with you, let her be your comapnion.
47. Then Sunanda, who was surrounded by her female friends, came to her own apartments in great joy taking दमयन्ती along with her.


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