बृहदश्व said :-

1. After the disappeared of the snake, Nala, the king of the Nishadhas, started to the city of ऋतुपर्ण and entered it on the tenth day.
2. He approached the king saying that he was बाहुक skilled in the management of horses, having no one equal to him.
3. I may be consulted on the matters of pecuniary difficulty as well as matters requiring skill. I know the art of cooking wherein no more equals me.
4. O ऋतुपर्ण, all the arts that exist in the world and everything, that is very difficult, I shall try to accomplish; therefore, maintain me."

ऋतुपर्ण said:-

5. O बाहुक, All hail to you! will do all this; my mind is always fixed paritcularly upon fast driving .
6. So adopt such means by which my horses would become very swift. You are the superintendent of my stable and your salary is ten thousand coins.
7. वार्ष्णेय and जीवल shall wait upon you; O बाहुक, in their company you will enjoy your life; so stay with me."

बृहदश्व said :-

8. Being thus addressed by him, Nala, who was thus resprected lived in the city of ऋतुपर्ण together with वार्ष्णेय and जीवल.
9. There the king lived, always thinking of the daughter of the king of the Vidharbhas; and every evening he used to repeat this verse:-
10. Where does that innocent one, oppressed with hunger and thirst and fatigued with toil, lie? And always remembering that unfortunate person, whom does she wait upon now?
11. Once at night जीवल asked the king, who was thus repeating the verse, ``O बाहुक, I desire to know about the woman for whom you mourn every day, O long-lived one, whose wife is she, whom you mourn for?"
12. The king answered to him, `` A miserable wretch had a wife, highly respected;" but his words were not decisive.
13. For some reason that fool is separated from her; that foolish person, being separated from her, roams about afflicted with pain.
14. Being burnt with grief, he never sleeps by day or by night; but remembering her during the night, he signs the above verse.
15. Then having wandered over the whole world, and having arrived at some place, he, underserving of that calamity, resides there, remembering her.
16. That woman, who followed that man even in the dense forest and was forsaken by him possessing little virtue, hardly lives.
17. That solitary girl, having no knowledge of the forest paths and who i not fit to wander about in that way, scarely lives, being prompted by hunger and thirst.
18. Thus that king of the Nishadhas remembering दमयन्ती, lived an unknown life in the house of that king.


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