बृहदश्व said :-

1. When the auspicious hour, the sacred and the lucky moment arrived, the king Bhima invited the rulers of the earth for the Swayamavara.
2. Having heard this, all the  kings, smitten with love and filled with a desire of abtaning दमयन्ती, went there in haste.
3. The kings entered the hall, brilliant with gold pillars and adorned with beautiful arch-gates, just as the powerful lions enter the mountain caves.
4. There the rulers of the earth, wearing fragrant garlands, bright ear-rings set with jewels, sat on different seats.
5. There were seen arms as strong as an iron bar, well-formed and beautiful, thus appearing like fiveheaded sankes.
6. The countenances of the kings, with charming locks of a hair and beautiful noses, eyes and eye-brows, glittered like the stars in heaven.
7. Then the beautiful-faced दमयन्ती entered the hall; and she attracted the eyes and the hearts of the kings, by her lustre.
8. The eyes of those noble kings which fell upon her limbs, became settled upon those limbs and not moved (towards another part when they looked at her.
9. O Bharata, when the names of the kings were being mentioned, the daughter of the king Bhima saw five men all alike in form.
10. Having seen them all having the same form, the daughter of the king of the Vidharbhas could not recognise the king Nala through doubt.
11. Whomsoever she beheld amongst them, she took him to be king Nala; then that virtuous lady, while thinking, thought in her mind.
12. ``How can I know the Gods? And how can I recognise the king Nala?'' While thinking thus, that daughter of the king of the Vidharbhas beacme greatly afficted with pain,
13. O Bharata, she thought in her mind of the characterstics of  the gods as she had heard; ``I have heard of the characterstics pertaning to gods but I do not find them in any one of them assembled on the earth.''
14. Havingthought thus again and again, and in various ways, she thought it proper to surrender herself to the gods.
15. Having saluted the gods with mind and words, she, with hands folded and trembling with fear,  spoke to the gods thus:-
16. `` On hearing the words of the swans, I chose the king of the Nishadas as my husband, for the sake of that truth let the gods point him out to me.
17. As I am not faithless to him either in speech or mind, then for the sake of the truth let the gods show him to me.
18. When it was agreed upon by the gods that the king of the Nishadhas should be my husband; then for the sake of that truth, let the gods show him to me.
19. As I have commenced this vow to worship Nala, then for the sake of that truth let the gods point him out to me.
20. Let the great gods, the guardians of the quarters, therefore, reveal their form whereby I shall be able to recognise the king of pure fame.''
21. Having heard the piteous lamentation of दमयन्ती, her fixed resolve and her real love for the king of the Nishadhas
the gods did what they had been prayed for by assuming their real form.
22. She then saw Nala standing prominent by his shadow, filled with perspiration and dust, with his garland faded, with the eyes twinkling and seated without touching the earth.
23. She then saw Nala standing prominent by his shadow, filled with perspiration and dust, with his garland faded, with the eyes twinkling and seated on the ground.
24. O Bharat, she saw the goods and Nala of pure fame; O Pandava, that daughter of the king Bhima chose Nala in accordance with her vow.
25. That bashful and broad- eyed lady held the skrit of her garment and put a very beautiful garland round his neck.
26. Then that beautiful-complexioned lady held the skrit of her husband;
27. O Bharat, all the gods and the great sages, filled with amazement, uttered, ``well done, well done.'' and they praised the king Nala.
28. O Kauravya, the king son of Virsena, cheered up, with a glad heart, that lady having beautiful hips.
29. ``O blessed one, as you choose a man in preference to gods then know me to be a husband ever ready to obey your orders.
30. O one of pure smile, I truly promise to you that as long as my life endures, I shall be yours.''
31. दमयन्ती also with her hands folded, paid proper respect to him, both of them, being delighted saw the gods headed by Agni and prayed to them in their minds for protection.
32. The king of the Nishadhas being chosen by the daughter of Bhima, the guaradians of the quarters possessing great lustre and delighted at heart, conferred upon Nala eight boons.
33. First Indra, the husband of Sachi, being pleased conferred upon the king of the Nishadhas a boon that in a sacrifice he would obtain the great Divinity and the excellent and auspicious position.
34. The Agni promised to give his own lustre wherever the king of the Nishadhas desired. He gave him also the recognise as brilliant as himself.
35. Yama gave him a taste for food and the highest place in religion; and Varuna, the lord of waters,granted to Nala the boon of his presence whererver he would desire.
36. And (Varuna) gave him garlands of fragrant adour; thus all the gods granted to Nala a couple of boons; Having thus given him boons, the gods returned to heaven.
37. And the kings, having withnessed the Swayamvara ceremony of दमयन्ती, were filled with wonder and being greatly gratified, went away as they had come.
38. After the departure of the kings the noble Bhima, being delighted performed the marriage ceremony of Nala and Damayanti.
39. The king of the Nishadhas, he best amongst men, stayed there  at his free will and then permitted by Bhima, went back to his own city.
40. That warrior king, appearing brilliant like the sun, was greatly delighted and pleased his subjects by protecting them righteously.
41. That intellectual king, like yayati, the son of Nahusha, performed the horse and several other sacirfices in which abundant gifts were given to the Brahmins.
42. Then again Nala, resembling gods, diverted himself in the company of दमयन्ती im the beautiful woods and gardens.
43. That noble Nala begot upon दमयन्ती a son named इन्द्रसेन and a daughter named इन्द्रसेना.
44. Thus that ruler of the earth, performing sacrifices and amusing himself, protected the earth abounding in wealth.


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