बृहदश्व said :-

1. The king Nala, having passed that night (in joy), well decorated. saw the king at the proper time, together with Vaidharbhi.
2. The king Bhima welcomed him as a son with great delight and having offered him due respects, consoled him.
3. The king Nala acknowledged the honour according to the rules, and rendered his services to him properly.
4. There was a great uproar of joy in the city; people were greatly delighted to see Nala returned.
5. The streets were well watered and decorated with fragrant flowers; flowers were arranged in a mass at the doors of the houses.
6. The king ऋतुपर्ण also was greatly delighted to hear that Nala, in the guise of Bahuka, was united with Damayanti.
7. He called the king Nala and begged his pardon; he congratulaed him, saying, “ How glad I am that you are united with your wife.
8. O king of the Nishadhas, O Lord of the earth, I think I have not done you any wrong while you were living in my au unknown state.
9. You should pardon me if I have ever done you any harm knowingly or unknowingly."

Nala said:-

10. O king, you have not done me any harm; even if you had done me any, I would not be angry but I would  pardon you.
11. O king, formerly you had been my friend and a kinsman and henceforth you should bear more love towards me.
12. O king, with all my desires fulfilled I lived very happily in your house, not even in my own house.
13. This your knowledge of horses is lying with me (as a deposit); O king, I wish to give it to you, if you like."

बृहदश्व said :-

14. Having said thus, the king of the Nishadhas gave to ऋतुपर्ण that learning. and he too accepted it, having performed the acts as prescribed by rules.
15. O king, having received the knowledge of horses, the king भाङगासुरि took charioteer and went to his own city.
16. O king, after ऋतुपर्ण had gone away, the king Nala did not stay for a long time in the city of कुण्डिन.


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