बृहदश्व said :-

1. Hearing these words of Sudeva, the king ऋतुपर्ण consoled Bahuka with sweet words and spoke to him thus:-
2. O Bahuka, skilled in managing horses, if you are willing, I wish to go to the country of the Vidharbhas in a single day for  the Swayamvara of दमयन्ती.
3. O son of Kunti, the mind of Nala, who was thus addressed by that king, was torn into pieces with grief and that high-souled one began to think:-
4. Damayantim being overwhelmed with sorrow, might do or speak thus; or it may be a plan conceived by her for my sake.
5. That innocent lady, the daughter of  the king of the Vidharbhas, is willing to do this; this is very cruel; but that miserable lady was cheated by me, who am insignificant and sinful.
6. In this world, fickle is the nature of women; and terrible is also my fault; so she might do this as she cherishes no love for me account of my long separation from her.
7. That slender-waisted lady, oppressed with sorrow for me, will never be able to do so out of sheer disappointment and aspecially when she has children from me.
8. I shall go there and shall know for certain whether there is any truth is this or not; thereby I shall fulfill the desire of ऋतुपर्ण and also shall serve my own purpose.
9. Having thus determined in his mind, बाहुक, with his mind filled with sorrow, folded his hands and spoke thus to the king ऋतुपर्ण.
10. `` O king, the excellent amongst men, I accept your order and shall go to the city of the Vidharbhas within a single day."
11. O king, then Bahuka went at the command of the king भाङ्गासुरि to the stables; and there he examined the horses.
12-13. Bahuka, being pressed repeatedly by ऋतुपर्ण, selected such horses that were very lean, but able and capable of bearing a long journey; they were endowed with strength and energy, were well- bred and gentle, devoid of inauspicious signs, possessing broad nostrils and big cheeks.
14. The king, seeing these horses, became a little anergy and said, `` What do you want to do? You should not deceive me.
15. How will these weak and breathless horses carry us? How should we travel this long way with the help of such horses?"
16. `` These horses will, without doubt, reach the country of the Vidharbhas; but O king, if you like others, tell me and I shall yoke them.

ऋतुपर्ण said :-

17. O Bahuka, you are skilled in the knowledge of horses, soon yoke those horses which you think fit.

बृहदश्व said :-

18. Thereupon the skilful Nala yoked to the chariot four well-bred, gentle and swift horses.
19. Then the king in great speed mouted the chariot to which the horses were yoked; but those best horses fell down upon the ground on their knees.
20. O king the glorious king Nala, the best amongst men, comforted those horses endowed with strength and energy.
21. Then Nala, having raised the horses by the rains aud made the charioteer वार्ष्णेय sit in the chariot, started in great speed.
22. Those excellent horses, being driven by Bahuka according to the rules, rose up to the sky stupefying the occupant of the chariot.
23. The glorious king of Ayodhya, having seen those horses carrying him with the speed; of the wind, was struck with great wonder.
24. Hearing the sound of the chariot and seeing the skilful management of the horses, वार्ष्णेय began to think of the knowledge of Bahuka about the horses.
25. `` Is he Matali, the charioteer of the king of God? His mark is seen in warrior बाहुक.
26. Or may he be the king Nala, the conqueror of the cities of the enemies? For I find Nala's knowledge indentical with that of Bahuka.
27. Again Nala and Bahuka appear to be of  the same age; there would be a change of my opinion on account of his ugly appearance.
28. O king, having thought of this again and again, वार्ष्णेय, the charrioteer of Nala of holy fame, went on thinking in his mind.
29. That excellent king ऋतुपर्ण, having seen Bahuka's knowledge of managing horses and his skill theirin, was greatly delighted.


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