बृहदश्व said :-

1. O King, after Nala had gone away, that beautiful दमयन्ती, with her fatigue removed, awoke in fear in that lonely forest.
2. Terrified at not seeing her husband and filled with grief and trouble, she cried aloud for the king of the Nishadhas sarying, `` O Maharaja.''
3. `` O lord, O great king, O my master, why have you abondoned me? Alas, I am undone! I am lost; I am greatly afraid in this lonely forest.
4. O lord, you are righteous and truthful. How is it that you, having promised me in that way, have gone away, having forsaken me asleep?
5. How have you gone away, forsaking your wife, honest and devoted to you, especially when she has done you no harm, you being wronged by others?
6. O lord of men, you ought to fulfil your words which you uttered in the presence of the guardians of the quarters formerly.
7. O excellent man, death is not ordained to mortals at an improper time; therefore your beloved wife lives even for a moment after you have abandoned her.
8. O best amongst men, enough of this joke; O unassilable lord, I am greatly frightened; show yourself to me.
9. O king of the Nishadhas, you are seen, you are seen, I have seen you. Having concealed yourself behind the bushes, why do you not answer me?
10. Alas, O king of kings, it is very cruel on your part that you do not come and console me, who am reduced to this sad condition and am lamenting.
11. I do not lament for myself nor for any other thing; O king, I am bewailing you, thinking how you will live alone.
12. O king, when in the evening you will be thirstym hungry and exahusted with labour (sitting) under the trees, how will you live, not seeing me (by your side)?''
13. Then afflicted with severe pain and burning with sorrow, she, greatly distressed and weeping, began to run here and there.
14. At times that girl jumps up; at another time she falls down im giref; she would now conceal herself being frightened and then she cried and weeps.
15. Then that virtutous daughter of Bhima, extremely afflicted with grief and giving out sighs again and again, spoke weeping.
16. ``May that creature suffer greater than ours, through whose curse the sorrowful king of the Nishadhas suffers so much grief.
17. May that sinful being, who has reduced  Nala of virtuous heart to this state, live a more miserable life than his!''
18. Thus bewailing the wife of that noble king ran here and there saying, `` Alas, alas, O king.''
19-20. While she was crying aloud and lamenting bitterly like a female ospery, crying piteously and bewailing again and again, a huge and hungry serpent suddenly caught the daughter of Bhima, who came and lay near him.
21. She being devoured by the serpent and filled with grief, did not lament so much for her sake as she did for the king of the Nishadhas .
22. O lord, why do you not run for me, who am being swalloed up by this serpent like one helpless in this solitary forest?
23. O king of the Nishadhas, when once freed from your curse and having ragined your senses, mind and wealth, how will you live after having remembered me?
24. O lord of the Nishadhas, the best among the kings and sinless one, when you are fatigued, hungry and dispirited, who will then remove your fatigue?''
25. Then a hunter wandering in that dense forest, heard her bewailing sound and quickly approached her.
26. Having seen that large eyed lady swallowed up by a serpent, that hunter struck the motionless, serpent at the mouth with a sharp weapon and thus killed him.
27. O Bharata, having released and washed her with water, he consoled and asked her when she had taken her food.
28. `` O fawn -eyed lady, whose are you? How have you come to this forest? O good lady, how did you fall in this great calamity?''
29. O lord of  the subjects, O Bharata, दमयन्ती, being thus asked by him, told him all that had happend.
30-31. Having seen her, wearing half the garment, with beautiful bips and breasts, possessing beautiful and faultless limbs, with her face brilliant like the moon, with eyes having beautiful eyelashes and speaking sweet words, that hunter yielded himself to the influence of Love.
32. That hunter, affected by love, consoled her with soft and agreeable words, the purpose of which दमयन्ती soon perceived.
33. That virtuous दमयन्ती, having known the intention of that wicked person and filled with great anger, as it were, blazed up in anger.
34. That sinfull one, mean and influenced by love, tried to molest her who was unassailable like a flame of a blazing fire.
35. Then दमयन्ती, afflicted with grirf, deprived of her husband and kingdom and filled with rage, cursed  him when he could not be checked by words.
36. `` As I have never thought even in my mind of any other person than the king of the Nishadhas, then let that mean-minded hunter fall  down dead. "
37. As soon as the uttered these words, that hunter fell down dead on the ground like a tree burnt by fire.


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