बृहदश्व said :-

1. When Nala, who was deprived of his kingdom, had become a servant, together with his wife, the king Bhima sent Brahmanas with a desire to find out Nala.
2. Bhima, having given them abundant wealth, asked them to find out Nala, and his daughter दमयन्ती.
3. `` To him, who will bring them here, i shall give thousand cows, fileds and a village equal to a city.
4. If it is not possible to bring them hither, as soon as Nala and दमयन्ती or their whereabouts are known, I shall give him wealth of one thousand cows.'
5. The Brhamans, thus addressed, went in all directions in joy but could not see Nala or the daughter of Bhima anywhere.
6. Then a Brahamana, named सुदेव, who was searching in the beautiful city of the Chedis, saw the daughter of the king of the Vidharbhas in the house sof that king.
7. (सुदेव saw) her seated with सुनन्दा in the house of the king who was repeating his prayers. she was faintly seen on account of her great and unequalled beauty.
8. Then beholding that lady, with large eyes, pale and weak, he, having ascertained by various reasons, took her to be the daughter of Bhima.

सुदेव said:-

9. This lady appears to be the same as I had seen her before; today I feel myself blessed at the sight of her, who is like the Godness of wealth pleassing to(delighting) all the worlds.
10. The queen is like the full-moon in splendour, appears ever young and possesses beautiful and round breasts and by her lustre dispels darkness from all directions.
11. With her eyes as large as a beautiful lotus, she appears like Rati of the god of Love; She is desired by all the worlds like the splendour of the full moon.
12. She looks like the night of the full moon when the moon is swallowed up by Rahu, Afflicted with sorrow for her husband, she looks emaciated like a river with its stream dried up.
13. She looked like a lake in an agitated condition, with the leaves and lotuses destroyed by the trunks of the elephants and with the birds scared away by fear.
14. She was endowed with beauty and generosity; though deserving ornaments, she was not adorned with any and thus she looked like the crescent of the moon, newly appearing in heaven and covered with dark clouds.
15. Being deprived of all the delightful objects of pleasure and separated from her ralatives, she holds her misearbale body (lives a miserable life) with the desire of seeing her husband.
16. A husband in indeed the best ornament to a woman without any actual ornaments; she, without it, does not shine though she is beautiful.
17. Nala, being sepeated from her, performs a very painful task by holding his life and does not perish through grief.
18. My heart also is pained to see this girl, possessing black hair and eyes as large as a lotus and sufferieng grief although she deserves happiness.
19. When this auspicious lady will have gone beyond the other end of sorrow then this virtutous one, in the company of her husband, will look like Rohini in the company of the Moon.
20. Indeed, the king of the Nishadhas will feel great pleasure by regaining her as a king, deprived of his kingdom, feels by having recovered his lost kingdom.
21. The king of the Nishadhas desereve the daughter of Vidharbha, who is equal to Nala in age and disposition and birth and she, too possessing black eyes deserves him.
22. It is proper on my part to console the wife of that king who is greatly powerful and is gifted with goodness, as she is very anxious to see her husband.
23. I shall, therefore, comfort that lady, with her face like that of the full moon, who is afflicted with grief though she has not experienced it before and who is deeply absorbed in devotion(for her husband).

बृहदश्व said :-

24. Having thought thus and having recognised the daughter of Bhima by those various circumstances and signs, the Brahmana सुदेव approached and spoke to her.
25. `` O the daughter of Vidharbha, I am सुदेव, the dear friend of your brother; and being ordered by the king bhima, have come here in search of you.
26. O queen, your father, mother, brothers longlived (two) children who are there, all are living in happiness.
27. But your realtives like dead on your account; and hundreds of Brahmanas are wandering over the earth in search of you."
28. O युधिष्ठिर, दमयन्ती, having recognised सुदेव, inquired in due order after her friends and relations.
29. O king, the daughter of the king of the Vidharbhas, filled with grief, began to cry bitterly at the sudden sight of सुदेव,, the best brahamana and the friend of her brother.
30-31. O Bharata, Suananda, seeing her weeping, filled with grief and conversing in private with सुदेव, informed her mother saying, ``Sairandhri is crying bitterly ; know this if you like."
32. Thereupon the mother of the king of Chedi left the harem add and went to the place where the girl was with the Brahmana.
33. O king of the subjects, the queen-mother having called सुदेव, asked him, ``whose wife is this lady? Whose daughter is she?
34. And how has this lady, having beautiful eyes, been separated from her husband and relations? O fallen in this condition?
35 I wish to know everthing in detail from you; do well me truly as I am asking you about the lady possessing divine splendour.
36. सुदेव, the best Brahmana, being thus addressed by her, sat at ease and began to relate the true account of दमयन्ती.


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