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d devta

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  • A minister of King Śauri. This minister wanted the King to be just. Śauri and his four brothers Khanitra, Udāvasu, Sunaya and Mahāratha were the sons of Prajāpati. The main ruler of the kingdom was Khanitra. The others were Governors of the East, West North and South divisions of the kingdom. The four brothers had a priest each named Suhotra, Kuśāvarta, Pramati and Vasiṣṭha respectively. Viśvavedī gathered these four priests together and created four wicked fairies and sent them against Khanitra the King. The fierce fairies attacked Khanitra. But because of his purity and cleanliness the fairies had to admit defeat. The fairies came back and attacked their creators, the four priests and Viśvavedī who had planned the programme, and killed all the five of them. [Mārkaṇḍeya Purāṇa, Chapter 314]. 

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