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वि धिकुमरी किति हि तुझी ध...

मानसगीत सरोवर - वि धिकुमरी किति हि तुझी ध...

भगवंताच्या लीला, त्याचे स्वरूप, अवतारकृत्ये व प्रत्येक अवतारातील अनेकविध प्रसंग, यावर आधारीत भजनांचा संग्रह, म्हणजेच मानसगीत सरोवर.

सरस्वतीचे गाणे

विधिकुमरी किति हि तुझी धन्य कुशलता ॥

जनजिव्हाग्री बसुनि अणिसि सगुणता ॥

अणिसि सगुणता ॥ विधि०॥धृ०॥

रंकाचा राव करिसि ज्ञान लाभता ॥

ज्ञानाने किति तरले नच ये वर्णिता ॥

अंत-पार न कळे तुझा सृष्टि शोधिता ॥

सगुण स्वरुप पाहुनि तुझे मनि ये रम्यता ॥विधि०॥१॥

किरिट कुंडल शोभति तुज मयुरवाहनी ॥

नृत्य करिसि कुशलत्वे मधुर गायनी ॥

भाळलासे शंकरसुत तुजसि पाहूनी ॥

प्रिया म्हणुनि वामांकी घेइ बसवुनि ॥विधि०॥२॥

मूढमती मी बाला तू कृपा करी ॥

दे सुस्वर कंठ मला ज्ञान झडकरी ॥

विनति असे सन्निध तुज पूर्ण ही करी ॥

नमि कृष्णाबाई तुला आप्त करि पुरी ॥विधि०॥३॥

Translation - भाषांतर

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  • A sword of Mahāviṣṇu. [M.B. Anuśāsana Parva, Chapter 147, Stanza 15]. There is a story explaining how Mahāviṣṇu came by this sword Nandaka. In days of old Brahmā performed a sacrifice on the banks of the heavenly Gaṅgā on a peak of mount Mahāmeru. While Brahmā was sitting in deep meditation in the sacrifice Lohāsura was seen coming to cause disturbance to the sacrifice. Immediately a male being came into existence from the meditation of Brahmā. The male being paid homage to Brahmā and the devas (gods) became glad and they encouraged the male being. Because the gods greeted the male one, he was changed to a sword called Nandaka (that which is greeted or thanked for). That sword was received by Mahāviṣṇu at the request of the gods. When Mahāviṣṇu slowly took it Lohāsura came near. He was an asura of blue complexion, with thousand hands of adamantine fists. By wielding his club he drove away the gods. Mahāviṣṇu cut down his limbs one by one and those organs became metals by the touch of the sword. Then Mahāviṣṇu killed the asura. Then Mahāviṣṇu granted Nandaka a pure body and various boons. Afterwards Nandaka became the deity of weapons on the earth. Thus Brahmā, who got rid of the disturbance by the aid of Viṣṇu, completed the sacrifice. [Agni Purāṇa, Chapter 245]. 

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