Salutations to Ganesh!

Glory be to Ganesh,

Who grabs himself in ways infinite,

Who is indestructible,

Who is the lord of the departed

And the lord supreme of the entire universe.

Oh lord, be Ye true to your title

The sancitifier of all sinners.

Oh lord, you love all,

More so, the sinners.

Where will they go

To wash their sins?

The mother earth has given them

The asylum. Is that ther reason

Why you are neglecting them?

You sanctify a sinner

And also a meritorious one.

But you are a free, either from sin or virtue.

Does the sun exert

To destroy darkness?

As the darkness confronts the sun,

It ceases to be darkness.

It is you, oh Narayan,

Who creates desires among men,

Both for good things and for bad things.

Now I pray to relieve me,

This humble Dasaganu from all

The worries of the world.

Oh Pandurang, I know none else

Who will recommend me to vaikuntha?

Oh you listeners,

Be ye all ears now.

This is the last chapter

Which will shine like a

Golden cap on the dome of a temple.

Those who have an implicit faith

At the feet of Gajanan,

Can always surmount

Any difficulty or danger.

Now listen, while the construction of the temple

Was going on

There was a labourer

Who, perching on a high scaffolding

Was handing over a

Huge dressed stone to the mason.

In this act, the labourer

Fell from the height of 30 feet

On the pile of big stone below.

When they saw him fall,

They were sure that he would die instantly.

But the man came down

And bounced like a ball

And he was all unhurt.

When they came near him

And asked him how it happened,

He said, "While I came down,

Someone caught me

And set me on the ground.

I looked for him but could see none.

The men congratulated the man

And said, "Blessed are you

Who has been held in the air and

Saved by Maharaj!"

Once a Rajput woman,

Possessed by a ghost

Came all the way from Jaipur.

While at Jaipur, Dattatreya

Had been in her dream,

And had advised her

To visit Shegaon in order,

To get rid of the ghost.

The woman came accompanied

By her two sons.

There were large crowds

On the Ram Navami day.

The temple was under construction.

There were large stone pillars.

Five feet in height and one and a half in width.

These were placed here and there, but not fixed.

Forced by the crowd,

The woman took shelter

At one of the pillars.

But it toppled down

And the women got under it.

People rushed there

And removed the pillar,

And hurried her to

A lady doctor,Lobo.

The doctor was a devout Christian.

She was a good surgeon also.

She examined the woman

And declared that not a bone of the woman

Was fractured. All were surprised.

But the surprise subsided

When they came to a conclusion

That the fall of the pillar

Was caused by Maharaj just to exorcise the ghost.

The woman then went back to Jaipur

Completely recovered.

On another occasion

One Naiknavare was saved,

Inspite of the fall of a beam

On his head.

One day a gosai called at the doors

Of Ramachandra, the son of Krishnaji Patil.

"I am hungry. Won’t anyone feed me?" said he.

Ramachandra was a God-fearing person.

He came to the door.

As he scanned the gosai

He noticed a sort of resemblance

Of the gosai with Maharaj.

He led the gosai into the house,

Offered him a wooden seat

And worshipped him.

Gosai said to Patil,

"I have specially come today

To tell you something.

Do not worry about the debt.

You will soon clear it off.

Have not you seen that

Even the Godavari goes dry at times

In hot summer?

If the Almighty God

Showers His grace,

You will be soon an affluent person.

Wherever will fall

The crumbs of my bread,

The place will be holy and will

Prosper hereafter.

So go and bring me a plate

Of food, fresh and rich,

And throw a mantle

On my worm up body.

Whatever you give to the poor and the needy

Reaches Narayan."

Ramachandra served the gosai a hot dinner.

And when the gosai had his meal

Patil offered him five rupees.

The gosai refused to take the money

And said, "I do not want this as daxina.

I want to give me something else.

I want your service as the manager of the math.

That will be my daxina and I shall be pleased.

I do not know if anyone else

Will do this job better.

You give me this daxina.

And see that your wife

Will regain her health.

Come, call your son,

I have brought a talisman

For him. You are a Patil.

And hard is your job.

There are many who would be your enemies

But do not swerve from the right path,

And do not harbour hatred.

Discriminate between a sadhu

And a hypocrite and never follow the latter.

If you abide by these instructions,

The Lord Shrinivas will be pleased.

Keep your expenses within your means

And do not show off.

Never shut the door for a sadhu.

If a real saint is dishonored,

Gods gets annoyed with you.

Therefore, love the saints and the virtuous.

Never insult saints

As God is displeased thereby.

Keep good relations

With your relatives.

If one must get angry

The anger Should not be deep-rooted.

One should always be loving

One should be like a jack-fruit,

Which has spikes without

But sweetness within."

The gosai tied the talisman

And left the place,

And vanished in the wilderness outside.

Ramachandra Patil was not sure

As to who the gosai was.

A dream that night

Cleared his doubt.

Gajanan Maharaj

Is all the love to his devotees.

The samadhi was constructed

Out of the funds subscribed

By all the devotees.

Rooms for the pilgrims were also constructed.

The main contributors were,

Hari Patil,son of Kukaji,

Banaji of Sangvi,

Ganaji of Umari,

Mesaji of Batwadi,

Gangaram of Ladegaon

Bhagu, Nandu and Gujabai,

Banabai of Akola mother of Sukhdeo Patil.

All these gave thousands of rupees

In donation for the construction work.

Ramachandra Krishnaji Patil,

Dattu Bhikaji,

Sukhdeoji of Palaskhed

Martand Ganpati of Shegaon,

Ratanlal Walchand,

Dattulal of Panchgavan,

Bisanlal from the same place,

Ambarsing of Takli,

Kisan of Belmandal,

Vithoba Patil of Chawra,

Gangaram of Hansapur,

All these men were donors

Who donated large sums of money

For the samadhi and other

Constructions in the premises.

Farmers voluntarily offered

A devotees’s tax of one anna

Per rupee of land revenue.

Similarly, half an anna

Used to be contributed by farmers

Whenever they brought

Cart-loads of grain or cotton

In the market.

Once Kisanlal performed

A shatachandi anushtan.

At the closing day of the anusthan

Bankatlal father of Kisanlal

Was seriously ill.

Kisanlal and others

Were afraid, but Bakatlal was not.

He assured his son

That nothing untoward would happen

Until the last oblations

Were given to the fire-god.

Shortly, afterwords Bankatlal was hale and hearty.

Banaji Tidke of Sangavi

And Gujabai of Kasura,

Waman, son of Shamrao of Chapadgaon,

All these persons

Peformed sacrifices before the samadhi.

As long as people of this land

Had a faith in Maharaj,

There was prosperity everywhere.

Therefore, have faith in Maharaj

And live by him.

Whatever good you will sow

You will reap thousandfold.

You cannot sow seeds on rocks.

The faith in religion and ethics

Is verily a tigress dwelling in the mind.

If the tigress vacates the den,

It will be occupied by

Wolves of bad desires.

One should visit the samadhi

At least once in a year.

One should read the Gajanan Vijay.

At least once in a while.

These twenty one chapters

Are like modaks for Gajanan

Or, they are like durvas

So much loved by Gajanan.

This is not a fantasy,

It is truly the life story of Gajanan.

The verses of Dasaganu

Are verily the ripples

On the wide bosom of the Ganga.

Or this life of Swami Gajanan

Is verily the wish fulfilling tree

And the 21chapters are its branches

And the verses are the foliage.

Swami Gajanan will always

Save one, who has a deep faith

In this book of his life.

Laxmi will stay on

Where this book will be read.

One who would be read this book

During the auspicious hours

When Guru and Pushya unite

Will get all his desires thoroughly fulfilled.

Whatever this book will be placed,

The place will be holy

And ghosts and sprits

Will not frequent it.

The wicked won’t realize this

For the Manas Lake is

For the Himalayan swans

And not for dirty ducklings.

Jnyaneshwar, Mira, Mehta,

Kabir, Nama and Swata,

Chokha, Gora, Bodhala

And Damaji

Ainath is Umbarkhed

And Sakharam in Amalner,

Deo, the tahasildar

And Manik Prabhu of Humnabad.

These were the saints in the past

So, Gajanan was a great Saint of Vidarbha.

So I beseech you all

To fasten your devotion

At the feet of Gajanan Maharaj.

Oh, Lord,

Have mercy on Dasaganu!

May his heart

Become pure and let him

Love the saints at all times.

Let this humble Dasaganu

Visit the sacred places

And let him constantly reside

On the banks of the Goda

Dasaganu has written

This Gajanan Vijay

With the help of papers

Made available to him

By Ratansa.

If he as omitted anything,

Let Gajanan forgive him.

Dasaganu, with the grace of Swami Gajanan

Completed this work

At shegaon, on the first day

Of the bright fortnight of Chaitra

Of Saka 1861the name of the

Year was Pramathi.

Let this book be a boat

For all the devotees

And let them all reach

At the other end of

This ocean of sansar !

Let there be everything beautiful

And auspicious –

I dedicate this to Hari and Hara.




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