Salutations to Ganesh !

Victory be to Shri Hari,

Who is Existence, Knowledge, Bliss.

Oh, Lord if the universe.

Do not be harsh.

Be kind towards me.

You are verily the ocean of Mercy.

You are verily a wish-fulfilling tree

Or verily a chintamani.

Your glory is great.

Saints sing it often.

Have mercy on me ¾ your own Dasaganu.

So Gajanan Maharaj ¾

A realized soul

A partisan of the poor and the weak

Stayed with Bankatlal.

Devotees from far and near

Came and bowed before Maharaj.

Is it necessary to invite bees

To suck honey from flowers?

One morning Maharaj

Was in a meditative mood.

The sky at the eastern horizon

Was crimson.

Birds chirped,

Cocks crowed,

The wind caressed the tree tops,

The aged were up in their beds

Telling beads.

The housewives were busy,

Sprinkling the yards,

With water mixed with cow-dung.

Calves were making thrusts at udders of their mothers,

At such a pleasant time

One sadhu arrived

To have a darshan of Maharaj.

He was poorly dressed,

With a torn lion cloth

And an ochre coloured cloth

Tied as a headgear.

He had a roll of deer skin on his back.

Number of people thronged

To have darshan of Maharaj,

How could a trady sadhu

Get an access to Maharaj?

So the sadhu sat all alone in a corner.

He mused to himself ¾

"I heard about Maharaj,

And came here from Banaras.

I am cherishing a desire

To offer ganja to Maharaj.

Would Maharaj accept it?

Would the people around him ¾

Allow me to hand it over to him?

Or will they drive me out?

It seems, ganja is not popular here.

People hate one

who consumes it.

To me ganja is the highest delicacy,

That is why I long to give it to Maharaj."

As he was merged in these thoughts,

Maharaj came to know to his arrival

And said to one near him ¾

"bring him here who has come from Banaras.

Look, he is sitting over there."

The sadhu in the corner

Sprang to his feet overjoyed.

He said to himself ¾

"Maharaj surely knows past, present and future,

How else could he spot me out?

It has been noted in Jnyaneshwari

That a yogi can see beyond

The version of ordinary men.

Maharaj is a great yogi.

He will know my heartfelt desire."

So they brought the sadhu

Before Maharaj.

Maharaj said up to him,

"Oh, take out from your zoli,

That which you have been

Keeping there for me."

The sadhu bent town,

And touched Maharaj’s feet,

And rolled before him like a child,

On the ground.

Maharaj touched him and

Raised him up and said ¾

"Why did you fix it in your mind

To give me that thing?

Were you not ashamed then?

Why hesitate now?"

the sadhu said, ¾

"Forgive me Maharaj,

I shall surely take it out.

But promise me that

You won’t forsake it.

I know that you do not need it.

You will be accepting it.

Only to favour me and honour me."

Whatever a devotee desires,

God fulfils his wishes in many ways.

Anjani had desired Shiva as her son,

So Shiva fulfilled her desire

And was born to her as Hanuman.

In the like manner

You accept me and my ganja

And do not discard it even hereafter.

Let it constantly remind you of this humble self.

Shiva who was an embodiment of knowledge

Has praised ganja.

Ganja may degrade an ordinary man,

But will elevate one who is a great yogi."

Maharaj thought for a while.

Then yielded,

Even as a mother would

Yield to a stubborn naughty child.

The sadhu took the ganja

Out of his zoli and filled it in the chilim

Maharaj puffed it off ¾

The sadhu stayed there for few days,

And then went off to Rameshwaram.

This how Maharaj to smoke,

And, mind you, he was no addict.

The real saints are like lotus leaves.

The water of common human desires

Won’t stick on to tarnish their spirits.

Often Maharaj sang the Vedic hymns

With the same sage-old intonation.

The learned Brahmins looked askance,

And said unto themselves ¾

"Verily Maharaj is born Pundit!

How else would he sing thus the hymns?"

At times Maharaj used to sing

One song in various ragas.

One such song was ¾

"Chandan chawal belaki patiya."

At times he used to say,

"Gana Gana Ganat botey"

At times he used to maintain a deep silence.

At time he use to lie motionless.

At times he used to move in jungles.

At times he used to get into a devotees’s house.

It once so happened that

Janarao Deshmukh ¾ a man well Known there

Was on his death bed.

Physicians had lost hopes.

Messages were sent round, ¾

"Janarao won’t survive

Come and see him."

Someone said ¾

"Run to bankatlal,

He has a saint in his home.

If he wills,

Janarao will survive."

So hurriedly they went to Bankatlal,

Asked him to give some tirtha

Sanctified by Maharaj.

The tirtha of saint

Has the power of heavenly nectar.

Bankatlal led them to his father.

Father Bhavaniram was kind.

He took a glass of water,

And told Maharaj.

The condition of Janarao Deshmukh,

Solicited Maharaj to give the tirtha. Maharaj nodded.

Bhavaniram dipped the tip of the toe

Of Maharaj into the water.

They hurried the sanctified water

To the dying man,

And administered it to him.

And lo, ¾ the choked throat

Of the dying man cleared,

His hands moved,

His eyes opened,

His vision returned to him,

His heart beat distinctly,

Blood pulsated back to his pale face,

Warmth returned to his cool limbs.

All the near and dear ones

Shed tears of joy.

Within eight days

Janarao was up on his feet

And walked to Bhavaniram

To see one who gave him a fresh lease of life.

So you see, the water

Charged by the touch of the saint

Acted as a life giving ambrosia.

Now people may say ¾

None should have died

While such a saint.

Breathed in Shegaon.

This is no logic.

Saints can at most

Avert dangers, when devotees supplicates to them

They do not want

To change the course of Nature.

Did not Jnyaneshwar, at Newase,

Revive the dying Satchidanada Baba?

But then did not he die

At last in Alandi?

So the point is that, saints

Will relieve your pain.

Remove your difficulties,

But will not usually interfere

In the course of nature,

Even though they are able to do so.

There are three types of deaths.

Adhyatmika, Adhibhautika and Adhidaivika.

Adhyatmika death is a spiritual death ¾

The worst death in which man, forgetting God,

Merges himself into

Sensual of joys of this life.

Adhibhautika death is one which is

Due to physical causes.

Adhidavika death is one of which is

Determined on past actions.

If one is not modereate in habits

And would eat like a glutton

Food that is prohibited, then he

Would be overpowered by disease

And would die an adhibhautika death.

Such a death may be averted.

By medicines

If administered by a good physician.

The adhidavika death

May be averted by Offering something to the deity

In exchange for the dying body.

Again, the death

Which may sweep upon a man

May be due to a physical cause

Or due to a fore-ordained cause.

Many a time death is inevitable.

Did not Abhimanyu, the son of Arjun.

Fell on the battle field,

Even when Krishna was with Arjun?

But the Holy water

Of Gajanan Maharaj

Did cause a miracle.

Sometimes death may be averted

By a ritual offering to the deity.

But such an offering

Must be made with deep devotion and faith.

It is the faith which works

And miracles are wrought.

Holy water will avert death

Only when it is sanctified

With the touch of a holy man.

A clod of earth won’t turn into musk.

Robes won’t make a man holy,

If impurities and passions rage within.

Brass and gold

Both are metals yellow,

But brass is brass,

And gold is gold.

Gajanan Maharaj was a realized soul.

That is why with the holy water

Given by him

The dying man could revive.

Janarao Deshmukh recovered.

He held a sumptuous feast for sadhus.

Maharaj thought over it.

And said to himself ¾

"This is not good.

The ways of the world are different.

They will pester me hereafter

So I should be a bit harsh towards them."

So Maharaj became harsh.

This frightened others

But not his devotees.

Even as Narasinhan ¾

An incarnation of God

Was fierce to others

But not so to Prahlad ¾ the son of Kayadhu.

A tigress is a terror

But not to her cubs.

The cubs playfully jump around her.

Even as earth in contact with musk

Or a Khaira tree among sandalwood trees

Becomes fragrant,

So common men in contact with a sage gain prestige

But should a clod of earth

Or the Khaira tree forget its status?

Cactus will grow

on the same land where grows sugar cane.

Diamonds and pebbles

Are together in a mine.

Are they both equal?

Both, a sage and a rogue

May live under the same roof.

A rogue

Under the grab of humility

May sail under false colours.

One such rogue

Stayed with Maharaj ¾ Vithoba Ghatol

He supposed as

Lord Shankara’s nandi

he used to collect sweets and money, offered to Maharaj,

Posed himself as a great devotee,

Even as Kalyan

Of Ramadasa

He was often unkind and harsh

To other devotees

One day some devotees

Came from a distant place.

They were in a hurry.

Maharaj was having his nap.

No one would to dare to disturb him.

These devotees praised

Vithoba Ghatol.

Vithoba Ghatol felt elated.

He awoke Maharaj

These devotees had darshan.

But Maharaj

Thrashed vithoba Ghatol

With a big stick,

Blamed him for

Using his name for his own gains.

So vithobh Ghatol

Ran away from Shegaon, never to return.

All sages do the same.

They drive away such

Middlemen as are hypocrites.

Those who are no saints,

However, favour hypocrities.

The hyporcrites middlemen

Inflate the fake sages.

They raise them to imaginary heights.

All this they do

To earn money and fame.

Both are trash.

The real saints

Who are always merged in God.

Won’t tolerate

Such a humbug.

The sages do protect all,

Even the crooked and the sinful,

But only when they are repentant.

Even the punishment inflicted on them.

Is for correcting them.

The mother earth

Would allow a thorny bush and a flowering tree

Grow side by side.

Both are useful to the world

In their own way.

If Vithoba Ghatol

Would not have become,

So much puffed with pride,

He would have been

Loved by all as great devotee.

He did not realize

The greatness of the great saint.

He was under a wish-fulfilling tree.

But he wished for a pebbles.

He was near a wish-yielding cow.

But he wished only for a shell of a coconut.

Dasganu prays

That this volume

May show the way

To all those who seek.

This is offering to Hari Hara.



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