Salutations to Ganesh !

Oh you Waman, the son of Kashyap,

Oh Narayana, in the form of the dwarf,

You accepted the gift of Bali

And fulfilled his life.

You accepted from him

The kingdom on the earth.

But you gave him

The kingdom of the nether world

You gave him a coconut

And accepted a small amalaki,

You were pleased with his devotion,

And you became a sentinel

At his gate.

Bali will be the ruler supreme

Of all the gods after this manvantara.

That will be so, as you gave him the boon.

How great is your glory!

You recited the four Vedas

In a couple and a half hours.

You incarnated yourself as Shrihari

On this earth and you did

Not kill any one.

You were honoured

In this incarnation

By both, the danavas and devas.

You made both happy.

You maintained your divinity

In this incarnation as Waman.

My salutations to you!

Place your benedictory hand

On my head and bless

This humble Dasaganu.

Balgangadhar Tilak,

A Kohinoor of Maharashtra,

An expert in politics,

And a man of vision.

How is it possible

For me to describe his greatness?

He fought for the freedom,

He struggled to the last,

Like Bheeshma, for the

Upliftment of our nation.

He had unparalled penmanship,

And he was a born orator.

He spoke like Brihaspati.

He shook the British emprire

By his strong leadership.

He earned the beloved titleLokmanya.

People revered him as a great leader.

Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Was invited to preside over a meeting in Akola

On the occasion of Shivaji Jayanti.

All the people of Vidarbha

Were happy to know this.

Shivaji had close ties with Vidarbha

His mother hailed from Sindkhed

In Shivaji, Vidarbha and

Maharashtra were one.

People were, therefore, happy

Over the ensuing celebrations.

Some said, "It shall be fine

If Maharaj would come over there

And would bless Tilak

Even as Samarath did bless Shivaji."

Other did not like this suggestion.

They said, "Maharaj’s presence

Will spoil the serenity of the occasion.

Maharaj will move among people

And may even strike Tilak."

At last the residents of Akola

Came to Shegaon to extend

An invitation to Maharaj.

Maharaj saw Khaparde as he came,

And told him that he would

Come to the public meeting

In the honour of Shivaji,

That he would behave there

Like a sane person,

And he would not do anything

That would dishonour

The great leader.

Maharaj said that Tilak

Was a leader supreme,

That he was anxious

To see Tilak and his friend

Anna Patwardhana disciple

Of Nrisinha Saraswati of Alandi.

Khaparde was overjoyed

To hear this. Kharparde said

To Kolhatkar, "Look, what

The crest-jewel of all the sages says!

He has known what we talked.

He has a deep regard for the national leader.

We were not required to request him

To come and bless the gathering there.

Let us now bow before him

And proceed to Akola."

People were anxious to have

Tilak come to Akola.

It was an Akshaya Tritiya day.

It is a day when

Food is offered to the manes.

Even when people were thus preoccupied,

They assembled for the national celebration

In large numbers.

People had come

From far and near to see Lokmanya.

The pandal was filled to its capacity.

Everyone was anxiously equiring about Maharaj,

But Maharaj had already come

And occupied his seat in the pandal.

A sadhu never lets his word down.

Maharaj had been given the highest place on the dais.

Tilak was seated at the forefront,

Annasaheb Patwardhan sat beside him,

Khaparde sat on the right hand side.

Damle, Kolhatkar, Bhave and

Vyankatrao Desai all were

The organizers of the meeting.

The meeting commenced.

After the preliminary speeches,

Lokmanya rose to speak.

Said he"Blessed is this day!

We are observing a day of remembrance

For Shivaji who led

A war of independence

Against the tyrant rulers of Delhi and Vijapur

He was blessed in his efforts

By Ramadasthe dynamic saint of Maharashtra

It was a powerful combination

Of valour and wisdom.

The nation needs today

The same combination of forces.

The saint supreme of Shegaon

Has arrived here

To bless us all

In this war of independence.

Ever since we lost independence,

The clouds of slavery

Are enveloping us.

To arouse the people

From the deep slumber of ignorance

What is necessary

is the right education.

The British will not give us

The man-making education."

In his speech

Tilak criticized the British Government.

Maharaj knew that the Government

Would not spare Tilak,

Maharaj said, "Such a speech

Would ensnare the speaker."

Maharaj sang his usual song

"Gana Gana Ganat Botey"

The public meeting proceeded peacefully.

Tilak was lauded,

But during the same year

Tilak was charged for sedition,

He was arrested and was tried.

Dadasaheb Khaparde was

On his way to Bombay

To defend Tilak.

At Akola, Kolhatkar met him

On the railway station.

Khaparde asked Kolhatkar

To go to Maharaj and pray to him

For Tilak, so that the latter

Would be released.

Kolhatkar left for Shegaon

and came to the math.

Maharaj was asleep

For full three days.

Kolhatkar waited till Maharaj awoke.

Would anyone show such a perseverance?

Kolhatkar wanted Tilak to be saved,

So he sat there continuously for three days.

How deeply did he love Tilak!

On the fourth day

Maharaj got up

And told Kolhatkar

That all efforts would be in vain.

"Ramadas backed Shivaji", said he,

"And yet the latter was

Imprisoned by the Mogul Emperor.

Unless the virtuous

Are tortured long

By the tyrants,

No power is generated

To topple the tyrants.

Look back at history

Right from the days of Kansa.

Even then take this bhakar

And let Tilak eat it.

He will achieve a great deed

With the strength derived from this bhakar.

He will go far away;

But that cannot be helped."

What Maharaj said

Caused anxiety to Kolhatkar

He, however, bowed down before Maharaj

And took the bhakar given by him

Most reverentially and hastened to Bombay

There, he told Tilak what Maharaj said.

Tilak smiled and said,

"What Maharaj has said is true indeed!

The government would insist on its own way

And would not act in accordance with justice.

Maharaj has said that I shall achieve

A great deed. Let us see what it is.

The sage can know beforehand

The events which take place later.

We ordinary men

Cannot know the intricate ways of Fate."

Tilak ate the bhakar

After breaking it soft,

His mouth was toothless,

And he had no mind

To abandon the Prasad.

Tilak was sentenced

And was transported to Mandale.

He worte the Gita Rahasya,

While in jail far away in Mandale.

This was a great achievement,

So well-predicted by Maharaj.

The prediction of Maharaj came true.

There had been

A number of commentaries on the Gita.

All the acharyas interpreted the Gita

In accordance with the period and the place.

Some interpreted it on the lines of duality,

Some emphasized the Karma aspect,

Some emphasized the knowledge aspect

Tilak’s interpretation was unique.

That is why Maharaj regarded it

As a great achievement.

The Gita Rahasya madeTilak immortal

And made him known all over the world.

Had he succeeded in achiving independence,

He would not have been remembered

All the time and all the places.

Freedom is not eternal

It can be gained and it can be lost.

The Gita, however, is an everlasting wisdom.

It leads one to liberation,

It integrates the social life of a nation.

Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Will be remembered

Everafter on account of the Gita Rahasya.

One Shridhar Govind Kale

Hailed from Kolhapur.

He came from a poor family.

He studied in an English school

Passed his matriculation examination,

But failed at intermediate examination.

He, thereafter, moved from place to place.

Once he read in Kesarithe life of Oyama and Togo.

Oyama and Togo were two Japanese men.

They went to England

To learn mechanical engineering.

They returned to Japan

With the new knowledge

And served their motherland.

Shridhar Govind Kale

Went to Bhandara to see his friend

Who was a teacher in Munroe High School.

The friend agreed with him to go to a foreign country,

But he was also penniless.

Wherefrom would they bring money

To proceed to a foreign country?

Both decided to return to Kolhapur.

On the way, they got down at Shegaon.

They wanted to see Maharaj.

They kept their baggage

At postmaster’s and went to the math.

They fell prostrate before Maharaj,

Maharaj read their minds and said,

"Oh fools, why do you

Think of going to a foreigh country?

Everything is here,

Do not go after material prosperity,

Dive deep into the life spiritual."

Shridhar remembered one Swami

From Kolhapur, who had similar views.

He could not know how Maharaj

Was thinking on the same lines.

He got a bit confused.

"Don’t go away from Bharat,"

Said Maharaj. "It takes long

To be born in Bharat.

Love this land,"

This was an eye opener to Shridhar,

His mind changed.

Sages are great,

They can reverse the current of thought,

They know the truth.

Maharaj advised Shridhar

To return home as his wife was anxious.

Shridhar returned and studied further,

Later he was appointed

As the principal of a college in Shivpuri

In Gwalior State.

Saints are the living Gods on the earth.

Their blessing can work out miracles.

Shridhar Kale rose to a high position

By the blessings of Maharaj.

India is great,

Sages abide in this land.

The trees of a celestial land

Won’t grow elsewhere.

May the Gajanan Vijay of Dasaganu

Show the right path to the devotees



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