Salutations to Ganesh !

Oh Shri Hari, you are the most auspicious.

All that is inauspicious

Vanishes instantly, when you shower

Your grace.

This is what all the sages have been saying.

So I beseech you,

Please shower your grace on me.

Please let not sages

Be proved false.

I am your child

Who knows nothing.

Won’t you remove all my shortcoming?

Once Maharaj along with others

Went to an orchard,

Where Bankatlal had grown maize.

The party wanted to enjoy roasted corn.

There was a well in the orchard,

So deep and cool!

There was a well in the orchard, so deep and cool!

There was a cool shade of tall tamarind trees.

Cow-dung cakes were brought

And arrangement was made

To roast the ears of corns.

About ten such agatis were made.

When fire was ignited,

Clouds of smoke rose up.

There were large honey-combs

Hanging up on the tamarind trees.

The wild bees with fiery stings got disturbed.

They attacked in thousands

All those who were there.

So, leaving all the ears of corn,

Every one except Maharaj,

Fled away, covering their faces

With coarse blankets,

Or dhotis or other garments.

Every one wanted to save himself.

For is there anything more precious to anyone

Than one’s own life?

But Maharaj did not stir.

He was in a deep contemplation.

What was he thinking about?

He was saying to himself,

"Have these wild bees any existence

Of their own?

Are not they part and parcel

Of the Universal Self?

I am the bees,

I am the large honeycomb,

I am the luscious ears of corn.

I am the eater and the eaten."

The bees covered Maharaj completely.

Not an inch of the skin could be seen.

Think of the innumerable stings

Planted in the delicate skin of Maharaj!

But Maharaj was all joy.

A couple of hours passed.

Bankatlal who had also run away

Was overwhelmed with sorrow.

He blamed himself

For having brought Maharaj

To the orchard.

"What a terrible pain

Have I inflicted on Maharaj!"

Said he. So saying, he returned

To the orchard. He was the first one

Who dared to return.

Maharaj was pleased with him.

Bankat was only devotee

Who at last cared to save Maharaj

From the deadly bees.

Seeing him approach,

Maharaj talked with the bees

And asked them to get away

And not to sting Banket.

So all the bees left Maharaj

And went back to their combs.

When everything was clear,

Maharaj said to Bankat,

"You have really given a good feast

By offering this humble body

To the wild bees.

When those poisonous bees

Attacked me, all those devotees

Who love rich feasts

Ran away from me.

Oh, Bankat think of this.

No one comes to your rescue

When calamities befall.

God is the only succour

When you are helpless."

Bankatlal was embarrassed.

He thought to himself ¾

"Had I not brought him here

To feast on the roasted corn,

This painful event would not have occurred.

Verily I am the most sinful person."

He wept bitterly when he looked

At Maharaj who had severe rashes

All over his body.

Bankatlal sent for a goldsmith

Who came with pincers

For picking out the broken stings of the bees,

Out of the delicate skin of Maharaj.

Maharaj said to Bankat,

"Oh Bankat, why do you worry?

The bees did not harm me.

Why, are they anyway different from me?

Are not these all, froms of satchidananda?

Can water harm water itself?"

Bankatlal had no answer.

He sat silently before Maharaj.

The goldsmith came there with pincers

And began to search for the broken stings.

Nowhere could he find a trace of stings.

After some time,

Maharaj held up his breath

And Meditated,

And all the innumerable broken stings

Popped out all over the body.

Men who saw this strange happening

Were convinced that

Maharaj was no ordinary saint.

Once Maharaj went to Akot

To see Narasinhaji whom he regarded as brother ¾

Narasinhaji ¾ a disciple of Kotashya Alli.

Narasinhaji was a great devotee.

He worshipped Vitthal.

Akot is a place about 70 km.

North-east of Shegaon.

Narasinhaji stayed in a forest

Very near Akot.

This was a deep forest

Of neem, peepal and anjani trees.

There were thickets of many creepers

Often frequented by snake and

oOher reptiles.

Narasinhaji always preferred

Silence of a deep forest.

When Maharaj went to see him,

Narasinhaji was pleased.

It was almost a meeting of Hari and Hara.

Or of Vasishtha and Parashara.

Or rather of Kohinoor and Kaustubha.

Or of Eagle and Hanuman.

Both the saints embraced each other

And sat together for a heart to heart talk.

Maharaj said to Narasinhaji, ¾

"You have done well,

You have a life of a householder.

I have abandoned that life

And I followed yoga.

When I gain some powers

It is very difficult for me to hide them.

I have to assume the grab of a mad man.

The scriptures say

That there are three ways ¾

Karma, Bhakti and Yoga,

Although they all lead to the same goal.

Outwardly these ways

Appear different.

If a yogi would take pride

In his yogakriya

How will he know the Truth?

Yogi must remain

Unattached to the yogakriya.

Similarly, one who is a householder

Must remain unattached

To his wife and children.

A flint is in the bed of a river.

But it is impervious.

Water does not enter it.

One must remain in this world

Perfectly unattached

And one must remember God

Who is Sat Chit and Ananda.

With this conscience,

What difference would be there

In you, me and God?

Are not they one and the same?"

Narasinha Baba was pleased

With his brother ¾ Maharaj

And said, "Oh brother,

You have done me a great favour.

What you say is true.

This world of duality

Is uncertain and

Evanescent like a mid-day shadow.

Who can treat it as real?

What you say is true.

I shall abide by your advice.

I wish we meet each other as often.

Am I not your younger brother?

I am here in Akot

Waiting for you even as

Bharata in Nandigrama.

It is not very difficult for you

To come and see me anytime

As you have the yogic powers.

A yogi can run on water

Without getting his feet wet.

A yogi can really go round

The world within the blink of an eye."

So both the sadhus

Spent the night

Talking heart to heart,

Such in the case when true sadhus meet.

But when two hypocrites meet

Only angry words are hurled

At each other with spiteful hatred.

The hypocrites are crazy for money.

Never seek their favour,

They are bound to sink you down

Even as a broken boat.

A hypocrite may have a band of followers

To make a loud propaganda.

But be careful and avoid such hypocrites.

All that glitters is not gold.

Do not go after a big organization.

Do not go after the bookish learning.

The real greatness of a sage

Lies in his experience of the Truth.

When people came to know

That Gajanan Maharaj was

In Akot to see Narasinha Baba,

They all hurried to the forest

With coconuts in their hands.

They said to each other,

"Make haste. Let us go and

See this holy duet.

This is verily the meeting of Ganga and Goda

In this forest of Akot.

Let us go to this Prayaga.

And have a dip in the

Holy confluence."

But Gajanan Maharaj

Was gone ere the people

Could reach the place.

Once again Gajanan Maharaj

Left Shegaon and came to Shivar ¾

a small place in

Taluq Daryapur.


a debvotee of the Sun God,

Lived there.

He was an erudite person

Who lived on the banks of

Chandrabhaga ¾ a small tributory

Of Payoshni of Purna.

Brajabhushan bathed early in the morning

And worshipped the Sun.

Maharaj wanted to favour him.

Maharaj came and sat in the sands

Of Chandrabhaga.

Early in the morning

When the sky went crimson

And cocks crew

And chataka and bharadwaj f

Flew towards the east

To pay respects to the Sun,

In that auspicious morning

Maharaj sat steady in the sand

And his disciples sat around him

Even as the rays of the Sun.

Brajabhushan took a dip into the river

And offered oblations to the Sun.

Brajabhushan, when he glanced at Maharaj,

As resplendent as the Sun,

He came towards him,

And offered oblations to him

And washed his feet

And went round him,

Repeating the various names of the Sun.

Brajabhushan was convinced

That Maharaj had come there

To bless him, and that he

Was none else than the Sun.

He eulogized him

And fell at his feet with deep reverence.

Maharaj placed his hand on him

And blessed him and said,

"Oh Brajabhushan, carry on

Your worship, do not give up your path of Karma,

But do not get attached.

If you will not aspire for the fruits of actions,

Krishna, the Blue One, will come and meet you.

Go home now. I shall meet you always

Whenever you would think of me."

So saying, Maharaj gave him

A piece of coconut and bade him go home.

Maharaj returned to Shegaon

which was the same of Shivagaon.

In the days gone by,

There were seventeen Patils ¾

The village headmen.

Maharaj often went away

To visit place ¾ Akot, Akola

Or Malkapur or any such place.

Once, in the month of Shravan.

There was the annual festival

In the temple of Hanuman.

The Patils were great devotees

Of Hanuman. The festival used to last

For a month.

There used to be abhishek,

The reading of scriptures, Kirtans and bhajans

And distribution of food to

One and all.

Khandu Patil was the chief figure

In this festival of Hanuman.

So Maharaj came to see the

Hanuman festival.

He told Bankatlal that he would

Stay in the temple

And that Bankatlal should not mind.

The mendicants and sanyasins

Should not stay with householders

For long. So Maharaj said that

He would visit Bankatlal

Only when invited.

All the great sages

Shankaracharya, Macchindra,

Jalandhara ¾ all of them stayed

Away from householders and

Under trees in forest.

Ramadas, the revered guru of

Shivaji, the founder of the Maratha Empire

Did not stay in a palace with Shivaji.

Ramadas preferred to stay

In Sajjangarh.

So at last, Bankatlal

Agreed and allowed Maharaj

To stay in the temple.

Bhaskar Patil was very happy

To receive Maharaj in the temple.

Bhaskar stayed with Maharaj

And served him faithfully.

Let this composition of Dasaganu

Shows the right path to the devotees.



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