Salutations to Ganesh !

The lord of the ganas,

Who is of spotless glory.

Oh Ganesh reside in my heart

And crown my efforts with success.

You are the bestower

Of knowledge and of intellect.

You fulfil all the desires of a devotee.

You alone can destroy obstacles

You alone are the wish yielding gem.

All the puranas sing your glory.

Oh you son of Parvati,

An elephant faced lord with a single tusk,

You alone will remove all my worries.

There was one Bachchulal Agarwal,

A resident of Akola.

He was a rich generous man.

He once heard about the episode of Laxman of Karanja

And wanted to verify the story. So while Bachchulal

Was thinking so, Maharaj came

To him and sat in the verandah.

Bachchulal was happy.

He expressed his desire

To worship Maharaj ceremoniously.

Maharaj agreed.

Bachchulal bathed Maharaj

After anointing him.

Then he gave him a golden laced

Pitambar to wear,

He offered a rich shawl

Made of the wool from Kashmir,

He gave Maharaj a turban,

Laced with gold.

He garlanded Maharaj with a

Gold chain and put gold

Barcelets on both his hands

He made Maharaj put on gold rings

Studded with diamonds

On all the fingers.

He made Maharaj put on Pouchi

On his left hand

And a gem-studded neck lace.

Bachchulal offered sweets

Viz. jilebi, raghaodas and pedhas a

And pan (betel leaf) which

Had all the thirteen ingredients.

He anointed Maharaj with costly cosmetics

And sprinkled rose water over him.

He offered a heap of gold coins in a gold plate

Amounting to Rupees ten thousand.

He approached Maharaj

With a coconut in his hand,

"Maharaj, I have a desire to erect

A temple of Ram.

Every year at the time of

Ram Navami celebrations,

A lot of inconvenience is there

For want of enough accommodation.

The verandah of my house is

A small one, and a pandal also

Cannot accommodate the crowd.

Maharaj, you are my guru

Fulfil my desire."

Maharaj smiled at him benevolently

And said "Janaki Jeevan Ram

Will fulfil your desire,

But what have you made of me?

Am I a bullock to be

Bedecked with all these ornaments

On the day of pola?

Why do you give all this to me?

You want to drag me

In the mire of maya.

Or do you want to show off

Your riches, Oh Bachchulal,

Tell me why and for whom all this?

I am a sanyasi

I move about naked.

What shall I do with

All these things. Please take them back.

You have to live in the world.

You need money.

My lord is standing there

Over the banks of Bheema.

Can he not give me all this?

So saying, Maharaj

Scattered and threw all the ornaments

And tore off the pitambar,

And after taking a pair of pedhas,

Left the place.

The people in Akola,

lamented at Maharaj’s leaving the place.

There were a few from Karanja.

They said that our Laxman

Was really unfortunate.

He worshipped Maharaj

With the same grandeur as that of Bachchulal

But unlike Bachchulal

He had an attachment for money.

And he spoke of renunciation only outwardly.

Maharaj is wise enough to know this.

The hypocrites worship deities with words

They will offer a

Rotten peanut and will say

That they are offering

Sugar candy and other sweets.

They hypocrites will get their dues

As did Laxman get his.

Bachchulal is really great.

He is true in his words and deeds.

Now he has been blessed by Maharaj.

He will enjoy eternal happiness.

And he won’t lose his material wealth either.

Bachchulal did not know

Where Maharaj went so suddenly.

He searched for him in the entire city of Akola

But he could not trace him.

There was one Pitambar,

a devotee belonging to a Shimpi caste

These are tailors by professions.

He had served Maharaj with devotion

Pitambar was poor

And had not even enough clothing.

Seeing him in rags

Maharaj said to him once

"Are, you are Pitambar,

And you do not have

Enough cloth to cover your buttocks !

They laugh at you.

It is a good irony.

A woman may be named as Sonubai

And she would not have any ornaments even

Made of lead.

A women may be named as Gangabai

And she would have no water

Even to quench her own thirst.

Come on, take her own thirst. Come on, take this dupatta

And cover yourself.

Do not abondan it

Even if they tease you."

Pitambar wore the dupatta.

Other person did not like this.

Many a time, one devotee envies other.

Maharaj had a number of devotees

But very few had a real devotion.

Some such so-called devotees

Teased Pitambar.

They said

"Why are you wearing the dupatta

Worthy of Maharaj? Don’t you feel

Anything for Maharaj? By wearing

The dupatta you have behaved

In an unbecoming way.

Leave this place, as you have

Insulted Maharaj by wearing

His clothes."

Pitamber humbly said that

he obeyed Maharaj, and

Only wore the dupatta as a bade.

The devotees began to quarrel over this issue.

Maharaj was pained. He called

Pitambar and lovingly said to him,

"Oh Pitambar, you are now

Well settled in devotion.

Leave this place of they want you to.

When the child matures

Mother would leave it to maintain itself.

My blessings are with you.

Go and wander on the earth."

Tears gathered in Pitambar’s eyes.

However, he fell prostrate

Before Maharaj and left the place

He came to Kondoli,

And passed a day and a night.

In a mango grove the meditating

All the time over his guru.

There were ants where he

Was sitting. So he climbed up a tree,

But the red and big

Ants chased him there.

He went up and down on

Several trees to avoid the ants,

But could not find a safe place

To sit for meditation.

The cowherd boys were amused

To see a grown up a person

Climb up and down the trees like a monkey.

He went up to the top of the tree

Catching small twigs

And would not fall.

The boys were surprised.

One of them said, "A disciple of

Gajanan Maharaj alone can

Do such a feat. Come on, let us go home

And tell our parents.

So the residents of Kondoli

Came to the mango grove.

Some said, "This man is behaving

Foolishly, only to catch our attention.

A disciple of Gajanan Maharaj

Will not behave in this fashion.

Bhaskar Patil, who died in Adgaon,

Was a disciple of Gajanan Maharaj

He was great and he did not

Behave in this way.

Why a disciple of Maharaj

Would come to such a wayside place?

Who Would give up sweetmeats

Which one gets there?

Let us ask him who he is."

One man came forward

And began to question Pitambar

As to who he was and from where

He came to Kondoli.

Pitambar said,

"I am shimpi by caste

And I hail from Shegaon,

My guru, Gajanan Maharaj

Bade me move from place to place

Like a free breeze.

I came here and there were

Red ants here below,

so I climbed up here."

The men get annoyed.

Said they, "Don’t misuse the name

Of Gajanan Maharaj. He is great.

His disciples do not behave

Foolishly like you.

Will anyone believe a woman,

Who would say that she is a queen,

But is searching for a job on daily wages?"

One Shamrao Deshmukh,

From that village, came forward

And said to him angrily.

"You are a cheat !

Gajanan Maharaj is the great God !

Do not belittle him

By saying that he is your guru.

Oh you fool of a person,

Gajanan Maharaj once caused

A mango tree to blossom

And made the tree bear fruit,

Even when it was no spring time.

The tree belongs to

Baliram Patil and it has gone dry !

Have you any power

That will make this tree

Green with folliage?

If you can, then only we

Shall treat you as a disciple

Of the great saint,

Else be ready to get

A good thrashing from us.

We know that a disciple

Can rise to the same heights

As of his guru.

So do not delay now,

Make this dry tree green."

Pitambar was terribly afraid now.

He solicited them

To listen to him. Said he,

"I did not tell a lie,

I am a disciple of Gajanan Maharaj !

But don’t you know that

A pebble and a gem

would be found in the same quarry.

I am a trifle a pebble

Among the worthy disciples of Maharaj

My unworthiness

Won’t mar the glory of my guru.

Why should I hide the fact

That I am Gajanan Maharaj’s disciple?"

Shamrao said unto him,

"Do not babble now! A guru

Always saves a disciple.

A disciple when in difficulty

Supplicates to his guru, and even

if the disciple has no powers,

Guru comes forward and

Saves the disciple miraculously."

When Pitambar heard this,

He did not know what to do.

He at last closed his eyes,

And with great devotion prayed.

"Oh Maharaj, save me now.

I Know I am powerless,

But these men will belittle you!

I do not want that your name

Should be spoiled on my account.

Keep your word and

Let this tree be covered with folliage.

If you won’t show evidence of your greatness,

These men will kill me.

Did not Narahari

Revealed Himself in a pillar

To save Prahlad

Jani was to be killed on a spike,

But God melted the spike

To save Jani.

God did these miracles.

Saints also can do the same

As both are identical.

I know, I am insignificant

But a flower is held on the bosom

By dint of the thread.

The thread is exalted because of the flower.

You are the flower,

I am the thread.

You are musk

I am a clod of earth,

Contact with you made me fragrant.

I am in troubles now on your account,

Come and save me. Let this dry tree

Be green with leaves."

Pitambar said to the men,

"Let us sing the glory of guru."

Men chanted the name of Gajanan Maharaj,

The bhajan lasted for a few moments,

And lo!

There were sprouts on the dry tree

Within a wink of an eye.

Leaves covered the dead wood.

People won’t believe! They thought

That they were in a dream.

Some of them pinched themselves

To shake off the dream.

Some said that it is a najarbandi

As when a magician

Makes a rope trick,

Or makes a snake rustle

Out of a leather cord,

Or makes pieces of earthen tiles

Look like silver rupees.

But this was not so.

They plucked the leaves

And out came the sticky juice.

All of them again shouted,

"Gajanan Maharaj ji ki jay."

Now none dared doubt

The discipleship of Pitambar.

They bodily lifted him

And carried him to the village

With due fanfare.

They thought that one day

Gajanan Maharaj may visit

Them only if to see his ardent disciple.

Samartha Ramadas had sent

His disciple Kalyan

To Domgaon to do good to the world,

In the same way Gajanan Maharaj

Has sent Pitambar to Kondoli.

The mango tree is still there in Kondoli,

It bears more fruit

Every year than any other tree.

The residents of Kondoli

Honored Pitamabar.

Was he not a separated piece

Of a diamond ?

They built a math for Pitambar.

Pitambar left his mortal body in Kondoli.

Maharaj was in Shegaon,

He was as if in a lost mood.

The disciple asked Maharaj

Why he was not cheerful.

Maharaj said, "Now that

Krishna Patil is no more,

Who will give me the soft

Areca nut treated with kath? He used to give me

That type of nut daily!

Ram, the son of Krishna Patil, is a kid,

Ram has time to grow up and serve me.

I think I should quit this place now."

When the disciples heard this,

They were afraid lest Maharaj

Should leave them.

So all of them came together,

Shripat Rao, Bankatlal

Tarachand Maruti and all.

They entreated and all.

They entreated Maharaj

Not to leave them.

They wanted Maharaj to choose

Any other spot in Shegaon.

Maharaj said that

There were feuds in the town

And that he did not want

To be a partisan.

He wanted a place

Not owned by anyone in the town,

Else he would prefer to quit the town.

All the devotees were worried

How could they find a place

Not owned by anyone of them?

The devotees adored their guru.

How would the Government do so

And grant a piece of land

To a religious saint?

Bankatlal said to Maharaj,

"This is not our own Government

How would the British

Grant a piece of land for Maharaj"

Maharaj should accept

Any of the devotee’s land."

Maharaj said, "How do you talk?

The land belongs to God.

There had been kings and emperors

In this world. It is true

That they say that land belongs to the King. But in fact

It belongs to Pandurang.

Go, and try. Do not waste your time

In idle talks here,

Hari Patil will be successful."

So all of them came to Hari Patil,

They drafted an application

And sent it to Mr. Curry,

the Collector of the district Buldhana.

The Collected granted

An acre of land and said,

"You have applied

For two acres, but I

Give you one acre for the present.

If you would utilize it properly,

I shall add an acre to it next year."

This order can be verified even this day

In the Record Office.

So, see the power

In the words of saints.

So, then, Haribhau and Bankatlal

Set on collecting subscriptions.

In no time a large sum was collected.

God often fulfils the wishes of sages.

Vithu Patil of Dongargaon,

Laxman Patil of Wadegaon,

Jagu Aba of Shegaon,

Did not spare pains

In collecting the funds.

Here ends the 12th chapter

Of Gajanan Vijay.

May the reading benefit the devotees !



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