Salutations to Ganesh !

Glory be to Parashudhar,

The son of Jamadagni.

Oh Parashuram,

You protected the Brahmins

By penalizing Sahasrarjun,

You could not tolerate

The insult hurled at Brahims.

Why then are you blind

To the welfare of the Brahmins?

Why are you sleeping

When the Brahmins need your help?

The days are difficult

Without your succour,

The Aryan culture may not survive.

The Maya of Gajanan,

Is indescribable indeed.

Who can know it?

There was a devotee in Mundgaon,

By name Pundalik.

He used to visit Shegaon

Every year.

In the same village

There was one Bhagabai,

She was from the line of Thakares.

She was a hypocrite of the first order

And she had faith in none.

Once she said to Pundalik,

"You visit Shegaon every year,

And treat Gajanan as your guru.

Tell me, did he initiate you

With a holy mantra?

There cannot be any initiation

Without the proper ritual.

You say he warded off your fever,

But that was a coindicence.

Gajanan behaves like a mad man

He sings "Gin Gin Ganata",

He has no sense of purity,

He will swallow food, half-eaten by anyone.

So, leave him and come along with me,

We shall go to Anjangaon

And take initiation

From a disciple of Kejaji.

Tomorrow, there will be a kirtan at Anjangaon.

Let us proceed tomorrow to Anjangaon.

A guru should have knowledge supreme,

He should be well-versed in the Shastras,

He should have all the qualities of a great man,

He should guide us on the path of devotion.

Gajanan is not endowed with any of these qualities,

So let us go to Anjangaon."

Pundalik Bhokre was a simple soul.

He was much impressed

By Bhagi’s eloquent speech.

He decided to go to Anjangaon

Along with her to listen to the kirtan.

"I shall decide later

Whether to accept him as guru",

He told Bhagabai,

"Yes I shall accompany you

To Anjangaon tommrrow."

So saying, he went to bed that day

And lo! As the night was receding,

He saw right before his eyes

A huge figure of a man

Resembling Maharaj.

Said Maharaj to him,

"Do you go to Anjangaon

To seek a guru

On the advice of Bhagi?

Go. You will be disillusioned

If a person whispers in your ear.

Can he be your guru?

There are so many

Who may whisper in each other’s ears.

Can they be guru to each other?

You better do not fall a victim

To the hypocrities.

Come, lend me your ear,

I shall give you a mantra."

So saying Maharaj uttered"

The syllables "Gana Gana"

"I shall fulfil your cherished desires",

Said he. Pundalik was happy.

In the depth of the dream

He looked intently

And recognized Maharaj.

He said unto him,

"I do not desire anything.

Give me the paduka

For my daily worship."

Maharaj smiled benignly

And said,

"Come on, take these,

I have given them unto you.

Worship them tomorrow

When the sun crosses the zenith."

Pundalik stretched his arms

To receive the wooden padukas,

And the dream broke,

And he opened eyes

And looked searchingly

Here and there, but

There was no one anywhere,

Nor were there padukas.

He could not decide

Whether it was a live experience

Or an illusory dream.

In the heart of his heart

He knew that what Maharaj said

Could not be untrue.

He thought to himself

That Maharaj gave him darshan

In the dream and told him

How Bhagi Thakarin was.

How should he worship the padukas

The next day when it would be past midday.

Did Maharaj mean

That he should get a new pair

Of padukas for the next day’s worship?

He had asked for the padukas

Which he wore,

And he gave him the same ones,

Why should he get a new set?

While Pundalik was cogitating

In this way, came

Bhagi Takarin at his home and said,

"Come the sun will rise after some time.

The day will dawn,

We shall proceed to Anjangaon."

Pundalik said unto her,

"Oh Bhagabai, leave me alone!

You may go to Anjangaon,

But I would prefer to stay

Right here. Gajanan Maharaj

Is my guru, let him not forsake me.

Nor I, him."

So, Bhagabai went alone

To Anjangaon.

Now Zyamsing Rajput of Mundgaon

Had been to Shegaon for darshan

Maharaj told Balabhau

To hand over the padukas

To Zyamsing, with the message

that the padukas be given

to Pundalik Bhokre.

Zyamsing did as bade,

And as he entered the precincts

Of Mundgaon, he met Pundalik

Who asked him the well-being of Maharaj

And enquired whether Maharaj

Had sent any Prasad for him.

Zyamsing was wonderstruck

At his question and they

Came to Pundalik’s home.

Zyamsing asked pundalik

Why he was so inquisitive.

Pundalik narrated to him the dream

And now Zyamsing had no doubts.

He took out the padukas

Which he kept covered in a piece of cloth

And handed over them to Pundalik.

They are in Mundgaon

Even upto this day

And are being worshipped daily.

Pundalik worshipped them at noon

With deep devotion.

So the real saints

Protect their devotees

And do not let them go astray

Listen again to this story 

There was one saraf in Akola

By name Rajaram Kavar

He was a Madhyandin Brahmin,

He was not very rich

Nor very poor,

And Maharaj regarded him as a devotee,

And so Rajaram’s children

Revered Maharaj.

These were two brothers,

One was Gopal, the other was Tryambak.

Tryambak was often called as Bhau.

He went to Hydrabad

To learn medicine.

From his childhood,

Bhau was god-centred

And he use to remember

Maharaj at all the times

And when in difficulty.

During the holidays

He came home

And wanted to go to Shegaon

And feed Maharaj, the food Maharaj loved.

He prayed to Maharaj.

"Oh Maharaj, what shall I do?

My mother expired when I was child,

Whom shall I ask now to

Prepare the choicest dish for you?

I have no mother,

And the wahini who is called Nani

Is of a pungent tongue,

I want to take to you

Bhakari of jawar

And curry of ambadi

With onion and green chillies

Along with pithale.

How can I ask wahini

To prepare all these ?

One can have one’s way with mother,

But one cannot force anyone else."

While he was thinking thus,

Nani came there.

Seeing his worried face,

She asked him what the matter was.

After great persuasion

The brother told Nani

What he had intended.

He told her that

He wanted to take to Maharaj

Onion and curry of ambadi

And bhakari and pithale.

"If you will prepare these things," said he,

"Surely you will earn merit

And I shall succeed in my endeavour."

Nani smiled and said,

"So that is why you were so anxious.

Do not worry." She then set herself

To cooking and in no time

She prepared bhakaris and besan.

She brought a few onions

And a handful of green chillies

She covered bhakaris with

The besan as if it was butter.

She then said to her brother in law,

"Hurry up now or else you will

Miss the train.

If you miss you won’t reach

Shegaon before the meal time

And all the cooking will be in vain."

Bhau took leave of his father

And hurried to the station

But alas! The train already

Steamed off from the station.

Bhau was disappointed.

He lamented and said,

"Oh Maharaj, why don’t you

Accept my offerings?

May be, I am not meritorious!

May be, I lack devotion!

What mistake did I commit?

Why should I miss the train?

There is no train now till three o’clock.

By that time you would have taken

Your food. How is it

That you will not allow me

To serve you today?

I know you can reach Kedarnath

In a moment, why don’t you

Come here and accept the food,

So lovingly prepared for you?

Please do not say

That I am ordering you to come here

And thereby am insulting you.

I am entreating you with love and devotion.

If you won’t come, I won’t take food myself."

At three o’clock

There was another train,

So Bhau went by that train

And hurriedly went to Maharaj.

Maharaj was sitting there

Without any food that day.

There were plenty of sweet dishes

Prepared and served as

The holy offering. Some had brought

Jilebi, some had brought gheevar,

Some had brought motichur,

And others had brought shrikhand,

Puri and kheer.

But Maharaj did not touch

Any of these dishes.

Balabhau brought all the dishes

To him one after another,

And requested Maharaj to partake of the food,

As it was 1o’clock,

And unless he ate

The devotees won’t get Prasad

"The devotees do not dare to ask you,

So I am requesting you on their behalf." Said Balabhau.

Maharaj said to Balabhau,

"Please do not press me,

I shall take my food today

Late in the afternoon.

Let them wait till then,

Or let them take the Prasad

To their homes."

When Bhau arrived,

Maharaj’s face beamed with joy.

And he cast a loving glance

At Bhau, even as a mother would do.

Bhau fell prostrate before Maharaj

And stood aside,

Waiting for his command

Maharaj looked at Bhau

And said unto him smilingly,

"Why, you invite me for food

And bring it at so late an hour.

Is this the time to take food?

I accepted your invitation

And so I have not taken food so far.

Come on, bring your shidori."

Bhau’s joy knew no bounds.

He told Maharaj

That he missed the train,

And that was the reason

Why he could not come in time.

Balabhau stopped him and said,

"Now please do not waste time

And lament over the missed train.

Maharaj is without food,

Open your shidori. What have you brought?

Bhau Kavar took out the shidori

And placed the bhakaris

And besan and onions and chillies

Before Maharaj.

Maharaj partook of two bhakaris

And the third one was

Given to others as Prasad.

All the devotees now knew

How Maharaj loved his devotees.

They remembered that

Long long ago, in Hastinapur.

Bhagavan Krishna went to Vidura.

Leaving the sumptuous feast

Thrown in his honour by Duryodhan

And there partook of hulges

Prepared by Vidura.

That scene did take place

Again here in Shegaon.

Maharaj did not touch

The sweet dishes,

Offered by the rich devotees.

Bhau also took a little Prasad.

So Maharaj told him,

"You may return now to Akola,

You will pass the examination

Next year and will be a doctor."

Bhau prayed to Maharaj

To bless him so that

He may never forget

The holy feet of Maharaj.

There was one farmer

By name Tukaram Shegaokar

A resident of Shegaon

He was poor and hard working.

Every evening he used to come

To math and used to fill chilim

For Maharaj and then

After some time used to leave

To do his daily work in the farm.

One day he was in his farm.

A man with a rifle on his shoulder

Came in search of a rabbit.

Tukaram was warming himself

Near fire, kindled

In the courtyard.

Behind his back

There was a compound of thorny bushes.

A rabbit was hiding there.

The hunter did not see Tukaram,

He fired. The rabbit was killed by a lead ball.

But one lead ball

Hit Tukaram and it went

Right upto his head,

Doctors and surgeons

Could not take it out.

It gave him constant pain.

The pain persisted

And there was no end to it.

Even in that painful condition

he used to come to the math.

One day, one devotee said to him,

"Enough of visiting the surgeons and physicians!

The service of a saint

Is the best medicine in this world,

It is a panacea.

You come here daily

And sweep the premises.

If Maharaj so please, you will be cured

Of your painful headache.

But do not do this job

With a sense of pride,

As your father used to do.

Be humble and pure in mind

And do everything with devotion."

Tukaram commenced sweeping the premises,

All the premises, thereafter,

Were spick and span.

He continued to do so for full fourteen years.

And one day

While he was sweeping the courtyard

The lead ball fell from his ear

As would the seed fall out

Off a ripe berry.

When the ball fell out of the ear

The pain stopped.

Tukaram continued to sweep

The courtyard of the math till the last day of his life.

Experience surely

Cleanses one’s doubts

And confirms one’s devotion.

A firm devotion emancipates a man. There is no nobler path

Than the service of the saints.

May this Gajanan Vijay of Dasaganu

Show the right path to the devotees !



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