Salutations to Ganesh !

Ganesh is the Reality.

Brithless and deathless.

One the only One,

And no second.

The second exists not.

Dasaganu prostrates

Before Ganesh

He seeks protection.

He seeks fearlessness.

Dasaganu is an humble soul.

He is meek.

The great always bestow blessings

On those who are meek and humble.

Did not Shankara

Elevate even the ashes

by applying them to his forehead?

So let this humble Dasaganu

Be with you, all the time.

Be you kind to Dasaganu.

Dasaganu will do

Whatever is desired of him.

People used to throng at Shegaon.

To avoid the crowds,

Maharaj often went into forests

And stayed there

For months together

In the forest.

There was a temple

Built in the style of Hemadpanta,

That is to say,

Stone slabs

piled on one another,

fixed without mortar.

Once Maharaj

Went into the sanctum sanctorum,

Sat motionless,

In the lotus posture.

In the evening,

Cowherd boys

Led the cattle

to the rivulet, flowing

Near the temple.

One of the boys

Entered the temple

To bow before the Shivalinga.

The boy was wonderstruck

To see someone sitting so motionless.

He called other boys.

The sat round the sage,

They called him loudly.

But Maharaj did not open his eyes.

The boy thought,

"He is tried and hungry

Perhaps he has no strength.

Let us give him bhakar.

So saying the boys

Placed a bhakar

On a banyan leaf

And kept it before Maharaj.

They shook him,

But to no purpose.

The Sun set

And the shadows of the evening


The boys thought to themselves,

"We are being late.

Our parents, worrying

Will hasten to the forest

With lanterns, in search of us

And the cattle.

The cows are anxious to feed the calves.

The calves might be hungry.

So let us go

And tell our parents

About this unusual person,

Sitting so motionless

In the sanctum sanctorum

Of the Shiva’s temple."

So saying they all went home,

And told their parents

About the saint

who was sitting silently in the sanctum.

So next day

Men went to the forest

with the cowherd boys

And entered the temple.

Maharaj was sitting

In the same posture.

The piece of bhakar

Lay there as was kept.

Men said.

"He is a yogi.

He is in samadhi

Do not disturb him.

He will regain outer consciousness.

Then will he speak.

Years ago, in Bengal

Jalandhara sat in a cave,

And were in samadhi

For full twelve years.

So the men did not know

what to do.

Whether to leave the saint there

Or take him home.

At last they decided

To take him home.

They brought a palanquin

And placed the saint in it.

Men and women

Returned home in a procession.

The village band of pipers and drummers

Preceded the procession.

Flowers and tulsipatra

And vermillion were worshipfully thrown

On the palanquin

The saint in the palanquin

Was besmeared with the auspicious holy powders.

It was an unusual occasion for joy.

Bells chimed,

Drums were beaten

Gongs sent resounding notes all around,

In rhythmic unison.

The procession entered the village

And ended in the temple of Hanuman.

All the din produced by drums. Gongs and bells,

Could not bring down Maharaj

From the deep samadhi.

The men sat there in

The holy presence of Maharaj

Without caring for food and water.

They say devotional songs

In a continued chain.

Next day Maharaj

Returned to the worldly plane.

Everyone was overjoyed.

Each one vied

To offer food to Maharaj.

Maharaj obliged all.

On Tuesday, the residents of Pimpalgaon

Came to Shegaon for the weekly market.

Some of them told their relatives

That they too had discovered one sadhu

In the forest temple of Shankara.

The new spread in the market place.

When the news reached Bankatlal,

He went to Pimpalgaon

Accompanied by his wife.

He at once recognized Maharaj,

Entreated him to return.

He said to Maharaj,

"Your sudden disappearance,

A fortnight before,

Has made us miserable.

The devotees there

Are starving themselves.

They cannot think of

Taking food, without having your darshan.

I, myself, won’t survive,

If I do not succeed

In taking you home."

Maharaj thereafter

Stepped into the dhamani.

Bankatlal proceeded to Shegaon.

Did not Akrua once

Take Krishna from Gokul?

Men of Pimpalgaon

Regarded bankatlal as Akrura.

Bankatlal assured the residents

Of Pimpalgaon,

"Do not be sorrowful,

Maharaj is not going far away.

You may come any day

And have the darshana

Of Maharaj, and get your wishes fulfilled."

Bankatlal was a moneylender.

There were many in Pimpalgaon,

Who owed him money.

So they were under obligations.

None could stop Bankatlal,

From taking Maharaj

Away from them.

On way to Shegaon,

Maharaj said to Bankatlal,

"Oh Bankata,

What is this?

I think this is your usual way,

As a moneylender,

Of forcibly taking goods

Belonging to others.

You moneylenders

Are not ashamed to do so.

Laxmi ¾ the goddess of wealth,

Better half of Shri Vishnu ¾

The Lord of the universe,

Laxmi, who can command

Everything in this world,

Is locked up by you

In your steel box !

And you locked me too.

Seeing the plight of the Mother Laxmi,

I ran away from you to the forest."

Bankatlal smiled and said

In an humble subdued tone,

"Maharaj, Mother Laxmi

Was never afraid of getting locked.

She continued to stay in my home,

Because you preferred to stay there.

It is well known

That mother will stay

Where the child is.

As for me, I regard

You as my wealth.

Any other wealth is meaningless to me.

That is why

I have come over here

To take you back home.

This home is no more belongs to me.

Its’s yours. You are the owner and master

How can this humble servant

Disobey you now?

You are free to do as you wish.

My humble request is

You should not leave Shegaon.

Cows leave their calves

But do they not return home at dusk?

So you may go anywhere

To shower blessings

But do not forget us.

We want you to stay

in Shegaon permanently."

Thus did Bankatlal

Persuade Maharaj.

So Maharaj returned home

To Shegaon along with Bankatlal.

A few days later

On one fine morning,

He left in the early hours of morning,

And nobody knew it.

Maharaj left Shegaon,

As freely as morning breeze.

He walked fast towards Adgaon.

It was the month of Vaishakha

The Sun was bright.

Hot winds blew everywhere.

Maharaj was walking

All the time from the morning

And was now nearing Akoli ¾

A village on the way to Adgaon.

It was noon time,

The sun was hot in the sky.

Maharaj was thirsty.

The heat parched his lips.

But there was no water anywhere.

Maharaj saw one farmer.

His name was Bhaskar.

He was working in a field.

Farmer are great.

They work hard,

In the hot sun,

And during the rains,

and produce grains

And feed the world.

Bhaskar was labouring in the field.

He had brought a pitcher of water

And kept it under a bush.

It was usual for a farmer.

To take bhakar and a pitcher of water,

And to work from morn to noon,

And then to have his meal

Under the shade of a tree if any.

And then after resting a while

To work again till dusk.

Maharaj saw Bhaskar

And his water pot

Under a bush.

Maharaj asked him for water to drink,

For was it not the kindest thing in the world

To offer cool drinking water to a thirsty man?

The rich spend money

and make arrangements

for cool drinking water on the roadside.

And thus gain merit,

For a better life in the next world.

Maharaj begged Bhaskar

For a little water to quench his thirst.

Bhaskar did not give it,

But said it to Maharaj,

"What merit shall I gain

By giving water to you,

Who are worthless

And good for nothing?

You are a naked beggar,

And although you are

Healthy and well-fed,

You won’t work.

What benefit am I going to get

By giving water to a lazy one like you?

I have brought the pitcher

All the way from home

On my head and I won’t

Waste if over you.

Don’t you know that water

Is scarce in Akoli?

You may get ghee

But not water, if you ask for it.

So, make yourself scarce,

Don’t pester me,

I shall be the last person

To give you water.

Lazy fellows like you

Do not deserve any sympathy."

Maharaj simply smiled

When Bhaskar bombarded

Him with these words.

He simply turned away

And proceeded towards

Something which looked like a well.

Bhaskar shouted,

"Oh you fool of a person,

Why go there ! the well is dry.

You won’t find water

Anywhere within a couple of miles around here."

Maharaj said, "May be, as you say,

The well is dry.

But men, women and children

Need water during these hot days,

More so when they come to this fields.

If I pray for them,

God may help me."

So saying, Maharaj

Came near the well

And looked into it,

And then sat under a tree

With eyes closed.

"Oh Narayana, Wamana,

Pradyumana, Raghava,

Oh Vitthala, Narahari," said Maharaj,

"Water is scarce

In this village.

Children, women and men

Find it hard to live without water.

They have to go a long way

To bring a pitcherful of water.

Oh Panduranga, you are great,

You can work miracles.

You saved the kittens

When Gora Kumbhar baked

The earthen pots.

You saved Prahlad

By emerging out of a pillar.

You saved the cowherd boys

By sheltering them under Govardhana.

You saved Damaji

And Chokha.

For Namadeo,

You made water available

In the desert land of Rajasthan.

Won’t you, oh Narayana,

Do something for the people here?"

While Maharaj was still praying,

Water gushed from the rocks

And filled the well.

There was a glow of happiness

On Maharaj’s face.

God is great.

Things impossible become possible.

Maharaj quenched his thirst

With fresh water.

Bhaskar’s surprise knew no bounds,

For he knew it well

That the well

Was totally dry for the last twelve years.

How could this naked fakir

Fill it with cool water in a moment?

Surely he no ordinary man.

Bhaskar ran to him

And fell prostrate before Maharaj.

He cursed himself

For having spoken harsh words

For having insulted Maharaj.

He praised Maharaj

And solicited his favour.

He repented.

He besought Maharaj

Not to leave him thereafter.

Bhaskar said,

"This maya is false.

God alone is great and real.

Would Maharaj favour him?"

Maharaj said to Bhaskar,

"Oh Bhaskar, be calm and don’t weep.

I have filled the well for you.

You need not bring pitcher of

Water on your weary head.

What more do you want now?

Cultivate an orchard."

Bhaskar said, "Maharaj,

Please do not allure me any more.

I know for certain,

That the well was dry

For so many years.

It is you who have

Dynamited it with

Your miraculous power.

This is no ordinary water.

It is the spring of your love.

I shall raise here now

The garden of devotion,

I shall plant the trees of

Righteous behavior

In this soil of fine sentiments

Good actions will blossom here.

No more of barns and bullocks now !"

Oh you, listeners,

See what a tremendous change

Was brought about in Bhaskar

By a few moments with Maharaj.

That is why Tukaram says

"Even particles of dust

Attached to the feet of saint,

Would work miracles."

The darshan of a real saint,

Is a golden event in the life

Of a real sadhaka.

When the people came to know

Of this event, they ran to the spot

And had their fill

Of cool drinking water.

They shouted in unison,

"Victory to Gajanan Maharaj."

"Victory to Gajanan Maharaj."



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