Dasganu Maharaj was born in Akolner in Ahamednagar distict of Maharaashtra satate, India. His original name is Ganesh Dattatreya Sahastrabuddhe. 
Actually he was Kirtankar. Bhaktileelamrita and Santakathamrita are among his all welknown books. He has also written commetries on Amritanubhav, Bhavartha manjiri, Naradabhakti sutra bodhini and Ishavasya bodhini. In Gajanan Vijay there are 21 chapters and of 3668 ovis. But total number of written by hin in all the books is about 2,00,000. Actually it is very hard to translate with proper English words for Marsthi words, but then also made meaningful and easy to read and make Parayan. Here is glossary added at the end of 21st adhyay that will be helpful to refresh the devotees who are on the path of devotion and almighty Gurudatta. Sri Dasganu Maharaj, the famous poet and biographer of saints, wrote Gajanan Vijay pothi, the biography of Gajanan Maharaj. This book has a great spiritual value and it is always in any language because Bhakti has no words, it ia a mind reflaction.
India is a galaxy of saints and Gajanan Maharaj Maharaj is one of the Sun in it.  
Sri Gajanan Maharaj's first appearance was in Shegaon on 23rd February 1878. Gajanan Maharaj used to lie anywhere, eat anything,wear any piece of cloth or move naked. Gajanan Maharaj entered in maha samadhi on 18th September 1910 at 8 A.M. There was a great crowd chanting almighty Gurudatta name.


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