Salutations to Ganesh !

Victory be to the luminescent self!

Oh Govind, Oh Shrinivas,

Oh, Paresh, the essence of joy,

Protect me, oh you, the brother of the afflicted.

Oh, Keshava, the crusher of Keshi,

Oh, Madhava, Madhusudana,

Oh, the one who sucked away

The life from Putana.

Oh, Panduranga, the master of Rukmini,

Oh, Chakrapani, you know

What I desire.Oh Padmanabh

Why do you want me to be vocal?

It is laid down in the puranas

That whatever a devotee desires,

God fulfils,

Oh Pandharinath, be soft towards me.

Fulfil all my desires.

This humble Dasaganu

Is your slave.

A devotee by name Bayaja

Stayed in Mundagaon.

She belonged to the gardener caste.

She used to grow turmeric in her garden.

Her father’s name was Shivaram

And her mother was Bhulabai.

Bayaja was married while she was

Yet a child. When she came of age,

Her father reached her to her husband.

But it transpired

That the husband was impotent.

Bayaja’s mother wept bitterly.

She told her husband Shivaram

To dissolve the marriage

And seek another match for Bayaja’s.

Shivaram was, however,hopeful.

He thought that medicine

Would cure the husband

And that he would regain his virility.

So he asked Bayaja to stay on

With her in-laws.

Bayaja was young and beautiful.

Her brother-in-low coveted her.

He tried to persuade Bayaja

To yield to him.

Bayaja refused.

She prayed to God,

And tried to merge herself

In the holy worship.

One day the brother-in-law

Entered into Bayaja’s room

And express his evil motive.

Bayaja told him

That elder brother-in-law

Is almost in the position of a father.

When the brother-in-law

Was going to lay his hand

On Bayaja, his elder son

Fell from the first floor,

And got a sharp bleeding wound

On his head. There was a loud noise.

The brother-in-law left the place

In haste, and Bayaja was saved.

The brother-in-law repented.

later, Shivaram took away

Bayaja from her husband’s place.

Bhulabai persuaded Shivaram

To accompany her to Shegaon,

So that she would narrate her woes

To Maharaj and place her daughter

At his feet.

They came to Shegaon

And Bhulabai laid her daughter

On the feet of Maharaj

And prayed that Bayaja should have children.

Maharaj smiled and said,

"She is not destined to have children,

All men are her children.

Do not take troubles of

Remarrying her."

Shivaram was sorry to hear this

And so was Bhulabai.

But Bayaja was happy

And she became an ardent

Disciple of Maharaj since then.

She used to visit Shegaon

Accompanied by Pundalik from Mundgaon.

Her parents were happy.

They thought that Maharaj

Would make her husband potent.

But others in the village scandalized

Bayaja and Pundalik.

They all then came to Maharaj

And Maharaj told them

That Pundalik was Bayaja’s brother

In their last birth.

And that they were continue

To remain so through this life.

Parents were assured

About the purity and chastity

Of their daughter.

There was one medical officer

By name Bhau Rajaram Kavar.

He was stationed at Khamgaon.

Once he suffered from a boil.

Doctors and specialists were consulted.

Surgeons from Buldhana, Akola and Amravati

Were consulted.

Medicines, poultices were resorted to.

The boil was surgically opened

And yet the wound did not heal.

Bhau’s elder brother was worried.

He could not see the younger brother

Suffer so much pain.

Bhau at last surrendered completely

To Maharaj and supplicated to him.

The night advanced

And at about 1.00 a.m.

A well decorated bullock-cart

Led by a pair of Khillari bullocks

Came there with gingling bells.

Doctor was watching the canopied bullock-cart

From his sick bed.

A Brahmin got down from the cart

And knocked at the door.

Doctor’s brother opened the door

And enquired the Brahmin as to

From where he came.

The Brahmin said, "I am Gaja.

I have come from Shegaon

With the holy water and ashes.

Please apply these ashes

To the boil

And let the patient swallow the holy water."

He gave both the things to the brother of the doctor

And hastened back to the cart

And went away.

The brother applied the ashes to the boil

And made the doctor drink the tirtha.

The boil oozed profusely.

And after about a couple of hours

The doctor slept well.

The elder brother sent for the Brahmin.

But he could not be traced.

None had seen the canopied bullock-cart.

The doctor recovered from the illness

And then went to Shegaon

To see Maharaj.

To him Maharaj said,

"Oh, you did not even give

A bit of grass to my pair of bullocks,

The doctor understood

The significance of this remark,

And was overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude.

It was verily Maharaj

Who had come there

To rescue his dear devotee

From the deadly disease.

Kavar, thereafter, distributed

Food to the poor to express joy of his recovery.

Once Maharaj thought of

Visiting Pandharpur to see Viththal.

Jagu Aba, Hari Patil and

Bapuna, all these left Shegaon

And came to Nagzari along with Maharaj.

At Nagzari, there is one tunnel

In the open land where

Gomaji Maharaj once lived.

He took samadhi over there.

Gomaji, was the guru of Maharaj Patil.

It was he who first blessed

The line of Patils of Shegaon.

So it is customary to bow before

Gomaji and then proceed to

Any other place of Pilgrimage.

So, all of them boarded the train

After visiting Nagzari, and

Proceeded to Phandharpur.

Maharaj was with Hari Patil

And there were about fifty of them,

Headed by Bapuna Kale and others.

It was the ninth day

Of the bright fortnight of Ashadh.

The pilgrims were pouring into Pandharpur.

Showers used to drench the pilgrims.

It was as if the ocean of humanity

Surged in that holy land of Pandharpur.

The palanquins of the sages 

Nivrittinath, Jnyaneshwar,

Sawata Mali and Gora Kumbhar,

Tukaram and Sopan, Mukta,

And Janardan Swami

All thronged on the streets of Pandharpur.

The air was rent fragrant

With bukka and flowers of tulsi,

Maharaj made himself comfortable

In a bungalow belonging to Kukaji Patil.

The temple was Viththal was overcrowded.

All the piligrims from Shegaon

Except Bapuna, went to the temple.

Bapuna had been to the river for a bath

And was left back.

When he learnt that everyone

Had gone to the temple,

He hurried there, but could not enter

The temple as there were large crowds

On the way.

Bapuna was feeling forlorn,

He prayed to Viththal,

"Oh Viththal, you had given darshan

To Sawata, by leaving your temple

And going to Aran which was eight kosa away,

I am so near your temple

And yet I cannot have your darshan."

In the evening Bapuna returned

Tired and disappointed.

The others who had returned

After darshan scoffed to him

And said that Bapuna was a fool,

That Bapuna lacked devotion.

They derided Bapuna,

Saying that he was a vedantin

And therefore, was seeing Lord

In everyone.

Bapuna was thus jeered at

By all his companions.

Maharaj was looking at Bapuna

With immense love.

He then said to Bapuna,

"Look, I shall show you Pandurang."

Maharaj stood up, fixed up his legs

In the equated posture.

Bapuna looked at Maharaj

And verily he saw Pandurang.

He fell prostrate before Maharaj

And the next moment when he looked up

Maharaj was his original self.

When others heard of this,

They insisted that Maharaj

Should give them darshan.

Maharaj said upto them,

"Be first pure and simple

Like Bapuna, then alone

You will see me in the

Form of Pandurang."

All the piligrims from Shegaon

Returned. Bapuna was after some time

Blessed with a child.

He named him after Namadeo

As he was born after Bapuna’s visit to Pandharpur.

One Pilgrim from Vidarbha

Hailing from Kavatha Bahadur

Lodged in the bungalow of Kukaju Patil.

They insisted that Maharaj

On the twelfth day of Ashadh

Cholera broke out in Pandharpur.

Police forcibly entered every house, drove the pilgrims

Beyond Chandrabhaga.

The pilgrim from Kavathe Bahadur

Had an attack of cholear.

He was week and his pulse was languid

And he had no strength to hold himself up.

Nobody cared for him,

And nobody informed the police

For fear of being driven away.

They started for Shegaon,

Leaving the pilgrim to his fate.

Maharaj looked at the pilgrim

And asked others to carry him with them.

They refused as he was suffering from cholera.

They told Maharaj, if their group

Would catch the infection, they would be no more.

Maharaj said, "it is not good

To leave our brother

In such a predicament."

So saying, Maharaj went near him

And lifted him up and asked

Him to return home.

The pilgrim said that his end was near

And that he would not now return home.

Maharaj gave him hope and placed his hand

On his head, and lo, the purging stopped,

Strength returned to his feet,

He stood up on his legs

And accompanied the party home.

How can the god of death

Prevail upon a person blessed by a saint?

All of them thus crossed Chandraghaga

And came to the railway station-Kurduwadi.

Once a Brahmin came to Shegaon,

Hearing about Maharaj

He was an observer of ritualistic purity

And he belonged to the sect of Madhvas.

He was surprised to see

That Maharaj and others near him

Did not observe ritualistic purity.

He was surprised to find a dead dog

On the doorsteps of the math.

The Brahmin thought to himself,

"How is it that these men are not

Removing the dead dog?

These are all ugly and dirty men,

In vain have I come here !

As he was musing thus

Maharaj came towards him

And told him not to bear any doubt

And that the dog was not dead.

The Brahmin said that he was not

As mad as the one with whom he was talking.

But Maharaj bade the Brahmin

To follow him so that a pitcher of water

Would be brought.

They returned to the dog

And Maharaj touched the dog

And sprinkled some water over it.

And lo ! the dog wagged its tail

And sat up !

The Brahmin’s surprise knew to bounds,

He now lay prostrate before Maharaj

And praised him for his purity

In thought and deed.

The Brahmin offered a puja

In the math and returned home

With the knowledge

That Maharaj was the messenger of God.

Let this Gajanan Vijay

Show the path of devotion

To the devotees !



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