Salutations to Ganesh !

Oh, lord of Rukmini,

Resident on the bank of Chandrabhaga,

Oh Vishnu, bestower of blessings

On the virtuous.

Oh the sanctifier of the unholy,


The greatness of the great

Depends upon the relative smallness of the small.

If there were no unholy men,

Whom would the Lord sanctify?

The miracle-stone converts iron into gold.

That is why it is precious.

Godavari would accept even a rivulet

As her tributary.

And so she is regarded as a holy river.

So I beseech Thee, oh Lord,

Succour this humble Dasaganu

Once Govindbuwa Taklikar

Arrived is Shegaon.

He was a kirtankar

Motey, the money lender,

Had reconstructed

An old Shiva temple.

So Govindbuwa came there

To perform the kirtan.

It is seldom that the rich

Care to repair or build temples.

They are generally attached

To their goods and possessions.

So, Govindbuwa came for kirtana.

In those days, kirtankar

Had to travel

From place to place, on a horse back.

Govindbuwa had a naughty horse.

It used to kick

Anyone with its hind legs.

It used to bite severely

with its sharp teeth.

Govindbuwa came there

And tied the horse

In the temple courtyard

With an ordinary rope,

As the iron chains were left

Inadvertently at home in Takli.

The horse could have broken the rope

As it was so accustomed.

So that day the horse remained

Tied with worn away rope.

After the kirtan

Buwa went to bed.

When the night advanced

And darkness increased,

An owl began to hoot

And other birds also wailed bitterly.

After a while, it was all calm.

Maharaj came there

Possibly to set the naughty horse right.

He came and slept

Below the belly of the horse.

Maharaj was singing his usual song

"Gani Gana Ganat Botey"

Now what can this song mean?

Can this mean that

"Consider, O Mind,

That thou art

To be counted as one

With that Divine self

Which encompasseth

The whole of this universe?"

Some say Maharaj used to recite

"Gina Gina Ginata Botey"

Whatever might be the meaning,

Let us go ahead with the incident

In connection with the naughty horse.

Maharaj came at the dead of the night

And slept in the space

Between the fore and hind limbs of the horse.

All the time he was singing,

"Gani Gana Ganat Botey"

Maharaj was as if roping the horse

With this mantram

To make the horse docile.

Govindbuwa had a light sleep.

Often he used to get up

And see whether the horse

Had run away.

The motionlessness of the horse

Baffled Govindbuwa.

The beast was never so clam.

Govindbuwa came and saw

Someone sleeping under the horse.

He recognized Maharaj

And the mystery was clear.

How could the horse be turbulent

In the presence of the peace giving Majaraj?

Govindbuwa praised Maharaj

For having cured such a

bad horse of his noxious habits.

Govindbuwa said,

"The horse or pony of Kirtankara

Should be docile

Should a shepherd rear a tiger?

This horse was causing great anxiety to me

All the time. None would even

Buy it from me.

None would even accept it

As a free gift."

Maharaj said to the horse,

"Are you aware that you are

Before Shiva? Give up all your

Bad habits and be a good horse.

Be as calm and quiet as an ox."

Maharaj left the place.

Next day Govindbuwa

Rode to the orchard.

All the men and women of Shegaon

Knew the naughty horse.

They said to Govindbuwa,

"Why have you brought

This naughty horse here in the orchard?

The horse will hurt

Children and women,

Who are working in the orchard."

Govindhbuwa smiled and said,

"My horse is changed.

Maharaj has blessed it.

Look, I need not tie it.

It will stand motionless

Under this tamarind tree."

It did. There were green vegetables

In the orchard. There was green grass.

The horse stood where it was.

So Govindbuwa came to the shed

And recited a shloka

"By your grace, even an evil person is

changed. Even the wish-yielding stone is of no use

when you are there. Oh Lord, place your hands on

my head and bless me."

Govindbuwa went away

With his horse

Which was now thoroughly docile.

Everyday many people used to come

To Shegaon. Each used to come

with a certain motive.

Once two persons from Balapur came.

Earlier they had decided to bring ganja for Maharaj

But while coming they had forgotten

This inspite of tying knots on their garment

Next time also they forget.

So when they prostrated before Maharaj,

Maharaj said, "See the way of the worldly people.

They tie a knot to remember things

And yet forget.

Even high caste Brahmins

Also are forgetful. They do not

Keep their word and

Fulfil their promise.

Of all the persons,

Brahmins should never be forgetful.

They decide to offer something,

And fail to do so.

There should be unity in words

And deeds.

Men should be pure in heart

Then only, oh Bhaskar,

The Blue one will favour them."

The two persons heard this.

They felt ashamed

And were surprised to know

That Maharaj knew their intention.

They thought of leaving the place

And getting some ganja from somewhere.

Maharaj said, "Please now

Don’t leave the place just now.

I do not hanker after ganja

What I wanted was that

You should be true to yourselves.

God only blesses those

Who are sincere and true

In their words and deeds.

Now go. Your problem will be solved.

Next week you should

Visit this place, five times.

Here stays Shankar,

The consort of Mrudani.

It is his favour that made

Kuber the lord of wealth.

Go and bow before Him

and do not forget to bring ganja."

So those two men bowed before Shankar

And returned to Balapur.

Next week their problem was solved,

And they returned with the

Offering of ganja.

Here is another story

Of Balkrishna, a devotee of Ramdas.

His wife Putalabai was also

A great devotee.

They used to visit Sajjangarh

Every year and that, too, on foot.

They used to hire one pony

For carrying their baggage.

And what was the baggage?

A patched up rug, a walking stick

And the "Dasabodha,

The book of advice by Ramadas

Balkrishna was a simple soul.

He was not puffed up with pride.

On the way he used to ask for alms

And cook the food

And offer it to Ram.

He used to sing bhajans

Accompanied by the rhythm

Of cymbals and Putalabai

Used to beat the musical brass plates in unison.

On the way,

They used to visit Sajjangarh

Khamgaon, Mehekar, Deolgaon Raja.

They used to pay their respects

Tt the shrine of Anandiswami at Jalna,

And used to stay for three days

At Jamb

The birth place of Samartha

Thence, they used to proceed to Divra.

And after worshipping the river

Godavari used to proceed to Bhir and

To Ambejogai. On the way

They used to visit the shrines

Of Baleshwara at Mohori

And of Kalyan at Domgaon.

They used to visit Narsingpur

And Pandharpur and Shinganapur.

As also Wai and Satara.

They used to reach Sajjangrah

On the 9 th day of the dark fortnight of magha.

They used to feed the Brahmins

To the extent possible.

Balkrishna was a real Ramadasi.

Now a days such Ramadasis are rare.

Balkrishna used to return

At the end of three days.

In this way he used to visit every year.

Now he was sixty.

On the 12th day of the dark fortnight

Of magha Balkrishna

Sat near the samadhi of Samartha,

With tearful eyes.

He besought Samartha,

"I shall not be able to

Come over here, hereafter on foot

Or even by taking resort to a vehicle.

Oh Mother, you know. This body

Is failing me now."

Having prayed thus he went to bed.

In the early morning Balkrishna

Had a pleasant dream.

He saw Samartha before him.

Samartha assured him,

And told him that he need not

Visit Sajjangarh thereafter.

That Samartha would come on

The next occasion

On the said ninth day

At Balapur.

He asked Balkrishna

To celebrate the festival there.

Balkrishna was overjoyed.

He returned home with his wife.

Next year Balkrishna commenced

The celebrations at his residence

On the first day of Magh.

Dasagodha was being read,

Kirtans were being sung during night

Brahmins were being fed at noon.

Aratrikam were being said in the evening.

The residents of Balapur

Contributed liberally for the festival.

On the ninth day,

While the image of Ram was being anointed,

Gajanan Maharaj appeared

In the door of Balkrishna.

All the men were surprised.

Balkrishna was very happy

When he heard that Maharaj had come.

Balkrishna said to himself,

"I am expecting

Samartha. He had promised me to come.

On the ninth day."

As he was musing thus,

Maharaj sang

Lord Ram retransformed

Ahilya into human form

Who was lying as a stone,

With the divine touch of

His holy feet, and made her

A heavenly soul.

Ahilya shila Raghave mukta keli

Padi lagata divya hovoni geli

Hearing the resonant words

Balkrishna ran towards the doors

And saw Maharaj in his glory.

As he bowed down, he saw

That he was standing before

Samartha Ramdas with his usual stick in one hand,

With his long matted hair

Rolling on his sturdy back.

There was a triple ash mark

On the forehead,

The lion cloth had the usual

Hirmuji colour.

Seeing him on his door steps,

Balkrishna’s joy knew no bounds.

Tears of joy rolled down his eyes.

In a moment the form of Ramadas

Would disappear,

And Gajanan Maharaj

Would appear instead.

The forms of these two great saints

Appeared and disappeared

Intermittently, as if on the screen

Of a cinema house.

Balkrishna was dumbfounded.

Then spake Gajanan Maharaj,

"Oh Balkrishna, do not be astonished.

I am Samartha, your cherished diety

Of Sajjangarh.

I had promised you that I shall come here

On the ninth day of Magh.

So I have come.

Now a days I stay in Shegaon.

How is it that you forget the soul

And remember the outer body?

Have you not read in the Gita,

That just as people

Throw away the worn-out garments

And take on the new ones,

Similarly the soul casts away

The worn out body and

Assumes a fresh one.

"Come on, give me a seat."

So saying, Maharaj

Followed Balkrishna in the house

And sat on a large wooden seat.

When people from Balapur

Heard that Gajanan Maharaj

Was in Balapur,

They ran towards Balkrishna’s house.

Balkrishna, however, could not decide

Whether he was honouring Gajanan Maharaj

Or Samartha

The sun set on the horizon

And night advanced and

Everyone was asleep.

Balkrishna again witnessed a dream.

Samartha was telling him.

That Gajanan was his recent form

Residiing in Shegaon of Vidarbha.

Samartha advised him to

Worship Gajanan in the usual way.

Balkrishna woke up in the dead of the night

And fell at the feet of Maharaj.

Said he to Maharaj,

"The Maharaj is fulfilled

The ninth day celebrations

Are accomplished in the

Same way I desired.

Now bless this humble soul

And stay here for a few days."

Maharaj said that he

Would return to Balapur

After a few days.

And saying this Maharaj had his food

And went to Shegaon,

And reached Shegaon in a moment.

Nobody saw him on the way.

Let this book written by Dasaganu

Bless the devotees.


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