Salutations to Ganesh !

Oh Ram, the son of Kausalya,

The glory of the line of Raghus,

Oh the compassionate one!

Bestow your favour on this humble child.

You favoured Tratika.

Ahalya was a stone slab,

You restored her life.

You restored her to life.

You fulfilled Shabari’s wish

To serve the sweet berries to you.

You renounced the throne

And went to forest

To bless your devotees.

You infused strength

Into the monkeys of the forest.

Stone slabs imprinted with your name

Would float on the roaring seas.

You made Bibhishan

The lord of Lanka.

All those who surrendered themselves

To you, You warded off

Their dangers and helped them

In their difficulties

And bestowed on them

Happiness eternal.

Now where this Dasaganu,

Who is a bereaved babe,

Will go? You are his mother.

You are his guru.

You are like a ship in the ocean of life.

You are the wishe yielding tree

To your devotees.

There was a poor Brahmin

By name Bandu Tatya.

He resided in a village in Taluq Mehekar.

He was a householder,

And though poor, was righteous

And generous at heart.

Many guest used to visit him often

And Bandu Tatya used to offer

Hospitality to one and all.

To him guest were gods.

All his money used to get spent up

And at times he had to borrow

From a money-lender

In order to feast his guests.

The borrowing increased

And he was heavily indebted.

He sold everything he had.

And yet could not get his debts cleared.

All his utensils were mortgaged

Or were sold and the creditors

Could not be satisfied.

They used to send men to him

To collect their dues.

His wife and children

Hated him and used harsh words.

None would give Bandu Tatya

Anything on loannot even

A measureful of flour for his evening meal.

Bandu Tatya thought of ending his life.

But how would he get

An effective dose of opium?

He had no money.

If he would throw himself

Into a well, someone would pull him up,

And they will scoff at him

And jeer at him.

He will have no place

To hide himself.

At last he thought of

Going to the Himalayas.

He had a last glance

At his home.

He put on a lion cloth

And covered himself with ashes

So that none should identify him.

A man with self respect

Can’t bear hateful glances of others.

Bandu Tatya prayed silently,

"Oh Chakrapani, why did you

Deal with me so?

You can make a paupera prince

The puranas say so,

But did they lie?

Or else how should I

Who have complete faith in you,

Suffer like this?

I shall now kill myself in Haradwar

And you would be responsible for my death."

So saying, he went to the railway station

To purchase a ticket for Haradwar

One Brahmin met him at the station

And advised him to have darshan of Maharaj,

"The darshan of a holy man

Is always beneficial.

Do not take any

Hasty step" When the Brahmin said so,

Bandu Tatya was confounded.

He did not know

Who the Brahmin was and

Why should he spoil his plan?

But any way he went to Shegaon

And as he stood before Maharaj,

Maharaj smiled and said,

"Bandu Tatya, why do you want to

Give up this body in the Himalayas?

Don’t you know, it is a sin

To kill oneself. Men should

Never give up hope. One should

Always try again and again

to succeed in life.

Even if you kill yourself,

You may be born again

To settle your accounts

And may suffer more

In the next birth.

So, abandon this idea

Of throwing yourself in the Ganga

At Haradwar,

Go home, and do not waste time here.

Could your recognize

The one, who met you at the station?

When you will reach home,

Go to your orchard.

There is one image of mhasoba

In your orchard

And to its east there is one

Acacia tree. After midnight,

You dig at the root of the acacia tree.

Do this yourself.

If you dig three feet deep,

You will get the hidden treasure.

You pay off your creditors.

Do not abandon your wife and children

And do not become a fake sadhu."

When Bandu Tatya heard this,

he rubbed off the ashes

And wore his dhoti

And returned home to Kharda.

At the dead of night

He went to the image of mhasoba

And thence to the acasia tree,

And there he dug up three feet deep.

He struck a copper pot

Covered with a circular disc.

The pot contained coins of pure gold

Four hundred in number !

Bandu Tatya was overjoyed

And he danced and sang

The praise of Gajanan Maharaj.

He settled his debts

And the orchard,

Which was mortgaged, was redeemed.

With the grace of Maharaj,

Bandu Tatya was settled again,

It was a miracle,

As if a dying man

Getting nectar or a man

Sinking in the sea, of being pulled up

Into a salvaging ship.

Bandu Tatya came back to Shegaon

And gave large sums in donation

And sat at the feet of Maharaj.

Maharaj said upto him,

"Why do you bow before me?

Bow, before him who has given you gold !

Now, be careful hereafter

And do not be extrabagant.

Men will befriend you

When you are rich,

But will forsake you,

When you are penniless.

Be devoted to God.

He alone is your saviour

In adversity."

After hearing the advice,

Bandu Tatya returned home,

He was happy ever afterwords.

Once there was a somavati parva

When the amavasya falls on Mondey,

It is called somavati parva.

It is laid dowm in the puranas

That a bath in the Narmada

On such a day is blessed.

So the devotees from Shegaon

Desired to go to the holy river.

Martand Patil, Bankatlal,

Maruti Chandrabhan and Bajaranglal

All decided to visit Omkareshwar.

Bankatlal said, "Let us take

Maharaj with us." All the four

Came to the math and

Entreated Maharaj to accompany them.

They said, "You are our mother.

"Mother alone has right to place us

At the feet of Omkareshwar.

Unless you come and place us in the lap of Narmada,

We won’t budge from here.

Does not a mother fulfils

The wish of a child,

Howsoever, strange it be?"

Maharaj said unto them,

"I shall bathe in the Narmada

Right here in this math.

Better you go to Omkareshwar

And have a holy bath there.

It is a holy place

Where the great king

Mandhata ruled and

Gained glory

Which reached the farthest

Corners of the earth.

It is a place

Where the great Shankaracharya

Was initiated by his guru

The ParamhansaGovindapada

To enlighten the world.

So go quick but

Do not ask me to come.

The Somavati Parva

Has no significance for me."

When the four devotees

Heard this, they touched Maharaj feet

And insisted on his coming,

"We shall return soon," said they,

Maharaj said, "You are hypocrites,

The water of the Narmada is also

In the well of this math.

If we go there,

The Narmada will be offended.

Listen, I am telling you

What is beneficial to you."

But Maruti and Chandrabhan said

That they won’t go unless with Maharaj.

Maharaj said, "Do not blame me

If any untoward incident takes place.

So, at last they took Maharaj

With them and left the math for Omkareshwar.

All the ghats of the Narmada

Were full of men and women

Who had assembled there for the parva.

They were motely crowds.

Some were bathing,

Some were Chanting stotras,

some were hastening to the temple

With flowers in their hands.

There were groups of singers

Singing bhajans.

The temple was overcrowded

For the ritual-bath of the deity.

Maharaj sat in a lotus posture

On the bank of the great river.

The four devotees went to the temple

And returned after darshan.

They wanted to return now.

The roads were full

And the bullocks of their cart

Were naughty and would drag

The cart away from the road.

The cart-driver did not tell them this

And had contracted to take them

Back to the railway station.

But they thought it unsafe

To go by road.

The four devotees, therefore,

Asked Maharaj if journey by a boat would be safer.

Maharaj said, "Do as you like. I shall sit."

So they hired a boat,

Maharaj sat in the boat

And they proceeded to Khedighat.

The boat dashed against a submerged rock

And water began to gush into the boat

Through a hole. The boatman

Jumped into the river. But Maharaj

Was in his usual mood

Singing his usual song

"Gana Gana Ganat Botey"

Martand, Bajarang and Maruti

Were all terribly afraid,

And so was Bankatlal.

There hearts beat fast,

They solicited Maharaj to save them, 

"We did not listen to you

And forcibly brought you here,

That is why we are in great danger.

The very Narmada

Is bent upon drowing us.

Oh, our revered guru,

We shall implicity obey you

Hereafter. But save us.

Shall we not see our

Near and dear ones in Shegaon?"

While they were saying so,

The boat was half filled with water

and drifted a furlong away.

People on the banks

were shouting at them.

They thought them

To have been almost drowned.

The water was very deep there

And the current was strong.

At that moment, Maharaj

Smiled and said,

"Be not afraid. Mother Narmada

Won’t harm you, you are

Safe on her lap." So saying,

Maharaj recited a stotra.

The four devotees sat in the boat

With folded hands.

"Narmade mangale devi

Reve ashubhanashini

Mantu kshama sari yancha

Dayalu hovoni mani."

(Oh Narmade, the auspiciout goddess,

Reve, the destroyer of ills. Forgive them

If they have offended you. Be kind to them.)

While Maharaj recited the above stotra.

Water in the boat oozed out,

The hole was plugged by the

Narmada herself. The boat

Rose to its original level.

The Narmada was physically visible to them.

She wore a fisherman’s dress

Which clung around her,

Her hair was curly.

The boat touched the bank

And everyone was surprised

To see the large hole

At the bottom of the boat.

The devotees prayed to her

And offered her a dry sari,

But she refused to take,

And said she was the daughter

Of a fisherman by name Omkara

"We are accustomed

To wear wet clothes. Please do no worry," said she,

"I am always in water,

Water is my another form."

She bowed before Maharaj

And disappeared

Even as the lighting

Disappears in the dark clouds.

The four devotees were now all joy.

They knew that the Narmada

Had come there to have darshan

Of Maharaj.

Oh the glory of Maharaj!

Bankat asked Maharaj,

Who the woman was

He prayed that Maharaj

Would reveal her true nature.

Maharaj replied, "did not you hear

What she said? The fisherman Omkar

Is none else than Omkareshwar.

Did not she say that water was

Her another form? Why do you

Disbelieve her? She always helps

Those who are in danger.

Come on. Sing her praise

"Oh Narmada, glory be to you,

Oh mother, protect us always!"

Bankatlal and others

Touched Maharaj’s feet

When he revealed to them

The glory of the Narmada.

They returned to Shegaon and

Told this miracle to one and all.

Once, one Sadashiv Rangnath Wanwale

Came with someone to see Maharaj,

Sadashiv alias Tatya

Was a disciple of Madhaonath

Who had a large following in Malwa.

When Sadashiv came,

Maharaj was taking his meal.

Seeing Sadashiv, Maharaj

Remembered his guru Madhaonath.

Maharaj bade his disciples

To usher Sadashiv

To him. He said unto them,

Had they come a bit earlier,

They would have met their guru

Who had been there a moment before.

Madhaonath went away

Without taking the betel leaves

Maharaj embraced Wanwale

Even as he would embrace

The children of his brother.

Maharaj honoured Wanwale

As was usual with him

And bade Wanwale

Visit his guru Madhaonath,

And give him the betel leaves

with the message

"We dined together, but you left

Without taking the betal leaves

They were left over there;

I have brought the same to you, Nath."

Wanwale listened to what

Maharaj said, and taking the

Two betel leaves,

Went to his guru, Madhaonath,

Asked Madhaonath, whether

He had been to Shegaon.

Madhaonath said,

"What is heard is true.

Gajanan Maharaj remembered me,

And I had been there.

We usually meet like this.

We both have different bodies,

But one chaitanya

Reverberates in both the places.

You may not understand this right now,


It is good that you brought

The betel leaves for me."

So saying Madhaonath,

Took the betel leaves

And pounded them in a mortar with a pestle

And eating a little of it

Gave a little Prasad to Wanwale.

Jnyaneshwar has narrated

The modes of meetings of saints.

Read Changadeva Pasashti.

All the doubts will dispersed

The Yogis can see each other

From a distance, can talk

And meet other.

Tukaram was in Dehu,

Shaikh Mohammed was in Shrigonde.

While the pandal caught fire

In Dehu, Shaikh Mohammed

Quenched the fire from Shrigonde.

Mahipati has recorded

Theis indcident in Bhakti Vijay.

The son of Patil

Fell into a well.

Maharaj Manik Prabhu

Went to Hali invisibly

And saved the drowning child.

Only a real saint

Can do this.

Hypocrites can’t do,

They only talk.

Yoga is a science supreme,

It should be revived

For national upliftment.

Here ends the 14th chapter

Of Gajanan Vijay,

May the reading benefit the devotees !



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