Salutions to Ganesh !

Oh vasudev, son of Devaki,

The destroyer of the danavas,

Oh, Shrihari, bless me.

I know, I am incapable

Of winning you over

With devotion. Nor can I

Follow the path of Karma.

All the scriptures which eulogies you

Are in Sanskrit.

How can I, who does not know Sanskrit

And who is a dunce,

Know your true nature?

How would a toad

Suck honey from a lotus?

Nor can I gain your favour,

By giving food to the poor,

For rich I am not. But

It is your grace

That I am poor.

Nor can I gain merit

By visiting pilgrims places.

My limbs are not strong to travel

And my eyes are failing me.

But I know

Your grace is there

And I shall enjoy it day and night.

Does anyone pay the clouds

For watering the lands?

If the clouds shower.

Wells and tanks would overflow.

Water will gush through rocks.

Dasaganu is ever hankering

For your grace.

Won’t you bless him?

Dasaganu does not aspire for anything more.

A drop of nectar

Is enough to destroy deadly diseases.

So, as said earlier, there was rivalry

Between the Deshmukhs and the Patils.

Rivalry is a destroyer

Of happiness and harmony.

Rivalry is like a tubercular growth

And it will ruin a community.

One servant of Deshmukh,

Who was duty bound to carry

The village dak, refused to do so

Marya was his name,

And he insulted Khandu Patil.

Khandu Patil was all fire

He asked Marya to behave himself.

But Marya was arrogant.

Khandu Patil struck him with a stick.

Marya fell down

And broke his bone.

He was taken to the Deshmukh,

Who was happy over this event.

The Deshmukh went to town

And lodged a complaint.

The officer ordered arrest of Khandu Patil.

Khandu Patil felt humiliated.

His brothers went to Akola,

To seek the favour of officers.

But that night,

Khandu went to Maharaj,

And prayed to him for favour.

He narrated the incident

To Maharaj, and said,

"I prefer death to disgrace.

I would prefer to get killed

At your hands rather than get handcuffed by the police."

For a man of self respect,

The tarnishing of reputation is unbearable.

Maharaj was moved.

He embraced Khandu Patil

And assured his safety.

Maharaj said,

"One who works in this world,

Often faces such grave situations.

One should be firm

The enmity between the Patils and the Deshmukhs

Is no good. Remember that

The enmity between

The Kauravas and Pandavas

Caused the Mahabharata war.

But do not be afraid now.

You will be exonerated."

Thus will the grace of Maharaj

Khandu Patil was exonerated.

So all the brothers

Became still more ardent

Disciples of Maharaj.

They entreated Maharaj

To grace their home.

Maharaj agreed and

Went to live with the Patils.

One day some Brahmins

Well versed in the Vedas came.

But they were greedy and wanted money.

They recited the Vedas.

Maharaj was taking his nap.

The Brahmins recitation was faulty

Maharaj, at once got up

And rebuked the Brahmins,

For their faulty recitation.

"Do not defiles the Vedas

With such faulty pronunciation.

Be true to your reputation

And honour the shawls

Which you are wearing."

Said Maharaj,

Maharaj then recited the riks

And asked the Brahmins

To repeat after him.

Maharaj resembled the sage Vasistha.

All the Brahmins were wonderstruck,

And they hung their faces in shame,

How could they brandish their knowledge

In face of the Sun?

Maharaj was s super Brahmin.

Was he not a jeevanmukta

Or a Siddha,

Or a liberated soul abiding in a living body?

Maharaj was as learned as Vamadeva.

Maharaj caused Khandu Patil

To pay the Brahmins a rupee each.

All the Brahmins were pleased.

They left the place joyfully.

Maharaj was tired of living among men.

Hypocrites love to stay among men

And show their powers.

But a real sage

Always hankers for a quietude.

In the north of the village,

Krishnaji Patil had his orchard.

It was a quiet place

Under a deep shade

Of margosa trees,

There was a temple of Shiva.

Krishnaji was the youngest brother

Of Khanduji Patil

Maharaj came to the orchard,

And said to Krishnaji,

"I have come here to stay

For a few days,

In the company of Bhagavan Shiva,

Bhagavan Shiva, the consort of Gauri,

Is the lord of all gods.

He taken resort

In your orchard.

So I wish to stay here

In the divine company."

So Krishnaji erected a shed of galvanized iron sheets

For Maharaj to stay.

Eventually the place was sanctified

When a king continues to stay in any town,

It becomes the capital of the state.

Maharaj stayed in the wayside orchard.

Bhaskar Patil and Tukaram Kokate

Used to attend on Maharaj.

Krishnaji made arrangements for daily meals

And used to partake of the prasad.

Once, twenty traveling mendicants

Came there and halted in the orchard.

The mendicants had heard about Maharaj,

But had no respect for him.

They went to Krishnaji and said,

"We are the travelers and have

Been visiting Gangotri, Jamnotri, Kedar,

Hinglaj, Girnar and Dakor.

We are taking Gangotri waters

To Rameshwaram. Our great leader

Swami Brahmagiri is with us.

He is a great devotee.

So, oh Krishna Patil, serve us well,

We would like to have puri and halwa

And ganja enough for three days."

Krishna Patil told them

To accept bhakaris that day

And promised to feed them

With halwa and puri next day. He further

Said that they would get,

All the ganja in the orchard,

As Shankar Bhagwan stayed there

In a human form.

So at midday, the sadhus

Took bhakaris and came to the orchard

And had their meals sitting near the well.

Barhmagiri ¾ their guru

Began reciting the Geeta.

Some men from the village

Also came and listened

The divine song.

Barhmagiri was a hypocrite.

He elucidated the shloka ¾

"Nainam chhindanti shashtrani"

The villagers did not think

The narration convincing.

They said so among themselves.

They say the sadhu is wordy.

There is no ring of truth in his explanation.

After a while the villagers

Came and sat before Maharaj,

In the shed.

The listeners said, we heard the narration,

But here is a living person

Who will exemplify Geeta.

The sadhus were offended.

They smoked and ganja and

Bhaskar gave the chilim to Maharaj

Maharaj was sitting on a wooden bedstead

A live charcoal fell on the bedstead

Nobody noticed it.

But after a while the bedstead

Caught fire.

Bhaskar asked Maharaj,

To step down from the bedstead.

Maharaj did not heed.

Bhaskar wanted to throw water

On the bedstead. Maharaj forbade him.

Maharaj then asked

Brahmagiri to come and sit there with him.

Had not Brahmagiri spoke, for an hour

On "Nainam chhindanti shashtrani"

Why was he afraid now of sitting

On the hot and burning bed?

Maharaj asked Bhaskar to bring

Brahmagiri and make him sit on the bed.

Bhaskar was a strong and stout man.

He ran towards Brahmagiri and caught him

By his strong arms.

Maharaj was least perturbed

He was sitting comfortably

On the teak wood bed now in flames.

In the days gone by,

Prahlad was thrown into flames.

Gajanan Maharaj re-enacted the event.

But fire did not burn him.

Brahmagiri was wonderstruck.

He begged Bhaskar

Not to put him forcibly on the bed.

He admitted that he was a fake sadhu.

He only relished puri and halwa.

He repented for having treated Maharaj

With contempt.

He fell prostrate before Maharaj.

Men were, by now, panicky.

They prayed Maharaj to step down and the burning bedstead collapsed.

Brahmagiri fell at the feet of Maharaj.

All his pride was washed away.

How would a thing remain unclean

When washed by gangajal?

Then during the course of night,

Maharaj propounded the rules of sanyas

Maharaj said, "Those who would

Besmear themselves with ashes

should stay unattached.

They should not give a discourse

Without experiencing the truth.

There are pundits

Who are well at the words.

But they know not the truth.

Think of the glorious heritage

Of Machchindra, Jalandhar,

Of Gorakh, Gahini and Jnyaneshwar.

They experienced the truth.

And then expounded the same.

The most revered Shankaracharya,

Was verily the embodiment of the truth.

Eknath led the life of a householder,

But he experienced the truth.

Samartha Ramdas led the life of a celibate

He also experienced Brahman.

Remember them. Do not travel

From place to place in search

Of halwa and puri."

Early in the morning,

Brahmagiri left the place all alone.

Let this proved helpful

For all the devotees.



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