Salutations to Ganesh !

Victory be to the most auspicious!

Victory be to the defenders of devotees

Victory be to the Blue One

The sanctifier of the unholy !

Oh Narayana,

You tore open the belly

Of Hiranyakashiputhe most cruel

Enemy of the virtuous.

To protect Prahlad,

You assumed the unusual form

And came out of a pillar.

You had a terrible form

With sharp teeth

And with mane, flowing on the neck.

Your eyes are red as the fire of khaira wood.

Although your form was terrible,

Your devotees were not

Afraid of you, even as the young ones

Of a tigress are not.

Seeing your terrible form,

Even Laxmi did not dare approach you,

But your devotees bow before you.

All the saints have been saying

That you always fulfil their wishes.

So now be true to your reputation

Eet this Dasaganu be fearless

With your favour.

Maharaj had many devotees

Residing in Akola, and he used

To visit them often.

There was Bapu Krishna

From Chapalgaon and

The famous Khatau family.

There was Bachchulal Gondulal,

And Jeejibai Pandit.

There were many such devotees.

How shall I describe them?

Once Maharaj came to Akola

And stayed with the Khataus,

In their spinning mill.

One Vishnusa of Malkapur

Desired that Maharaj should visit Malkapur.

He tried to convey his wish

through Bhaskar Patil.

Bhaskar Patil said to Maharaj,

"Vishnu wants you to visit him,

So let us go to Malkapur.

You have been kind

To the men and women of Shegaon.

Now devotees from Malkapur

Want you to visit them."

Maharaj said to Bhaskar,

"I do not want to come to Malkapur.

Please do not press me.

If you will take me,

You will come into trouble.

A string should not be pulled too tight

It may break.

I shall not leave this place."

But Bhaskar’s prestige was a stake.

He said to Maharaj,

"I have given Vishnusa a word,

That I shall take you to his home.

I am your beloved devotee,

Please do not fail me now.

Come, we shall go by train.

Let us go to the railway station."

Bhaskar requested the station-master

To arrange for a small vacant bogie

Of twelve seats for the use of Maharaj

And his devotees.

Maharaj sat in one place.

But when the bell rang,

Announcing the departure of the train,

Maharaj unseen by Bhaskar

Left the bogie

And entered another bogie

Which was exclusively

Meant for women.

The women, seeing the naked fakir,

Complained to the police

And asked the police to remove Maharaj.

The police officer came there

And roughly tried to pull Maharaj out,

But he failed.

He then went to the station-master,

And requested him to do something.

When the station-master came there

He saw the saint of Shegaon

Sitting in the ladies compartment.

The station-master asked the police officer

To allow Maharaj to travel in that bogie

As Maharaj was a well known saint

And said that he would not misbehave.

The officer said, "I have informed

My superiors by wire.

Now it is up to you

To do whatever

You feel right."

The station-master took off the hat and humbly

Prayed to Maharaj to get down.

Maharaj got down.

The case was fixed

Before Shri Jatharthe magistrate.

At Shegaon.

The date for hearing was fixed

Bapusaheb Jathar came to Shegaon

And halted at the dak-bangalow.

Vyankatrao Desai of Akola

was also there it the dak-bangalow,

He asked Bapusaheb as to why

There were crowds at the dak-bangalow.

Jathar told him, it was strange

That he did not know

The police case, so much talked over.

The police had registered an offence

Against Gajanan Maharaj for moving naked

In the public.

When Vyankatrao heard this,

He was very sorry.

He requested Bapusaheb

Not to proceed with the case.

"Gajanan Maharaj" said he,

"is a Great saint. He is God intoxicated

And he is seldom aware of his surroundings.

How can you bind him with a piece of cloth?

The police erred,

You should now rectify."

Bapusaheb Jathar to Desai,

"You know the law. Police should have known this.

Why did they register an offence?

So saying Bapusaheb asked the clerk

To summon Maharaj.

One hefty police was sent

He came to the math

And rudely asked Maharaj

To accompany him.

Maharaj looked at the police

And asked him to take him.

The police caught hold to Maharaj,

And he was shocked.

His blood curdled and he was

As if stupefied. The police could not do anything.

As the police did not return

Jathar asked Desai to go

And bring Maharaj.

The word came to the dak-bungalow

That the police was powerless

Before Maharaj and that he could not

Bring Maharaj by force.

When Desai came, he advised the devotees

To make Maharaj wear a dhoti.

They did so, but Maharaj

Did not keep the dhoti on his person

And threw it on the way.

Jahthar offered a chair to Maharaj

And said, "Maharaj this is not good

To move naked in the public. I request you

To give up this nuditiy."

Maharaj said to Jathar,

"You do not know anything.

Come on. Fill in my chilim.

Do not give much importance

To such outer things."

When Jathar heard Maharaj,

He was convinced

That Maharaj was a yogi

And was utterly regardless

of rules of behaviour of ordinary men.

Maharaj was as if Vrushabadeo of Bhagavati

Or Shukacharya or

An incarnation of Namdeo.

"Maharaj is a free soul

Who can rejoice within himself.

How can I charge him with an offence."

Said Jathar, "Fire wont’t leave its heat.

Those who are worshippers

Of fire, must keep it

At the altar.

If fire is not kept in its proper place,

It will surely burn everything

In its way.

The disciples of Maharaj

Are responsible for not keeping

Maharaj properly clothed.

Had the disciples kept Maharaj clothed,

His presence would have proved

Comfortable and beneficial to one and all."

So Jathar held Bhaskar responsible

And imposed a fine of Rupees five

On Bhaskar for neglecting his duty.

Maharaj said to Bhaskar,

"Will you now again

Press me the way you did?"

Bhaskar had no answer.

But then disciples

Decided not to take Maharaj by train.

They used to hire

Bullock-cart thereafter.

Once Maharaj went to Akola

By a bullock-cart

And stayed with Bapurao.

There was one Muslim sadhu

By name Mahatabshah.

He was in Kuruma place near Murtizapur.

He had asked Bapurao

To inform him when Maharaj

Would visit Akola.

So Bapurao sent a messenger

To Mahatabshah.

Ere he reached Kurum,

Mahatashah had started for Akola.

He met the messenger on the way.

Saints communicate with each other faster

Saints communicate with each other faster

Than the ordinary men can dream of.

Mahatashah, accompanied by

The other three Muslim companions,

Reached Akola and all of them

Stayed with Bapurao.

Next morning Maharaj came

Where Mahatashah was seated

And plucking his hair

Thrashed him hard.

This was just to wash Mahatab clean.

Maharaj said to Mahatab,

"You are born as a Muslim,

But you harbour hatred.

Remember you are Mahatab,

Let not darkness

Come around you."

Mahatab appreciated the beating

And the message of the sage.

A good sadhu can alone

Understand another good sadhu.

The other Muslim companions

Of Mahatab did not know

What to do. Mahatab told them

To return to Kurum.

All of them returned

Except Sheikh kadu.

After some time Bachchulal

Came over there and invited

Maharaj for a dinner

To his home, the next day.

Next day Maharaj was

Brought most ceremoniously

In a tonga at Bachchulal’s

When the tonga arrived

At the door. Maharaj won’t

Step down. They had to take back

The tonga to Bapurao’s house.

None could know

The reason why Maharaj won’t alight.

One intelligent gentleman, however, told

That Maharaj was offended

As Mahatab was not invited.

So they extended an invitation to Mahatab.

He was also then

Taken in a procession and

Was asked to get into a theatre

Maharaj was taken to Ram Mandir.

But Maharaj also came back

To the theatre and they all dined.

When the feast was over,

Mahatab told those who were there

To get one ticket for one place in the Punjab

As he wanted to go there.

Sheikh Kadu prayed to Mahatab

Not to go, as the construction work of a masjid

At Kurum was not yet over.

Mahatab told Kadu that

He was ordered by Maharaj

To proceed to the Punjab

And that none should hold him back.

The construction of the masjid

At Kurum would surely go on

As smoothly as ever.

The sages look upon all religions

As the same divine manifestations.

Let not the people attach themselves

To temples or to mosques.

Be it a temple of be it a mosque,

The material is the same everywhere

Brick, mortar and sand.

Both the Hindus and the Mohammedans

Are the children of God.

Let them love each other’s religion.

So saying Mahatabshah

Left for the Punjab and never

Returned to Vidarbha.

So look ! Maharaj beat Mahatab

And yet the latter did not bear

Any anger towards Maharaj.

Maharaj could not take food

Without Mahatab,

Through he had thrashed him hard

A few hours before.

Bapurao, who had invited Maharaj

Was worried about bhanamati

Bapurao’s wife was a victim

Of bhanamatia black magic.

Clouds of vermilion

Used to charge at her,

Bibbas with cross marks

Used to be hurled at her,

Her garments used to catch fire.

Bapurao spent a lot over exorcists.

But it was in vain.

So he supplicated to Maharaj

And said to him,

"How should black magic prevail

In a place sanctified

By your holy presence?"

What Bapurao said was right.

No more did bhanamati

Torture Bapurao’s wife thereafter.

Once Maharaj arrived in Akot

To pay a visit to Narasinhji.

There was a well

Beside Narasinhji’s math.

Maharaj sat on the wall of the well,

Dangling his feet.

Narasinh Maharaj asked him

What he was doing.

Others were also worried.

They thought that Maharaj

Would fall into the well.

Maharaj said to Narasinhji,

"You are lucky. Water of the Godavari, the Yamuna

And the Bhagirathi are here for you to bathe in.

Why should I not bathe?

I won’t get away from here

Unless the mothersGanga, Yamuna

And Bagirathibathe me today."

Ere Maharaj finished,

The level of the water in the well

Rose and in a moment

Water gushed from the hollow of the well

Like a live fountain,

Showering itself profusely

On Maharaj who was sitting there.

All the men and women

Took bath in the overflowing water.

Those who had no faith in Maharaj

Now hung their faces in shame.

After the bath Maharaj got down

From the well and the water

Receded into the well.

Maharaj left for Shegaon

After seeing Narasinhji.

Let this Gajanan Vijay

Bestow thousand of blessings

On the devotees !



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