Salutions to Ganesh !

Glory be to the Lord of Rukmini

Who moves about on the banks of the Chandrabhaga.

Oh my Lord! Please hold your graceful hand

On my head in benediction.

You are the lord of lords.

Why do you want to make a fool of me?

Burns away my sins,

Let me be in a jovial mood

To pray to you often and

To sing your glories.

If you won’t do this,

They blame You.

Those who are great

Do not let their honour get tarnished.

After the day when Maharaj

Entered samadhi,

People thought that Shegaon

Was forlorn, and that

Maharaj, who was the

Glorious sun of knowledge

Had set and that

Shegaon was now lost in the dust.

If the ocean becomes dry

And the blossom of a tree drops down,

Will they not look miserable?

Who will now go to Shegaon,

And for what ?

If there is no idol in a temple

Who will bedeck only the door with garlands?

People were saying so,

But they were all wrong.

The divine flame

Continued to glow in Shegaon.

Those who believe this

Are amply rewarded.

They get a vision of Maharaj

When they visit the place,

And their desires are fulfilled.

There was one Ganpat Kothade,

An agent of Rally & Co. in Shegaon.

He used to come to math daily

And used to recite stotras

Before the samadhi.

Once on the eve of dasara,

Ganpat thought of performing an abhisheka

On the samadhi and of feeding Brahmins.

He came home and sent provisions.

For the feast, to the math.

Ganpat’s wife said to him,

"Why are you so extravagant?

Tomorrow is Vijayadashami,

Should not you purchase

New clothes and ornaments

For your wife and children?

A man should earn and save money

And should not waste it over such things

As abhisheka and feeding of the Brahmins."

Ganpat did not like what his wife said

He said to her, "It is better to earn

Religious merit than to earn and save

And spend for wife and children."

That night Maharaj appeared

Before Ganpat’s wife in a dream.

Maharaj said to her,

"Do not go against your husband.

Discriminate between what is real

And what is unreal.

Money, food and good clothing

Won’t last long. What is lasting

Is man’s good and benevolent action.

Money spent in feeding others

Is not wasted.

It cuts asunder the knots

Of wordly bondage.

So, please, do not come in the way

Of the holy intension of your husband."

So, saying, Maharaj disappeared.

Next day the wife told her husband

What she saw in the dream.

Ganpat said to his wife,

"Look, our children, our property

Belongs to Maharaj. We need not worry."

There was one Laxman Hari Janjal.

Once he had been to Bombay

He was in a very unhappy mood,

And was much worried.

On the railway platform at V.T.

He saw a tall sadhu

With hands reaching to his knees.

The paramhansa sadhu came

Towards Laxman and said to him,

"You are disciple of Gajanan,

Why do you get despaired"

Did you not feed 400 men

On the anniversary day of Maharaj’a maha samadhi?

Don’t you remember that Gopalrao Pethkar

And Bapat had been there

In spite of the fact that Bapat

Had lost his son?

Gajanan had appeared in their dreams

And had advised them to participate

In the anniversary function."

Laxman was surprised

At these statements.

But ere he could do anything

The sadhu disappeared.

Laxman came home

And all his worries left him.

One Madhao Martand Joshi

A revenue officer

Had been to Kalamb

For measuring some land.

At the close of the day,

He desired to go to Shegaon

And have the darshan of samadhi.

He asked his peon

To yoke the canopied bullock-cart.

The peon said that clouds

Were gathering in the sky

And that it would rain heavily.

The river Man would be in spate.

Madhao said to him,

"Today is Thursday and

Nothing should discourage us

From going for the darshan of Maharaj.

We shall cross the river

Ere it rains."

They started and

Soon reached upto the river Man.

The bullock-cart was pressed into

The stream and ere it could reach the other bank

Water-level in the river rose.

It thundered with lightning,

The wind blew hard,

And both these men lost their nerve.

The peon said, "We are lost!

We shall die now and

Will be carried away to the ocean

By this turbulent stream."

Madhao was all prayers.

He sincerely prayed to Maharaj

Both closed their eyes.

The driver threw away the cords

With which the bullocks were held.

After a few seconds,

When they opened their eyes

They found themselves

On the other bank of the river,

On the way to Shegaon.

They came to the math

And bowed before the samadhi

And witnessed the procession of the palanquin

In the night.

Here is another story

Of Yadao Ganesh Subhedar of Hingani.

He was a trader in cotton.

In one year he suffered a loss

Of ten thousand rupees,

He was, therefore, worried.

Once he came to Wardha

And was sitting in a verandah

Of Vinayak Asirkar.

A beggar stood before him

He was dressed in the local fashion

And had a laced-cap.

He held a long stick in his hand

And his body was shaking

Due to old age.

When the bagger begged,

Yadao asked him to move on

And not to bother him

At that hour of the evening

But the beggar climbed up the steps

And entered the verandah

And forcibly sat near Yadao.

Yadao looked into the eyes of the beggar

And was puzzled.

The beggar’s eyes were as bright

As those of Maharaj of Shegaon.

But Yadao knew that Maharaj was no more

And would not now be seen

By his mortal eyes anymore.

Yadao, however, did not take trouble

Of pondering over the matter

And gave a couple of pices

To the beggar whereupon

The beggar asked for rupees.

The beggar said "You have been

Promising to give me enough

And seldom have you kept your word.

Did not you suffer a loss

Of ten thousand rupees?

Come on, give me whatever

You have in your pocket."

Yadao gave a few more rupees

And the beggar asked for more.

At last Yadao gave

Whatever he had,

Then the beggar said,

"Why do you entertain doubts

About Gajanan.

Remove your clothes

And stand before me.

Let me caress you.

All you worries would leave you."

The beggar caressed him lovingly.

When he was doing so,

Asirkar entered the verandah

From within the house.

The beggar then hurried away.

Yadao tried to follow him

But there was no trace to him.

Yadao then thought

That the beggar was no other

Than Maharaj.

The next day, carts loaded with cotton

Came to the market yard

Yadao got a good price

For his cotton and all the previous

Loss was wiped out.

Yadao had no doubt now

Regarding the identity of Maharaj.

Once Rajaram Kavar, the doctor

Was transferred from Khamgaon to Telhara.

He hired a bullock-cart

Which belonged to one in Telhara.

On his way he got down in Shegaon

And after the darshan of samadhi,

Desired to proceed further

Balabhau persuaded him

To stay overnight,

As due to vyatipat it was not advisable

To travel during the night.

But Kavar was keen

On proceeding to the new station.

The cart-man yoked the cart

And Kawar, the doctor proceeded to

The new station with the family.

They lost the way and

The cart came to a lake

And stopped. The way could not be seen.

The doctor got cross with the cart-man

The cart-man was baffled

As he could not find the usual way.

In fact he was a habitual

Traveller by that way.

And there was no chance

Of his losing the way.

After they waited long,

Doctor heard the jingling of bells

Of another cart.

He asked the cart-man

To follow the sound of bells.

The cart-man let cart follow it

And after some time

They found themselves

Within the precincts of Shegaon.

The doctor asked the cart-man

To take the cart to the math.

Balabhau knew

That Maharaj did not

Allow the doctor

To go an inauspicious day.

The doctor took Prasad next day

And proceeded to Telhara.

Ratansa Bhavasar

Had a son named Dinkar who had rickets.

The son became very emaciated

And the medicine was of no avail.

The disease was in its last stage.

Ratansa then took the son

And placed him at the door of the samadhi.

He sincerely prayed to Maharaj

And solemnly decided

To distribute Prasad worth five rupees.

He praised Maharaj and said

"You cast your glance at my son,

There is nectar in your eyes.

I am sure, if you will, my son will revive."

After some time the child,

Who was motionless so far,

Began to move limbs,

in a few days, Dinkar regained his health.

If you seek anything

At the feet of Maharaj

With sincere devotion,

You are bound to get it.

ChandraBhaga, daughter of Ramachandra Patil

Returned to her parents for maternity

From in-laws of Ladegaon.

After the delivery, she was attacked by navajwara.

It lasted for nine days

And made her very weak.

She continued to be ill

In spite of treatment by reputed doctors.

At last Ramachandra Patil

Suspended all medicines

But administered her the angara or holy ashes.

It worked. She recovered completely.

Faith and devotion

Can work miracles.

Janaki, wife of Ramachandra Patil

Suffered from reheumatism

Medicines would give her temporary relief,

But again the disease

Would flare up.

Many persons offered themselves to cure her

And took enough money from Patil,

But to no purpose,

He at last advised her

To visit the samadhi every day

This cured her within a few days.

When Balabhau expired

And his soul reached vaikuntha

Narayan had a dream.

He was residing in Nandura.

Maharaj came into his dream

And advised him to proceed to Shegaon

For the service of people.

Narayan served people

It is very difficult

To know the live of Gajanan

In its true perspective.

It is well-nigh impossible

For me to pen all the miracles.

I have noted what Maharaj

Wanted me to note.

It is he who caused me

To commit to writing these few events of his life.

The next chapter

Would verily shine

As the golden top of a temple.

Let this be offered to Hari and Hara !



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