Salutations to Ganesh !

Oh, Shridhar, the bestower

Of boons on sages,

Oh, the ocean of mercy,

Oh, the dear one of gopas and gopis.

Oh, Hari, dark as a tamalpatra!

When Brahma wanted to test Your divinity

By carrying away cows and calves

On the banks of the Yamuna,

You revealed Yourself to Brahma

By becoming cows and calves.

You trampled upon Kaliya

And sent to him to Ramanika island

To make the gopas fearless.

In the same way,

You should now trample upon my misfortune

And make me fearless.

I am your ignorant devotee,

Though I do not deserve your favour,

You just do not forget me.

Cast your divine glance at me

And free me from all the worries.

Listen, Oh, you listeners 

Bankat, Hari and Laxman,

Vithu and Jagdeo, all went from door to door

To collect funds.

Those who had faith in Maharaj

Promptly paid, but others

Derided them and said,

"Why should Maharaj need money?

Can he not creat it if he has

Supernatural powers? You say t

That Kubera is his cashier,

Why not them cash a bill on

Kubera’s treasury?

Why beg from door to door?"

Jagdeo, among the devotees, s

Simply smiled and replied

To such stingy fellows,

"We are begging for your benefits.

Swami Gajanan does not need a math,

All the three worlds are his abode,

All the forests are his gardens,

And the entire earth in his bedstead.

Ashta siddhis are at his beck and call,

Why should he care for your rupee?

Can any one think of showing a lamp to the Sun

He is effulgent,

He needs no light.

Every one desires prosperity,

A meritorious act ensures this prosperity.

Mind you, a medicine is needed

To cure a disease,

It has no power over life.

A disease may seize the body,

But life is eternal,

Life has no birth and no death.

So one must obtain merit

To maintain one’s prosperity,

So earn merit and drive away petty thoughts.

If you will sow good deeds,

They will return to you thousand-fold.

If you sow a seed on a rock,

it won’t germinate properly and sprout.

Bad deeds and bad thoughts

Are the rocks and seed thrown there

Rots and is eaten away by worms.

There is no good act

Equal to that of the service to a saint.

Gajanan Maharaj is the

Prince among saints.

Anything given in the service of a saint

Will grow infinitely.

If you will sow a grain,

It will be returned to you thousand-fold

The same thing holds good

In respect of good deeds."

With this reply,

The questioners were set at rest.

The men who collected funds

Were known for their integrity.

So on the land,

Given by the collector,

The work commenced.

Stones were carried.

And mortar was made.

Maharaj was in the old math

One day he thought

The work was going slowly.

Why not he stay on the site?

So he jumped into a cart

Carrying sand for the mortar.

The person who was driving the cart

Was a low cast  mahar. He jumped

Below and told Maharaj that he won’t

Sit in the cart along with Maharaj

Said he, "it is true that Maruti

At last merged in Ram,

Yet he never sat near Ram,

Like a servant he stood before Ram

With folded hands all the time."

Maharaj could not persuade him to sit.

Maharaj asked the bullocks

To follow the man

And the bullocks did follow.

Maharaj got down from the cart

And sat in the center of the ground

where the work was going on.

The spot is in survey no. 700

And in sub divisions 43 and 45.

Although the collector

Had allotted only an acre,

They had to utilise mord land

To keep the place, where Maharaj sat,

In the center.

This meant an encroachment of

Eleven gunthas.

One evil person reported this

To the collector,

Who sent one Joshi

For investigation.

Hari Patil was embarrassed

He told so to Maharaj.

Maharaj smiled and asked him

Not to worry.

There would be no fine.

Shri Joshi did report

That the fine was not justified.

So the order of fine was withdrawn

And Hari Patil was overjoyed

To see that Maharaj’s words came true.

This was the second occasion

When Maharaj stood by Hari Patil.

There is one village by name Savadad

A gosai by name Ganga Bharati lived there.

He was a leper

And the disease had almost eaten him up.

His feet had many sores

And all his limbs were rotten.

Ganga Bharati was desperate,

But he heard about Maharaj

And came to him for a cure.

Men did not allow gosai

Near Maharaj. They advised

Him to get a glimpse of Maharaj

From a distance.

One day Ganga Bharati

Made himself bold

And approached Maharaj surreptitiously.

He placed his forehead

on Maharaj’s feet.

Maharaj struck him on his forehead,

He at once stood up,

And Maharaj struck hard

On both his cheeks,

Maharaj then kicked him

And spat phlegm on him.

The leper took the phlegm

As Prasad and besmeared it

On his whole body

Like a soothing ointment.

A person who was standing there

Had no faith in Maharaj.

Said he to the Gosai,

"Your body is already rotting

And this fellow has spat phlegm

On it. Now, go and wash it clean.

With soap and water.

It is really strange

That people regard such fools

As great saints. Such persons

Are the real cause of the downfall

Of our society.

Why should you come to this

Mad man, instead of going to a physician?"

Gosai, smiled and said,

"Maharaj is a saint and

How will a piece of musk

Smell foul? Impurity can’t touch

A saintly man. Even his phlegm

Smells like musk. Come on

Just smell this wonderful fragrance

You do not know his greatness,

That is why you say so.

If you want to verify what I say,

Follow me. Let us go and smell

The wet clay where Maharaj takes his bath."

Both went where Maharaj used to bathe.

The gosai took the clay

In his hand and it smelt like a flower,

The other person took it

And it smelt foul.

The disbeliever was converted,

He came and fell prostrate before Maharaj.

The gosai used to sit away

From the public at the time of holy singing.

He had a deep resonant voice

And he knew a bit of classical music

He sang devotional songs

Before Maharaj for fifteen days.

A change came over his withered body,

The ugly redness disappeared,

The cracked feet were cured.

The body ceased to smell foul,

He was completely cured.

Ganga Bharati had a wife and a son.

They heard that he was cured.

They came to Shegaon.

The wife requested the husband

To return home,

The son also said the same.

They said that Maharaj was verily,

Shankar, the moon crested God.

He would surely allow him

To return home.

Ganga Bharati said,

"Maharaj is my mother,

He slapped me and I knew

He was right. I had donned

Gerua clothes and had applied

Ashes all over my body

But I still craved for a life

Of a householder.

Maharaj beat me and I

Came to my senses,

My eyes opened.

Oh my boy, Santoshkumar,

Take your mother home

And serve her well.

Those who please their parents

Are dearer to God.

Remember Pundalika

Who served his parents

And threw a brick at Vithoba to sit upon.

If I return home,

My disease will seize me again,

So please do not compel

Me to return. I belonged to you

So far, now I belong to God,

Let me live here with Maharaj.

With his grace,

I may be free from the cycle

Of births and deaths.

Do not tempt me now

And spoil my eternal gain."

Ganga Bharati asked his wife and son

To return to Savadad,

And he stayed with Maharaj

Every day in the evening

He used to take ektara

And sing the devotional songs

Near Maharaj in his sweet deep voice.

After a few days, at the behest

Of the Master, he left Shegaon

And stayed in Malakapur.

Once in the month of Pausha

Zyamsing came to Shegaon

And requested Maharaj to come to his home.

Long ago he had been to Shegaon

To take Maharaj to his newphew’s place at Adgaon.

Maharaj did not go then,

But agreed to go later.

He, therefore, recalled that incident

And entreated Maharaj to come now

To Mundgaon, where he was staying.

Maharaj therefore, accompanied him

To Mundagaon and a number of people

Assembled there to have darshan of Maharaj.

Zyamsing had thrown a big feast,

Bhandara  as it is called.

Mundgaon resembled Paithan

On the banks of the Godavari.

Eknath was the saint at Paithan,

Maharaj was a saint here in Mundgaon.

Many bhajan parties came to Mundgaon,

Singing all the way,

Cooks commenced cooking.

When the cooking was half over,

Maharaj said to Zyamsing,

"Today is the 14th lunar day,

Let them fast today and

Have a feast on the full moon day."

Zyamsing said, "The cooking is half over.

Every one is eager to have your Prasad."

Maharaj said, "What you say

Is right from a worldly view,

But god wills otherwise.

You men of the world

Always insit on your own say.

But mind you, this won’t do."

When all men sat to dine,

Clouds gathered in the sky

And it thundered and

A strong gale began to blow.

It began to rain cats and dogs

And there was water everywhere,

All the cooked food was spoiled in the rains.

Then Zyamsing came to Maharaj

And prayed to him, lest there should be

Rain and storm the next day.

He solicited Maharaj to ward off

The rains next day as the rains

would have spoiled the standing crops.

People would say that Zyamsing

Got the merit for giving bhandara,

But we are lost, our crops are destroyed,

With the untimely heavy rains.

Maharaj heard his prayers

And said , "There were will be no rain tommrrow."

So saying, he looked

At the sky and the clouds

Began to disperse and the

Sky was clear and

The Sun shone brightly on the land below.

The next day was the full moon day,

And everyone had mahaprasad.

The practice of bhandara continues to this day.

Zyamsing then donated all his property

To Maharaj. A number of men

Became devotees in Mundgaon.

There was one young boy

By name Pundalik Bhokre.

He was the son of one Ukrida.

Ukirda means a dung-hill.

It is a practice in Vidarbha

That, if children of a couple

Die, even while they are infants,

They offer a child to God,

And give it an obnoxious name.

In Telanghana they name a child

Pentayya. In Maharashtra

They name one as Kerpunja.

In Vidarbha they name one ha Ukirda.

Pundalik used to visit Shegaon

To see Maharaj every year.

Even as other warkaris

Visit Dehu and Alandi on the bank of Indrayani

There was an outbreak of Plague.

The disease spread here in India,

Wiped out larged populous towns,

When this disease attacks one,

One feels feverish and the fever

Rises sharply, and one gets

A swelling on the joints, Particularly

In the arm pit.

During this epidemic

People leave their houses

And go to live in huts in the open fields

Outside the town or village.

So Mundgaon was in the grip of this epidemic,

Pundalik was feeling feverish,

But he had to go to Shegaon for the annual visit.

So, he sat on with Parents for the journey,

They were about ten miles from their home,

When Pundalik’s fever became severe.

The swollen boil in the arm pit

Gave him unbearable pain

Pundalik told his father

That the boil in arm pit was very painful,

That he was feeling very weak,

And he was unable to walk further.

Father asked Pundalik

Whether he should hire a pony

Or a cart to carry him.

But pundalik refused to sit

On a pony or in a cart,

"The pilgrim must march on foot,"

Said he, "If I die on the way,

Carry my body to Shegaon

And then cremate."

So with great difficulty,

Both father and son

Walked the remaining distance

And reached Shegaon

And stood in the presence of Maharaj.

Both, father and son, fell prostrate.

Maharaj lifted up Pundalik with love

And putting his thumb on the swelling

In his arm pit, pressed it hard.

The swelling subsided

And the fever disappeared,

But the weakness persisted

And his body trembled.

Pundalik’s Mother offered food to Maharaj,

Maharaj ate a morsel or two

And Pundalik ceased to tremble.

In a day or two Pundalik was

As healthy as before.

Guru is really a wish-yielding cow,

Faith in guru always helps one

in overcoming obstacles and difficulties

Howsoever big they may be.

This is not a concocted story.

Here are the experiences of humble souls

Faithfully recounted by Dasaganu.

One who will read this book

Will surmount all difficulties

Coming in one’s way in this life.

Here ends the 13th chapter of Gajanan Vijay,

May the reading benefit the devotees."



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