Salutations to Ganesh !

Oh, the formless and the unchangeable,

The king of Phandhari the full of Brahman,

You are the resort

Of the virtuous.

Please do not push me away.

I know that I do not deserve mercy.

Yet, should you not accept me?

Does not holy river Godavari.

Accept any rivulet and make it holy?

In the same way,

Kindly accept me and burn

All the dross within me.

Once Maharaj went to Amaravati

And stayed with Atmaram Bhikaji

A government officer in the district.

He received Maharaj honourably,

Arranged for his ceremonious bath

And offered him the usual worship

He gave Maharaj a dhoti

With a broad red border,

To wear and applied sandal paste

Mixed with saffron

On his forehead.

Every one in Amravati

Wished that Maharaj should visit him.

But how could these wishes

Be fulfilled?

Those, who were virtuous and meritorious,

Alone could succeed in taking Maharaj

To their homes

Ganesh Shrikrishna Khaparde

A reputed lawyer and a close associate of Tilak

Invited Maharaj to his home.

Khaparde was a religious person.

He was fabulously rich also.

Khaparde honoured Maharaj

And worshipped him like a deity.

There was one Ganesh Appa,

a lingayat wani. His wife Chandrabai

Asked her husband

To persuade Maharaj

To visit them.

Ganesh Appa was not sure

That Maharaj would visit him

He thought that he was not

As rich as Khaparde,

And so Maharaj won’t

Visit him even if solicited.

Chandrabai, however, thought

That as they were honest and truthful,

Maharaj would perhaps condescend

To visit them.

She insisted that her Husband

Would request Maharaj

To come to their home.

Ganesh Appa could not muster courage.

At last, Maharaj of his own

Asked Ganesh Appa how far his home was.

Ganesh Appa was pleased.

He took Maharaj with him

At his residence,

and both, husband wife,

Worshipped Maharaj.

When Maharaj was worshipped

On all such occasions,

One person was ever present.

He was Balabhau,

The nephew of Atmaram Bhikaji.

He was working in the telegraph department.

He came to Amravati from Bombay

To see his maternal uncle.

Balabhau was overwhelmed

When he saw Maharaj.

He would not leave Maharaj now.

"Why should I get myself involved

In the wordly affairs?"

said he,

"Who would leave nectar

And drink poison?"

So Balabhau was present,

Whenever Maharaj was worshipped.

After a few days

Maharaj returned to Shegaon.

This time he did not go to the orchard,

But stayed in a place

East of the temple, built by Motey.

Krishna Patil heard this,

And came to Maharaj,

Bowed before him

And motioness, shedding tears.

Maharaj said to Patil,

"Why do you weep?"

Krishna Patil said,

"Why should you leave my orchard?

What wrong did I commit?

Am I not your child?

This new place is not good for you.

Come, I shall vacate my own home

For you to stay in.

If you do not want to stay in my orchard,

I do not regard anything

More precious than you."

While he was entreating Maharaj

Krishna’s brothers

And other relatives

Came over there and

Requested Maharaj to leave that place.

Maharaj said unto them,

"I have purposely come over here.

You will know about this in course of time.

Do not say anything now.

Very few think in this world

In a right way.

Call Bankatlal and ask him.

He was not annoyed when I left him!

Why should you take it ill?

My good wishes and blessings

Are always with you. Rest assured"

Bankatlal came.

He told Krishna Patil

Not to persuade Maharaj

To return to the orchard.

"What did I do

When he left my home?

We are all his children.

He loves us all.

Sakharam Asolkar,

The owner of this land,

Is a righteous man.

He will surely surrender this land

To build a hut for Maharaj

To make Maharaj comfortable there."

So the land was released,

And all the devotees

Built up a structure

A math for Maharaj

to stay independently.

Prasaram Saoji worked

Particularly hard to raise the math.

Bhaskar, Balabhau Pitambar,

And Ganesh Appa from Amravati,

These four stout devotees

Stayed with Maharaj constantly.

And Ramachandra Gurao

Also stayed.

Maharaj resembled Shrihari

Surrounded by the five Pandavas.

Balabhau was getting detached.

He did not care

For the government service.

Letters were received from his home,

Praying him to return.

But he had no mind

To return to his home and to his job.

Bhaskar said to Maharaj,

"Balabhau stays here

Only to eat sweetmeats.

That is why he does not

Think of leaving this place.

Unless you give him a good thrashing,

He won’t return home.

A monkey can be chastised with a stick,

And does not even a mountain

Fear Indra’s Vajra?"

They thus once drove away Balabhau.

But he returned

After tendering his resignation.

When Balabhau returned to Shegaon

Bhaskar was annoyed

And he spoke harsh words

To Balabhau

"A bull often returns to a green meadow

So you come here for sweets

Don’t you?

You are like a dog.

You will come back

Even when driven ten times.

Only those who are sincere

And have no attachment

For the world

Should come and stay here."

Maharaj knew

Bhaskar was puffed up with pride,

That is why he was rebuking Balabhau.

Maharaj seized an umbrella

from a person who was standing by

And began to thrash Balabhau.

Maharaj was striking so severely,

that the umbrella gave way.

Then Maharaj took a big stick

And began to beat Balabhau again.

Maharaj was striking so severely,

Persons who were there

Ran away for safety.

Balabhau did not budge.

He patiently received the beating.

He fell down.

That stick also gave way.

So Maharaj trampled on him

Even as a potter would knead the clay.

People around were afraid.

They thought that Balabhau would die.

Bhaskar stood aghast,

They ran to Bankatlal and Krishnaji.

Both came but did not dare

Stop Maharaj.

At last Bankatlal said,

"Maharaj, Balabhau is your devotee.

Have mercy on him and

Please stop trampling him."

Maharaj simply smiled,

And bade Balabhau

To show his back.

There was no sign

Of any beating.

Balabhau was in a blissful state.

Now Bhaskar knew

That Balabhau was no ordinary devotee.

Thereafter Bhaskar

Did not pass any remark

On Balabhau

And held Balabhau in high esteem.

Here was Balabhau, a piece of gold,

Tested on a touchstone.

There was one Suklal Agarwal

In Balapur.

He owned a cow.

It was very dangerous.

It used to injure

Men women and children

By dashing towards them

And by hurling them away

With its horns.

It used to break into the shops

And used to eat away grains and vegetables.

And used to spill

Ghee or oil from the tins in the shops.

Suklal could not tie it down

As it used to break away the rope and the chain.

It won’t bear

And would give no milk.

Men advised Suklal

To sell it away

Even to a butcher

Or to kill it with a rifle shot.

One Pathan once tried to shoot,

But the cow attacked him

And was mortally injured.

Suklal had taken it away

To a distant place

But it returned to Balapur

In no time.

People advised Suklal

To take the cow to Shegaon

Where Maharaj make it docile

As the horse of Govindbuwa

Was made earlier.

It was a problem

To hold the cow and lead it to Shegaon.

They allured it with cotton seeds

The palatable food.

The cow was trapped and chained

With big iron chains.

They put the cow on a cart

And took the cart to Shegaon.

As they neared Shegaon

The cow gradually became docile.

When they reached Maharaj

Tears were oozing from the cow’s eyes.

Maharaj rebuked the men

For torturing the cow.

Maharaj said that they had

Accorded the treatment due to a tiger

To the kindly cow.

A cow is verily the mother of the universe.

"What an injustice you have inflicted

In tying her with iron chains.

Release the cow at once.

It won’t hurt anyone,"

Maharaj said so

But none dared released the cow.

Maharaj himself came forward

And released the cow from the iron chains.

The cow stood on its fours.

And bending its fore limbs

Knelt before Maharaj.

It then rose and thrice did it go round Maharaj

And then began to lick his feet.

Everyone was wonderstruck.

Maharaj addressed the cow thus,

"Oh you fair lady, now do not trouble any one.

Do not leave this place."

Everyone shouted "Maharaj ki Jay"

People from Balapur returned,

leaving the cow in the math.

Since that day it was not tied or tethered with a rope.

It became the most domesticated animal

It bore calves thereafter,

and her progeny

Still thrives is Shegaon upto this day.

One Laxman Ghude from Karanja

Was a wealthy person.

He suffered from some indescribable disease.

Medicines were of no avail.

He had heard about Maharaj

And came, therefore, to Shegaon.

He was so much incapacitated with the deadly disease

That he had to be carried in a doli.

He had no strength left

Even for bowing down before Maharaj.

His wife said to Maharaj,

"I am your daughter,

Relieve my husband’s sufferings,

Restore him to health.

Why should he die,

When I have surrendered myself to you?"

Maharaj was eating a mango.

He threw that half-eaten mango

At that women and told her

To feed it to her dying husband.

"You are a worthy wife

And you deserve to be with your husband.

Go." So saying, Maharaj smoked the chilim.

Bhaskar told the women

To take away her husband home.

"He would be all right" said he, "if he

Would eat that half eaten mango."

The women returned to Karanja.

Her relatives asked her

What did Maharaj do?

She told the event

And then fed the mango to her dying husband.

The attending physician heard this,

He was upset.

He said that a ripe mango

Would worsen the disease,

This was stated so, in Sushrut,

This was stated in Madhavanidan,

This was stated in Nighantu and Sharangdhar,

The physician said

That the women should have

Eaten the mango, if it was a Prasad.

That would have helped the patient.

The relatives were all

Very angry with the wife.

The women felt embarrassed.

But now the mango worked,

The patient eased himself

And his bloated belly

Became soft and supple.

The patient’s disease left him

And strength returned to him.

The science of medicine

Helps to a certain extent.

But when it fails,

Only the favour of saint

Is of any help.

Laxman came to Shegaon

And prayed to Maharaj

To visit his home.

Maharaj condescended.

He came to Karanja.

Shankar Bhau Pitambar

Accompanied Maharaj.

Laxman said to Maharaj,

"All this is yours."

And yet he offered Maharaj

A few silver coins in a plate.

Maharaj rebuked Laxman.

Said Maharaj unto him,

"You say that all things belong to me.

Then why do you offer me a few coins?

Give up this hypocrisy.

You have give me your home.

Now throw away all locks and keys

Laxman sat silently.

Maharaj insisted that

Laxman would throw open the safe.

With great hesitation,

Laxman opened the safe,

But sat on the pedestal of the room.

Maharaj came to know

Of his hypocrisy.

He left his home.

Maharaj needed no wealth

He just tested how true

Laxman was.

Laxman was not true to his words.

So Maharaj left him.

Maharaj said to himself,

"I had come here to give him

Twice than what he had.

He did not deserve.

Let him reap

The fruits of petty-mindedness."

Maharaj’s words came true.

Within six months

All wealth left Laxman.

He became the poorest of the poor.

So listeners remember this

In lifer spiritual

Hypocrisy is no good.

One should be sincere.

Maharaj caused this incident

Only to show the significance

Of this virtue.

Gajanan Maharaj was a wish yielding gem.

Can a pebble enhance its beauty?

Does anyone use tin

To embellish gold ornaments.

Let this eulogy of Maharaj

Be listened to by devotees

For their own benefit



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