Salutations to Ganesh !

Oh Pashupati in the form of Omkar,

Oh Daxinamurti, the consort of Bhavani,

All that which is great in the universe

Is your form.

You are formless

And yet you inhere

In the entire universe.

You are the substratum

Of avidya of maya.

It is verily impossible

To know You.

That is so because you have

Assumed forms.

Everyone worships You

The way he likes.

By whatever name

One may call you,

You are the One and the same.

The Saivaites regard you as Siva,

The Vedantists regard you as Brahman,

Ramanuja’s disciples

Regard you as Sitapati,

And you are Vishnu

For the Vaishnavities.

You are Somanath.

You are Vishveshwar,

You are Kedarnath

In the icy land

Of the Himalayas.

You are the Mahakal

On the banks of Kshipra

You are Naganath,

You are Vaijanath,

You are Ghrishneshwar

At Verul.

You are Tryambak

On the banks of Godavari

You are Bhimashankar,

You are Malikarjuna,

And Rameshwar,

You are Shankar

At Gokarna.

You are Mahadeva

At Shinganapur.

I bow to you, in all your forms

And pray to you to remove

My threefold sufferings.

Oh God, you made Kubera

As a lord of wealth in no time.

Oh, Consort fo Girija,

Why do you hesitate

To shower your blessings on me.

Next year, Maharaj

Came to Balapur

For the Dasanavami celebrations

at Balabhau’s

Sukhlal and Balkrishna,

Two devotees, resided

Near Balapur.

Bhaskar Patil, Balabhau,

Pitambar, Ganu, Jagadeva

And Dindodkar accompanied Maharaj.

The celebrations went smoothly,

But a calamity befell on Bhaskar.

A rabid dog bit him.

All the near and dear ones

Were perturbed.

Someone sent for a doctor.

Bhaskar however said,

"Take me to Maharaj,

He alone will save me."

Bahaskar was brought before Maharaj.

Balabhau told Maharaj

What had happened.

Maharaj smiled and said

"Killing, enmity and debt

Will not spare anyone.

Suklal’s cow was naughty.

It was, however, cured in Shegaon.

But the same vice seized a dog here.

And the dog has bitten Bhaskar,

Bhaskar had entreated me

To cure the cow

So that Bhaskar may milch the animal.

And drink the milk.

Bhaskar was happy to drink the milk.

But now he does not want

To bear the consequences

"Oh Bhaskar, shall I really

Save you now?

The dog-bites is a superficial cause,

In fact, the term of your life is over.

You must now depart from here.

If you have really an urge to live,

I may prolong your life,

But that will be

A temporary lease.

Now tell me what is it

That you wish?"

Bhaskar said,

"I am an ignorant fellow.

I do not know anything.

You are my mother,

And a mother knows

what is good for the child.

So do as you would please?"

Maharaj was pleased

To hear this

He knew that Bhaskar

Was telling the truth.

Some one said to Maharaj,

"Bhaskar is a great devotee.

Kindly save him.

Let not the bite prove fatal."

Maharaj said to him,

"Life and death

Are both illusions.

None dies and

None is born.

One should give up attachment.

And suffer one’s lot.

There are three types of Karmas

Sanchita or accumulated karma,

Prarabdha or the karma

Which has started bearing fruits,

Kriyamana or the karma

Which is being done now.

A Jiva has to put up with all these karmas.

One cannot avoid them.

Whatever one does in the past birth

One has to bear its consequences

In the present birth. And what new

Actions one would do in this birth

Will fructify in the next birth.

In this way, one has to undergo

A number of cycles of births and deaths.

This is Bhaskar’s last birth.

He has no balance left.

He will be relieved

Of births and deaths.

Now, therefore, don’t insist

On prolonging his life here.

It is seldom that

Devotees like him

Are born in this world.

The dog which bit him

Was his enemy in the last birth.

If Bhaskar now

Harbours animosity

against the dog

He will have to be born

Again, to avenge the dog.

With this bite

The past enmity has ceased

And all the knots

Of the post karmas

Have been severed.

I can do one thing.

I shall keep Bhaskar

Alive for a couple of months.

He will not go rabid.

If I do not do this,

Bhaskar will be born again

And will have a short life

Of two months."

Balabhau was glad to hear this

He shouted loudly.

"Oh Bhaskar, you are great!

You have been released

From the cycle of births and deaths!

You are really great.

Your devotion has stood you well.

Never you will born again!"

They returned to Shegaon.

Bhaskar narrated the incident

To the residents of Shegaon.

Bhaskar entreated them

To tend with care

Maharaj, who was a gem.

He wanted that a monument.

Be erected in the name of Maharaj

Which would for all the time

Remind men and women

The greatness that breathed there.

Jnyaneshwar had sanctified Alandi.

So did Samarath

The Sajjan Garh.

Tukoba did the same

In respect of Dehu.

In this way Bhaskar

Persuaded one and all

To erect a big monument

In the name of Maharaj.

Once he called all the devotees

In the math,

And Maharaj did not know.

All came. Bankatlal,

Hari Patil, Maruti Chandrabhan,

Shripatrao Vavikar and

Tarachand, the money lender.

Bhaskar told them all

That he was with them

For a couple of months.

That he wanted

A worthy memorial

In Shegaon.

if all would agree

And would decide to have

A memorial in the name of Maharaj,

He would happily

Give up his body.

The saints always condescend

And fulfil devotees’s desires.

Service to a saint

Will not go in vain."

Bhaskar’s entreaties were heeded

They all agreed

To construct a memorial

This made Bhaskar happy.

He was always joyful thereafter.

On the thirteenth of the dark fortnight of Magh,

Maharaj asked Bhaskar

to accompany him to

Trymbakeshwar for Shivaratri celebrations.

Said Maharaj to Bhaskar,

"Shankar the Lord of Bhavani,

Resides in Tryambakeshwar on the bank of Godavari.

The jyotirlinga is efficacious

And would destroy all sins.

So make haste.

We shall go and have a dip

In Godavari The Ganga of the Deccan.

Oh Bhaskar, there is one hill

By name Brahmagiri.

Medicinal herbs grow there.

Gahininath stays on the hill

Even now. He knows the properties

Of all the medicinal herbs.

Let us go and see him.

He may give us an antidote

For the dog-bite."

Bhaskar said,

"Oh Maharaj, what for

Shall I take the medicine now?

I know you have power

Greater than that of any medicine.

The ill effects of the bite

Ceased while I was in Balapur

I have now two months left

Of the lease of life.

You are Tryambakeshwar to me.

Godavari flows from your feet.

I shall take a dip in the eternal flow of your blessings.

I do not hanker

For any other holy place."

Maharaj simply smiled.

He said "It’s true as you say,

But do not belittle the holy places.

Come, let us go. Ask Balabhau and

Pitambar to accompany us."

All of them proceeded

To Trymbakeshwar.

They reached there on the

Auspicious day of Shivaratri.

They took the holy bath

At Kushavarta and had

The darshan of Shankar.

They went to Gangadwar

And worshipped Gautami

They bowed before Neelambika

And Gahininath and Nivrittinath,

Then they went to Nasik

To see Gopaldas,

Gopalda, Mahant of Panchvati in the temple of Kala Ram.

There was a peepal tree

In front of Ram Mandir.

Maharaj sat there with his disciples

On the par.

Gopaldad Mahanta

Was very happy.

He said to those near him,

"My brother has

Come all the way from Vidarbha"

He bade his disciples

Worship Maharaj

And offer him coconut and candy

On his behalf.

He asked his disciples

To look upon Maharaj

As they would look upon him.

The disciple of Gopaldas

Worshipped Maharaj as bade.

Maharaj asked Bhaskar

To distribute the coconut pieces

And the sugar candy.

Maharaj was happy to have

Seen his brother and now

Wanted to proceed to the city.

Maharaj was eagar to visit

Dhumal who was a pleader.

Maharaj spent a few days

in Nasik and then

Returned to Shegaon.

Shamsing had been in Shegaon

To take Maharaj to Adgaon.

Maharaj said that he would

Come to Adgaon after

Ram Navami celebrations.

So Shamsingh returned

And then came again

During the Ram Navami celebrations.

He accompanied Maharaj to Adgaon,

For the Hanuman Jayanti celebrations.

While in Adgaon

Maharaj knocked down Bhaskar

In the dust and sat

On his chest and

Beat him hard.

Balabhau prayed Maharaj

To have mercy on Bhaskar

As he was already

Beaten by the hot sun.

Bhaskar, however, asked Balabhau

Not to interfere.

"Let Maharaj do whatever he likes."

Said he to Balabhau,

"He is my lord and my master.

Let them say that

Maharaj is beating me,

But I am feeling tickled."

Then Maharaj returned

With Bhaskar to the place

Where they were lodged.

Maharaj told Balabhau

That only two days remained

For passing away of Bhaskar.

"Do you remember, Balabhau," said Maharaj

"That Bhaskar caused me beat you once

With an umbrella, till it broke.

I had to beat him today

To set him free

From the bondage of that action,

That is why I beat him hard today."

Hanuman Jayanti celebrations

Were over and the fifth day

Of the dark fortnight of Chaitra dawned.

When the sun rose of the horizon,

Maharaj asked Bhaskar

To sit before him in a lotus posture

Facing the sun. he bade him

Calm his mind and think

Of the almighty God.

Maharaj asked others to sing

Bhajans "Vitthal, Vitthal, Narayana."

People garlanded Bhaskar

And applied bukka on his forehead.

The bhajan lasted for about

Five hours and when it came

To an end, Maharaj

Uttered loudly,

"Hara, Hara."

The moment Maharaj

Said so, the last breath

Left Bhaskar dropping the body

Like a rag.

The devotees held

The falling body,

But his soul had

Already reached vaikuntha

To enjoy the hospitality of Hari.

The devotees asked Maharaj

Where to cremate Bhaskar

There was a temple of Dwarakeshwar.

Maharaj told that

Bhaskar be cremated

Near that temple.

So they made a vimana

Out of plantain tree trunks

And the cortage was

Taken to Dwarakeshwar.

The next day

The poor were fed there.

The temple of Dwarakeshwar.

Is a mile and a half

From Adgaon. It is a fine shady spot

With tall tamarind trees.

There are other trees.

Also, as neem peepal and mandar,

amra, vata and audumbara.

A few flower of plants also there.

So Maharaj gave samadhi

To Bhaskar at such a pleasant spot

Half way between Akoli and Adgaon.

Feeding of the people was done

For full ten days.

They used to sit in the cool shade

Of tamarind trees. But the crows

Were a nuisance. They used to carry away the dronas

And sometime used to spoil the food

By their droppings.

The people were annoyed

the bhills fixed sharpened arrows

On their bows.

Maharaj however stopped

The bhills from using their arrows.

"The crows are not a fault,"

Said he, "They want Prasad

From Bhaskar.

Bhaskar has

Reached Vainkuntha.

Normally the soul lingers on

For full ten days

And then only departs

From the mundane region

they cannot leave this land

Unless the food is eaten by the crows.

But Bhaskar has left this place

Without caring to see

That the crows get their share

That is why these crows

Are ravenous.

So therefore, please do not kill the crows. I

shall tell them, "to behave."

So saying Maharaj

Bade the crows

Not to cause nuisance

From the next day.

Those men who had faith

In Maharaj were convinced

That the crows won’t come next day.

But there were a few

Who did not believe.

They thought that it was futile

To request the crows in this fashions.

The crows were after all crows,

Why would they leave the place

If the food would be readily

Available there? They said

That Maharaj was a hypocrite

And his devotees inflate him

And give him a honour

Which he did not deserve.

Next day, those doubting fellows

Came there to verify

Whether the crows had really

Stopped frequenting the place.

Lo, not a single crow

Turned up there next day.

The feeding of the people

Was going on but not a single

Crow came there thereafter.

After fourteen days

Maharaj returned to Shegaon.

Those were the days of drought.

They were digging a well in Shegaon.

They dug about fifteen feet and

They could not dig further

Without blasting the black rock

They had to dynamite the rock.

They bored four holes with a crowbar

And filled the holes with gunpowder.

The rope wicks were fixed.

Through the ribs of castor oil plant.

They ignited the wicks,

But the fuse got blocked up.

The water was oozing from the sides,

The whole gunpowder and the

Dynamite would have gone waste.

So the Mukadam

Asked Ganu Jawre to get into the well

And remove the block.

None dared to enter the well.

And Ganu Jawre was all fright.

The mistry had a foul tongue

And he roared at Ganu

The poor fellow was a death-pale.

How could he, who was poor and starving

Disobey the Mukadam.

Ganu had faith in Maharaj

And remembering Maharaj

From the core of his heart,

He stepped into the well.

He removed the first block

And the fire on the wick

Rushed to the dynamite.

By the time he removed the second block

The first dynamite blasted with a big bang.

Clouds of smoke emerged from the well.

Ganu was in the well.

He piteously shouted for Maharaj

And asked for protection.

Before dynamite could blast,

Ganu saw a kapar in the

Wall of the well and he squeezed

Himself there.

All the remaining three

Dynamites blasted one after the other.

Now the mistry was death-pale

Ganu must been blown to pieces’, thought he,

All men now rushed to the well.

Ganu could not be seen.

They thought that he must have been

Thrown up like other stones.

And his body must have been

Shattered and dropped somewhere.

Men began to search outside the well.

When Ganu heard the mistry call,

He responded from within.

Said he, "I am alive and safe.

Glory be to Gajanan Maharaj.

The cutting in the side of the well, where I am hiding

Is blocked with a big stone.

Please remove it soon."

All those who were there were overjoyed.

A few got down into the well

And removed the big stone with crowbars

To see Ganu Jawre alive.

They pulled Ganu out

And Ganu ran towards Maharaj.

Maharaj was simply smiling

"Oh Ganya, how many stones

Did you throw up?

The big stone shut the kapar

That is why you are alive

Thank the big stone.

The danger is averted today.

Do not be reckless hereafter."

Ganu said, "Oh my master,

It is you who saved me,

When all the four dynamites

Blasted in the hollow of the well."

Dasaganu has no skill

To describe the great glory

Of the mercy of Gajanan Maharaj.

Let this his scribbling

Give pleasure and kindle devotion

Among the devotees.



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