Salutations of Ganesh !

Salutations to omniscient Shankara ¾

Lord of the universe with a

Dark blue neck.

Ganga flows from his matted hair.

He is Tryambakeswar,

He is the eternal time,

He is Omkara.

Oh you Omkara, bless me.

You and the Lord of Rukmini

Are one and the same.

What if water is called by various names?

You are the master of the universe.

They worship you in their own way.

If they worship sincerely

And with deep devotion,

You would be theirs.

Can a mother

Be harsh with her child?

I am your child.

Be bountiful with your love.

You are verily a wish-fulfilling tree.

You will fulfil all my desires.

Onces it was a third day of

The bright fortnight if vaishakh,

Akshay tritiya ¾ the day of offering to the manes.

This is an important day in Vidarbha

They cook sweet dishes.

They stew rice in milk,

And prepare soup of tamarind pulp.

And they keep a pitcher of cool water

fragrant with khus.

On this day Maharaj was surrounded with boys.

He asked one of then to fill up his chilim.

The boy filled it with tobacco

But could not get live charcoal to ingite it.

The boys asked for a burning charcoal in nearby houses.

It was morning and the kitchens were cool.

No smoke anywhere.

Bankatlal asked the boys

To go to Jankiram ¾ the goldsmith.

It is well-known

That a goldsmith’s furnace blazes

Earlier than his kitchen stove.

Boys went to Janakiram,

And asked him for a live charcoal

For Maharaj’s chilim.

Janakiram flared up at the boys ¾

"No, I won’t give the live fire to anyone

On akshay tritiya."

Boys again entreated him,

Said they, "the fire is needed

Not for overselves,

But for Maharaj.

If anything is needed by a sage,

One should be generous.

One should be not hesitate to give,

Even if the day be auspicious or otherwise.

If Maharaj is satisfied

With a puff at his pipe,

The credit will go to you.

You will be blessed by him."

But Janakiram did not listen.

He called names to the boys

And to Maharaj.

Janakiram questioned the greatness of Maharaj.

He called him a fool.

He blamed Bankatlal also.

Janakiram said. "If Maharaj is a saint

Why should he asked for fire?

Why can’t he create it?

Jalandhara was also a saint

And a smoker too!

Did he beg for fire from door to door?"

The children were crestfallen.

They returned to Maharaj

Told him what happened,

Maharaj smiled.

He took the chilim in his hands

Asked Bankatlal to hold a strow over it.

Bankatlal said he would kindle fire

And bring it.

Maharaj stop him.

He held the straw as ordered.

A flame issued forth

And ignited the chilim,

Maharaj sent up a cloud to smoke.

It was proved beyond doubt

That a sage has all the forces of nature

At his command.

It was noon time by now.

Janakiram with his guests

Was set for the sumptuous meal.

Tamarind soup is the chief item on this day.

When it was served.

They saw worms in it.

The guest got up and went away.

It was as though the manes did not

Accept the food offered.

Janakiram said to himself,

"I rebuked the boys

And did not give them live charcoal

For Maharaj.

I did not recognize the greatness of Maharaj.

Maharaj is as pure as Ganga.

I cast aspersions

On him ¾ who is so holy.

Bitter fruits I am reaping now."

He came with the pot of tamarind soup

To Bankatlal to tell the truth.

He told Bankatlal that guest left him

Without taking the food.

Bankatlal said to him,

"Perhaps the tamarind was rotten."

Janakiram said that the tamarind

Was new fresh. There could not be worms

In the tamarind. The shells were still there

So were the seeds for him to verify ¾

he continued ¾

"I pray you now,

Allow me to have darshan of Maharaj

I want to apologize.

I know he will forgive me.

Saints are so kind."

He was led to Maharaj,

He prostrated before him,

Praised him and eulogized him,

Apologized, solicited a favour,

Promised that he won’t belittle him thereafter.

He said to Maharaj.

That he had been punished good enough.

Maharaj said, "Don’t tell a lie

The tamarind soup is all right look."

The soup was quite well.

There was no trace of worms.

There was a devotee ¾ Chandumukin

It was the month of Jyeshtha.

The devotees were sitting around.

Some were fanning and

Some were garlanding Maharaj.

Some were distributing large crystals by way of prasad,

Some were applying sandal paste to Maharaj,

Some were slicing ripe mangoes,

And were giving the slices to Maharaj.

Maharaj said to Chandu,

"I do not want mangoes.

There are a couples of kanavalas

In the lowest earthern pot, in a pile of pots

In your home.

Go and bring them."

Chandu said ¾ " Where from shall I

Bring the kanavalas?

If you so desire,

I shall ask them to fry f few."

Maharaj said ¾ "No. Go and find them

Where I have told you to search ¾

Do not give me false reasons."

People around asked Chandu

To do as bade.

Chandu went home,

Asked his wife for two kanavalas

Which were in the lowest pot in the pile.

Wife said, "I had prepared kanavalas

On the akshaya tritya day ¾

One month has elapsed

They were finished that day.

If you want I shall fry a few afresh."

Chandu said, "Please don’t fry

Search in the pile of pots.

Maharaj bade me do so."

Then she remembered

That she had kept two kanavalas

In an earthern pot in the pile.

"But", said she, "They might have been spoiled."

When she took the pot in the pile,

She saw the two kanavalas.

They were not rotten.

They were almost fresh.

So Chandu brought those two kanavalas.

This was another miracle.

Maharaj ate kanavalas

Even as Rama enjoyed

The berries offered by Shabari.

Madhao ¾ a Brahmin

Lived in Chincholi ¾ a village south of Shegaon.

He was not old and beyond sixty.

When young, he was a rank materialist,

Did not think of anything beyond wife and son.

But things are preordained

In this world and none can alter one’s fate.

Madhao lost his wife and son.

He and his family lived lavishly.

Now he was poor and all alone.

And he was full of remorse.

He repented for not remembering God,

Ever before.

He came to Shegaon.

Sat at the door of the house

where Maharaj stayed.

Now he repeated the holy name

All the time.

He did not take food for the whole day

And declared that he would now fast unto death.

Maharaj told him that it was no good,

And said, "why did not you remember the Lord

When things were better for you?

What is the fun in performing sadhana

When you have no strength left?

Is it not it like digging a well

For water then the house is on fire?

You lived when the house is on fire?

You lived for your wife and children,

Where are they now?

You forgot the Real.

And ran after the unreal.

You will have to reap

What you sowed.

Now do not be obstinate.

Give up fasting.

And be normal,


Madhao did not listen.

People persuaded him, but in vain.

Kulkarni of Shegaon

Wanted to take him home,

And give him food.

But Madhao did bot budge.

He stayed there,

Chanting the holy name.

Night advanced.

Darkeness enveloped the skies.

The silence was being broken

By the chirping of insects.

Swami Gajanan Maharaj

Assumed a big form ¾ dark and terrible

And darted at Madhao as if to swallow him.

Madhao was terrified,

His lips became dry and pale.

His heart was beating like bellows.

Seeing his plight,

Maharaj again assumed his normal form,

But became more stern

And told Madhao

That one day he would be no more,

That death would lay his icy cold hand on him,

That there would be no place to hide in the next world.

So Madhao supplicated Maharaj

To save him from the domain of death.

He pleaded with Maharaj to send him to vaikuntha.

He admitted that he had sinned a lot

But was not Maharaj a blazing fire

To burn down all impurities?

Was it not the good fortune of Madhao

That he had come for a shelter to Maharaj?

One who approaches a sage

Is saved from the eternal fire of hell.

When Madhao said so.

Maharaj smiled.

Maharaj said to Madhao,

"Now that your end is so near

Repeat "Sirman Narayana, Narayana"

Or do you yet desire to live longer?

If so, tell me. I shall add a few years

To your account, if you want."

Madhao was wise.

He said, "Please do not push me

Again into this mire of Maya.

Please Bless me, Maharaj"

Maharaj was pleased

With Madhao’s non-attached attitude.

He said, "Be it as you wish.

This is your last birth in the cycle

Of births and deaths.

No more shall you be born

On this earth."

Such was an inaudible talk

Between Madhao and Maharaj

Dasaganu has groped hard for eluding words

To narrate this incident.

People said that

Severve fasting affected

Madhao’s brain.

Madhao’s abandoned the body

In the presence to Maharaj.

No more birth for Madhao!

Grace is great.

God is great.

Once Maharaj

Said to the devotees,

"Summon the Vedic Brahmins.

Let there be chanting of the Vedas.

The chanting pleases gods and goddesses.

Let the prasada of pedha, barphi and khava

And the salted pulse of grams

Soaked in water over night be distributed

Let the ghanapathi Brahmins

Be given daxina worth rupee one each."

The devotees said,

"We are ready to spend

As much money as would be desired by you.

But where could we get

Brahmins well versed in the Vedas?"

Maharaj said,

"Do not worry.

Be ready tomorrow.

God will send the Brahmins

For the prosposed vasanta puja."

All were happy to hear this.

Hundred rupees were collected.

Things were purchased.

Sandal paste was rubbed

With particles of saffron and camphor.

At noon

The learned Brahmins arrived.

They knew pada patha and Jata Patha

People were happy.

Vasanta puja was celebrated

As never before.

The learned Brahmins were pleased.

Whatever bubbles up in the mind of a saint,

God Almightly fulfils it.

Bankatlal carried on the practice

Of vasanta puja.

Even today, his successors

Celebrate this holy day.

Let this glorious biography,

Composed by Dasaganu.

Show the path to the aspirants,

The path of pure devotion.



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