Balakanda - Doha 81 to 90

Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas.

Doha - 81

"You are Maya, while Siva is God Himself; You are the parents of the whole universe. Bowing their head at the feet of Parvati, they desparted. A thrill ran through their frame again and again.

Chaupala -

The sages went and despatched Himavan to Girija and he with many entreaties brought her home. The seven seers then called on Siva and told Him the whole history of Uma Siva was enraptured to hear of her love; and the Saptarsis gladly went home. The all-wise Sambhu then concentrated His mind and began to meditate on the Lord of Raghus. A demon, Taraka by name, flourished in those days; his strength of arm glory and majesty were great indeed . He conquered all the spheres as well as the guardians of those spheres; all the gods were robbed of their happiness and prosperity. Knowing neither age nor death, he was invincible. The gods fought many a battle with him and lost them. they then went to Viranci (Brahma) and told him their grievance. The Creator found all the the gods miserable.

Doha - 82

Brahma reassured them all saying, "The demon shall die only when there is a son sprung from the Sambhu; for he alone can subdue the demon in battle."

Chaupala -

"Hearing what I say, act accordingly; God will help you and the plan will succed Sati, who left her body at the sacrifice performed by Daksa, has been born again in the house of Homacala. She has undergone penance for winning the hans of Sambhu; while Siva has renounced everything and sits absorbed in contemplation. Although it is most unseemly, yet hear one proposal of mine. Approaching Cupid (the god of love), send him to Siva; and let him disturb the serenity of Sankara's mind. Then we shall go and bow our head at Siva at Siva;s feet and prevail on Him to marry idea is excellent,'' everyone said . The gods then prayed with great devotion and the god of love, armed with five* arrows and having a fish emblazoned on his standard, appeared on the scene.


Doha - 83

The gods told him all their distress; hearing their tale, the god of love pondered and spoke thus with a smile, I expect no good results for myself form hostilly to Sambhu."

Chaupala -

"However, I shall do your work; for the Vedas say benevolence in the highest virtue. The saints ever praise him who lays down his life in the service of others." So saying, the god of love bowed his head to all and departed with his associates, the bow of flowers in hand . While leaving, Love though within himself that hostility to Siva would mean sure death to him. He then exhibited his power and brought the whole world under his sway. When the god of love (who bears a fish for his emblem) betrayed his anger, all the barriers imposed by the Vedas were swept away in a moment. The whole army of Viveka (discrimimating knowledge)-continence, religious vows, selft-restraint of many kinds. fortitude , piety, spiritual wisdom and the knowledge of qualified divinity both with form and without form, morality, muttering of prayers, Youga (contemplative union with God) dispassion and so on, fled in panic.


Viveka took to flight with his associates; his great warriors turned their back on. the field of battle. They all went and hid themselves in mountain -caves in the form of sacred books at that time. There was commotion in the world and everybody said,

"My goodness, what is going to happen? What power will save us? Who is that supperhuman being with heads, to conquer whom the lord of Rati , Love has lifted his bow and arrows in rage?"

Doha - 84

Whatever creatures existed in the world, whether animate or inanimate and bearing masculine or femine appellations, transgressed their natural bounds and were completely possessed by just.

Chaupala -

The minds of all were seized with lust; the bought of trees bent low at the sight of creepers. Rivers in spate rushed to meet the ocean; lakes and ponds united in love with one another. Where such was reported to be the case with the inanimate creation , who can realate the doings of sentient beings? Beasts that walk on land and birds traversing the air , and water lost all sense of time and became victims of lust. birds traversing the air , and water lost all sense of time and beacame victims of lust. The whole world was blinded with passion and agitated The Cakravaka birds. (ruddy geese) -regarded neither day nor night. Gods, demons, human beings, Kinnaras (a class of demi-gods), serpents , evil spirits, fiends, ghosts and vampires-I have refrained from dwelling on the condition of these, knowing them to be eternal slaves. of passion Even Siddhas (spiritual adepts), great sages who had no attraction for the world and Yogis (mystics) gave up their Yoga (contemplative union with God) under the influence of lust.


Even great Yogis and ascetics were completely possessed by lust, to say nothing of low - minded people? Thouse who till lately looked upon the animate and inanimate creation as full of Brahma (God) now saw it as full of the fair sex. Women perceived the whole world as full of men; while she latter beheld it as full of women.For nearly an hour this wonderful game of Love lastted in the universe


Doha - 85

Nobody could remain self-possesseti; the hearts of all were stolen by the god of love. They alone could hold their own against him, to whom the Hero of Raghu's race extended His protection.

Chaupala -

The wonder, lasted for an hour or so till the god of love reached Sambhu. Cupid tremble at the sight of Siva; the whole world returned to itself. All living beings regained their peace of mind at once, even as the intoxicated feel relieved when their spell of drunkenness is over. The god of love was struck with terror at the sight of Bhaggavan Rudra (Siva), who is so difficult to conquer and so hard to comprehend. He felt shy in retreating and was inccapable of doing anything , ultimately he resovled upon death and devised a plan . He forthwith manifested the lovely spring, the king of all seasons; rows of young trees laden with flowers appeared so charming. woods and groves, wells and ponds and all the quarters of heaven assumed a most delightful aspect. Everywhere nature overflowed with love as it were; the sight aroused passion even in dead souls.


Passion was around even in dead souls and the beauty of the forest beggared description. A cool, gentle and fragrant breeze fanned the fire of passion as a faithful companion. Rows of lotuses blossomed in lakes and swarms of charming bees hummed on them. Swans, cuckoos and parrots uttered their sweet notes: while celestial damels sang and danced.

Doha - 86

The god of love with his army of followers exhausted all his numberless stratagems; Siva's unbroken trance, however ,could not be disturbed. This made Cupid angry.

Chaupala -

Seeing a beautiful bough of a mango tree, the god of love climbed up to it in a mood of frustration. He joined his five arrows to his bow of flowers, and casting an angry look drew the string home to his very ears. He discharged the five sharp arrows, which smote the breast of Siva. The trance was now broken and Sambhu awoke. The Lord's mind was much agitated. Opening His eyes He looked all round When He saw Cupid hiding behind mango leaves, He flew into a rage, which made all the three spheres tremble. siva then uncovered His thired eye; the moment He looked at the god of love the latter was reduced to ashes. A loud wail went up through the universe. The gods were alarmed, while the demons were gratified. The thought of (loss of) sense-delights made the voluptuary sad; while the striving Yogis were relieved of a thorn as it were.



The Yogis were freed from torment; while Rati (wife of the god of love) fained as soon as she heard of the fate of her lod. weeping and wailing and mourning in various ways she approached Sankara; and making loving entreaties in divergent forms she stood before the Lord with clasped hands. Seeing the helpless woman, the benevolent Lord Siva, who is so easy to placate, prophesied as follows:-

Doha - 87

"Henceforth, O Rati, your husband shall be called by the name of Ananga (bodiless); he shall dominate all even without a body . Now hear how you will meet him again.

Chaupala -

"When Sri Krisna will descend in the line of Yadu to relieve the earth of its heavy burden, your lord will be born again as His son (Pradyumna); this prediction of Mine can never be untrue." Hearing the words of Sankara, Rati went away . I now proceed to relate the subsequent part of the story. When Brahma (the Creator) and the other gods received all the gods, including Visnu and Viranci (Brahma) went where the all-merciful Siva was. They severally extolled and won the pleasure of the Lord whose crest is adorned by the cresent. Siva, who is an ocean of compassion and has a bull emblazoned on His standard, said , Tell me, immortals, what has brought you here? To this Brahma replied, Lord You are the inner controller of all; even them , my master my devotion to you urges me to make the following submission:-

Doha - 88

"The heart of all the immortals is seized with a dominating impulse. They long to witness Your wedding with their own eyes, my lord.

Chaupala -

"O humbler of the pride of Love! Devise some means whereby we may be enabled to feast our eyes on this glad event . having burnt the god of love You have done well in granting a boon to Rati, O ocean of compassion. Having meted out punishment, good masters shower their grace as a matter of course: such is their natural habit.

Parvati has practised practised penance the magnitude of which cannot be estimated; kindly accept her now. '' Hearing the entreaty of Brahma and remembering the words of the Lord (Sri Rama), Siva gladly said , Amen ! the gods thereupon sounded their kettledrums; and raining down flowers they exclaimed, "victory , victory to the lord of celestials! Considering it to be an opportune moment, the seven soers arrived on the scene. Brahma immediately sent them to the abode of Himavan. They approached Bhacani in the first instance and addressed the following sweet yet deceptive words to her:-

Doha - 89

"Relying on the advice of Narada you would not heed our remonstrances then. Your vow has faild now : for the great Lord Siva has burnt the god of love!

Chaupala -

Hearing this, Bhavani smiled and said , "O great and illumined sages , you have spoken aright. According to your belief it is only now that Sambhu has burnt the god of love and that till now He was smitten with love. To my mind, however, Siva is eternally in rapport with the infinite, unbegotten , irrproachable, passionless and without enjoyment. Knowing Him as such , It have served Him lovingly in thought, word and deed, then hear, O great sages: the gracious Lord will accomplish my vow. Your statement that Hara has burnt the god of love betrays woeful lack of thought in you. fire my friends, possess this inherent property that frost can never approach it; in case it does it must inevitably perish. Similar is the case with the god of love and the great Lord siva.

Doha - 90

Hearing the words of Bhavani and perceiving her devotion and faith , the sages were gladdened at heart. Bowing their head to Her, they went to Himavan.

Chaupala -

T hey related the whole episode to him and he was much grieved to hear how Siva had burnt Love. The sages then told him of the boon granted to Rati and Himavan was much relieved to learn this Recalling to his mind the glory of Sambhu Himacla respectfully summoned great sages. He had an auspicious date, asterism and hour ascertained and speedily got the exact time of wedding fixed and noted down according to the Vedic precepts. Himacala handed over the note recotding the exact time of wedding to the seven seers, and clasping their feet made entreaties to them. Calling on Brahma they delivered the note to him ; and as he went through it his heart overflowed with joy . Brahma read note aloud to all; the sages as well as the whole concourse of gods was delighted to hear it. flowers were showered from the air, music flowed from various instruments and auspicious jars were placed in all directions.


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